The Brilliant Fighting Master
672 The Heavenly Fault Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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672 The Heavenly Fault Sword

It was at this moment was the Ancient Sword Sect's light beam discovered by them.

"What's this? Did a precious treasure appear?" Young Master Blood Moon's eyes lit up. He had his current achievement just because of a fortuitous encounter, so he was quite sensitive to matters of the like.

However, he quickly discovered that it wasn't the case, as if a precious treasure really just appeared, then its radiance should be multi-colored, while the light beam had a blue color, which confused him.

"Do they want to scare me with it?" Young Master Blood Moon assumed that it was mostly a trick used by the Ancient Sword Sect, as the light beam soared into the sky just when he came here.

"It's really laughable! Charge forward at full speed, and try to rush there before the disappearance of the light beam, as I want to see what object it's."

After the man ordered them, the ship turned into an Aurora, which flew quickly.

On the other side, Jiang Chen noticed now that just a third was left before the Sword Spirit's power filled the sword completely, and at that time...

"Father, I didn't fail," Jiang Chen thought excitedly.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen's expression changing drastically, and he was quite unwilling to accept such an outcome.


The low quality of the Alien Flame, which had, was quickly exhausted while it burned for several minutes, and after he lost the Alien Flame, it seemed like the rays of light on the sword's blade would disappear.

Jiang Chen replaced it with normal fire, but it was a pity that it couldn't rival the Alien Flame's might, and he could only look on as the rays of light disappeared completely, and the light beam, which soared into the sky, returned to the sword.

"I was short of just a little." Jiang Chen was quite dejected, and he really wished to quickly go back to the Three Lower Realms.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute was destroyed, and the Nine Underworlds Flame should have surely fallen in some faction's hands, and it was most likely the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

It was because when Jian Qingyu exterminated sixteen Great Venerables in the Holy Martial Arts City, the dynasty's Great Venerable already went to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's lair.

However, the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people didn't mention to him, nor did Fei Yue mention it.

"Was Fei Yue unaware of it, or she just can't inform him?" The imperial household was complex, and Jiang Chen could slightly imagine how it was.

However, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute was exterminated just thanks to his father, yet the Flying Dragon Dynasty didn't say even a word to him about it.

It must be known that the Sacred Martial Arts Institute used the steady flow of Nine Underworlds Flame from the flame source, and presented to its core members as a weapon.


Jiang Chen suddenly noticed that the sword was flying in the air. At first, he assumed that it was just an illusion, and after he rubbed his eyes, he confirmed that the Heavenly Fault Sword was really moving.

It was moving even though Jiang Chen wasn't controlling it with his will.

"Did I succeed?"

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. This meant that a soul was born inside the sword, and this was precisely a Doctrine Artifact's distinctive trait.

The Redcloud Sword was a sharp sword, which was a Doctrine Artifact or higher, and even though it turned now into just a Spiritual Artifact, but its soul was still present in it.

The excited Jiang Chen reached out his left hand toward it.

The Heavenly Fault Sword immediately flew to his hand, as if it was just called by his parent.

Before Jiang Chen even started rejoicing, a tide-like burst of Sword Spirit's power surged out of the sword.

He was thoroughly dumbstruck, as everything in front of his eyes turned into a Sword World. There was obviously nothing in front of his eyes, yet Jiang Chen was still unceasingly moving his eyeballs around, as if he was observing something.

It was like there were a queer charm and power between the sword and human, and sword wind unceasingly blew around in this room, which was tightly closed.

After a long while, such strange phenomenon gradually calmed.

"Sword Doctrine's power's completion?"

Jiang Chen didn't know what to say now. He wanted to use Sword Spirit to turn the Heavenly Fault Sword into a Doctrine Artifact, but in the end, the sword helped him instead, and promoted his Sword Doctrine's power.

His Sword Doctrine's power finally reached completion and perfection.

While in the Sunset Light Sea Area, Jiang Chen already reached great achievement level in it, and he was just slightly short of perfection level, and the Heavenly Fault Sword helped him in the end in reaching it.

However, what was regretful was that the Heavenly Fault Sword didn't become a Doctrine Artifact, and he didn't know whether it was because he didn't have enough an Alien Flame or because his Sword Spirit wasn't good enough.

