The Brilliant Fighting Master
671 Young Master Blood Moon
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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671 Young Master Blood Moon

"The first sect master wished so greatly to turn this weapon into a Doctrine Artifact that he almost went crazy. He first tempered it constantly with his Sword Spirit's power before he started even using his own blood essence."

"However, it was a pity that they all failed, and he died in the end while still harboring regrets."

Jiang Chen really didn't expect such a conclusion.

"How's it possible for a sword made by me to advance to a higher grade through drinking blood?" Jiang Chen shook his head.

He felt like even if he succeeded it would still be the same ancient sword, and it would be the case even if he failed. If he didn't waste time on such an insignificant problem, then that person would probably have a higher cultivation base.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen thought of something, and he raised the ancient sword once again, and stroked it, as his face became filled with excitement.

"Doctrine Artifact... I can probably still turn it into a Doctrine Artifact."

It could be said that he failed in the past just because he still didn't reach his objective, and the ancient sword was a semi-completed product, and not a defective one.

At that time, Jiang Chen was incapable of cultivating, and even though he loved sword cultivation, he was too weak to practice with a sword.

But, after five hundred years passed, he was now a Sword Doctrine's inheritor, and he could complete the matter, which he couldn't achieve in the past.

"Sect Mistress, I will bring the Ancient Sword Sect with me to participate in the Title Battle, and I will participate in it on the sect's name."

Jiang Chen made such a firm resolution for nothing besides the sword in his hands.

"Do you want to participate in the Title Battle? This out of the question, it's absolutely out of the question."

"You aren't from the Three Middle Realms, and you need to undergo a faction training to participate in the Title Battle, and you will also bring honor to them in exchange."

"My Ancient Sword Sect couldn't be of any help to you."

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress was kind-hearted, and even though she raised a bothersome request to him, but she still didn't want him to be burdened by it.

"I don't plan to bring honor to any factions," Jiang Chen said.

"You can keep them in the dark," the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress said in a low voice.

"This doesn't tally with my character." After Jiang Chen went through the three realms great battle, he already decided to depend just on himself alone.

"It's fine then..."

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress suddenly thought of something, and said solemnly, "In the past, the Ancient Sword Sect's was known by the ancient sword's name, and along with the disappearance of that sect master in the ruin, many people wanted to snatch this sword, so you should be careful."

"This sword isn't just a ninth grade Magical Artifact, as what was more important was that it could become a Doctrine Artifact."

"Got it!"

When Jiang Chen witnessed how she trusted him, he couldn't help but ask, "Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress, don't you fear that everything which happened today was just a play set to win your trust by deceit, and get the ancient sword?"

"If it was really the case, then you can just destroy the Ancient Sword Sect directly, and search all of its nocks."

"Moreover, if the ancient sword was exposed, then it won't be just the Blood Moon Wilderness's people, who will come here, as people will come for it from all nine territories and ten prefectures."

After the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress spoke, she smiled at him.

Jiang Chen laughed at himself, he really looked down upon other. The older one was the wiser would he obviously be, and the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress already eliminated the possibility mentioned by Jiang Chen through mulling over all aspects.

Jiang Chen looked for a secluded place before the arrival of the Blood Moon Wilderness's people.

"Heavenly Fault, as the proverb says, people changes, while objects remain the same. It really had some truth to it, and you really didn't experience any changes."

Ancient Sword was the name the Ancient Sword Sect took for it, while its true name was Heavenly Fault.

Men could propose but it was Heaven, which would dictate. In the past, the sword was a success even though it was short of Sword Spirit's power, so he called it Heavenly Fault Sword.

The word fault referred to the fact that it was deficient, but the reason why he didn't call it Heavenly Deficiency, was because the word 'fault' still left some possibility before it, and it also showed that Jiang Chen wasn't willing to accept such an outcome, and he hoped that he could succeed one day.

When Jiang Chen took such a name for it, he didn't expect that he would really get such an opportunity, and it was after five hundred years passed.

As he controlled it with his will, the Heavenly Fault Sword revolved in the air.

"This will prove whether I was mistaken or not." Jiang Chen became a solemn as if he was facing a great enemy, and he pointed his left hand's finger at the Heavenly Fault Sword.

A burst of flame was sparked off on the tip of his finger, as well as Sword Doctrine's power.

It was Fire Sword Realm, but what was different now was that the flame wasn't an ordinary one, as it had a purple color. It was the Nine Underworlds Flame.

Unlike five hundred years ago, Jiang Chen now possessed a profound sword method, but he still lost the Over Cloud Palace's resources, but what was most important was still the Alien Flame.

Jiang Chen had just a low amount of the Nine Underworlds Flame in his body, and if he used it completely, then it would disappear forever.

He planned to use the flame to cultivate its true source, but now he changed his opinion, and he would use it to temper the Heavenly Fault Sword.

He turned his Sword Doctrine's power into Sword Spirit's power, and imbued it into the flame.

The Nine Underworlds Flame wasn't just burning the Heavenly Fault Sword randomly, and he was doing it carefully and meticulously.

The Heavenly Fault Sword stopped rotating, and his tip was pointed toward the ground.

The sword's blade displayed an intense reaction when it was stimulated by the alien flame, and rays of light started flowing in it from its bottom, and they quickly spread to the whole sword.

The Alien Flame went through such rays of light, and entered into the sword's blade inside.

The Heavenly Fault Sword started swaying, and even though it was in mid-air, and didn't touch anything, but the ground beneath Jiang Chen's feet was still quaking, and it was the case for the whole mountain.

"What's going on?"

The Heavenly Mountain Platform's people didn't know what was going on, and at first, they even assumed that the Blood Moon Wilderness's people already started attacking them.

"Could it be because he was setting a formation?" The black-clothed man thought inwardly. If it was really the case, then its disturbance was really not small.

"Don't panic!"

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress assumed too the Jiang Chen was finishing setting the formation, and when she felt such might, she became more confident and at ease.

In the room, the Heavenly Fault Sword didn't become red because of the Alien Flame, and the radiance emitted from it belonged to the sword, and it had a blue and slightly white luster.

The Alien Flame wasn't used to alter the Heavenly Fault Sword, but just to imbue the Sword Spirit's power into it, and fuse it along with it afterward.

"It isn't surprising that the swordsmen invited then couldn't achieve it, as they didn't have a good grasp of the Heavenly Fault Sword's intricate detail."

In the previous time when Jiang Chen failed, he looked for excellent swordsmen's help, but in the end, all of them failed, even though Jiang Chen, who counted on them, was just beside them.

There were some matters, which none could replace you for it, and you must do it by yourself, and Jiang Chen became surer of this point now.

It was like the crisscrossed rays of light on the sword were lighted, and they already reached the sword's middle, and the disturbance caused by the sword became greater.

A thirty thousand meters long light shot out of the sword's sharp end, and turned into a light beam, which broke through the roof, and soared into the sky.

The light beam brought with it a devastating wind, and let the sky became filled with black clouds, and it became as dark as in nighttime.

All of the people on the Heavenly Mountain Platform became slightly restless.

"Isn't this formation somewhat too terrifying?" The black-clothed man didn't dare to look down upon the formation anymore.

"I hope that all three Celestial Venerables will come here," he prayed inwardly, as he couldn't survive otherwise.

It was at this moment did a foreign group came to this desolate land.

"They were two Spiritual Venerables, yet none of them managed to come back. It's really disappointing."

This group was riding a flying ship, which was fully equipped and armed. The ship was made from iron, and its bow was a ferocious beast statue, which was made from Mysterious Iron.

The Blood Moon Wilderness's people, which escaped early on, were also on the ship, and they were kneeling on the ground toward the same direction, as their bodies trembled with fear.

A man was standing there, it was precisely Young Master Blood Moon.

"You already guided us to them, and you don't have any more use, and trash like you should all be killed."

His feminine face became gloomy after he discovered that they already came to the desolate land.

"Young Master, don't do it! Please spare our lives."

"We already did our best, and it's the enemy, which was too powerful."

"Young Master, please give us another chance."

Those people didn't expect that they would have such an end after escaping with great difficulty, and they all kowtowed unceasingly, and entreated him to forgive them.

"If I don't kill you, then how can I warn the other?" Young Master Blood Moon disapproved of their words, and he waved his hand casually.

A formless sword wind started reaping, and taking their lives.

"The enemy is too powerful? I really want to see how is he," Young Master Blood Moon said.


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