The Heavenly Fault Sword still experienced some changes, and it wasn't a ninth-grade magical treasure any longer.

According to logic, it should have reached Doctrine Artifact grade if it advanced further on, but Jiang Chen couldn't feel a Doctrine Artifact's distinctive aura from it, and it meant that it was just a semi-completed product, and he didn't finish it yet.

"Alas! I still planned to change your name, but now I must still continue calling you Heavenly Fault Sword," Jiang Chen said inwardly.

After he sheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword, Jiang Chen decided to start taking care of the Redcloud Sword, and black knife.

People assumed that he was a genius, which took care of all aspects, but in fact, Jiang Chen overlooked many of them.

Like for example his black knife. It was just a Spiritual Artifact gifted to him by Leader Su Xiuyi when he left the Fire Zone.

As for his Rainbow Sword method, he started cultivating it from the time he was on the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Even though he depended upon his outstanding Sword Spirit to display this basic sword method's might to the extreme, but in fact, it should have been better for him to just change it with something else.

"Sword Soul!"

Jiang Chen took the Redcloud Sword, and spoke to the being inside it.

"Hein?" The Redcloud Sword's soul, who didn't interact with Jiang Chen for a long time, said.

"How's your memory recovery?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Sigh!" The Redcloud Sword's soul heaved a deep sigh, as it didn't know what it should say.

"How's it? Did you lose it completely?"

"It isn't the case, and I got back almost all of it."

"Then why are you sighing?" Jiang Chen asked in confusion.

"It's because I recalled my mission. It was looking for an outstanding youth, help him, and let him became a powerful Redcloud Sword's master through my guidance."

"What's the outcome then?" Jiang Chen knew that it still had something else to add.

"In the end, you don't need me at all, as your knowledge, experience, talent, and ability let me became useless, and turn into mere decoration," the Redcloud Sword's soul stated the true reason.

Jiang Chen didn't know whether he should laugh or cry now, and he said, "Isn't it better like this? As you were spared from many troubles."

"It's because of it did I abstain from informing you of the Redcloud Sword's origin, as the Redcloud Sword's master would probably not be the end of your path."

Those weren't ironic remarks stated by him because he felt wronged, and it really had such a thought.

"The sword's master isn't limited to just a single person."

Jiang Chen said, "Can you inform me of the Redcloud Sword's previous grade?"

"Doctrine Artifact, Human Grade."

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by it, and he nodded. Most of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute' Doctrine Artifacts were also at such a level.

The Doctrine Artifacts were quite rare, and it wasn't realistic to divide too into nine grade from one to nine, and they divided them into just, Human Grade, Mortal Grade, Spirit Grade, and Heaven Grade.

The current Redcloud Sword was just a sixth grade magical treasure.

"The Redcloud Sword doesn't need any Alien Flame, so I will see whether I can upgrade it into a Doctrine Artifact in just a single go."

Jiang Chen already became zealous and frantic in his pursuit of Doctrine Artifacts.

The Redcloud Sword was once a Doctrine Artifact, and taking care of it wasn't as troublesome as the Heavenly Fault Sword.

It always just needed that his Sword Spirit's power was high enough.

He threw the Redcloud Sword into the air again, and activated the Fire Sword Realm, and started tempering the sword.

"Pretty good! A long time passed since the last time, and you had quick progress."

What was different from the Heavenly Fault Sword, the Redcloud Sword's soul would coordinate with him.

As it bore the flames' power, the Redcloud Sword went from sixth grade to seventh grade, before advancing to the eighth grade, and the ninth grade just after.

"It's possible! There is hope for it to become a Doctrine Artifact in just a single go," the Redcloud Sword's soul said excitedly.

The Redcloud Sword was a sword, whose attribute was inclined toward the fire, and it was suitable for Jiang Chen's Fire Sword Realm.

Jiang Chen was excited, and stimulated by his words, and not only did he use his Fire Lore's power, but he also used his Divine Body.

The clothes on his body were immediately burned completely, and he became bare once again, but the fire's power gotten by the Redcloud Sword became more intense.

Like what occurred with the Heavenly Fault Sword, a raging flame-like light beam soared into the sky, and the disturbance caused by it wasn't any lower than the Heavenly Fault Sword.


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