The Brilliant Fighting Master
669 Do You Believe It Now?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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669 Do You Believe It Now?

The black-clothed man didn't lose his life due to it, and he just found it slightly painful.

However, when Jiang Chen took out the second silver needle, the black-clothed man discovered that his mind because slightly muddled, and it was only then did he believe that Jiang Chen didn't lie to him, and spoke hurriedly, "Please wait! You can just ask me directly anything you want."

"It's fine then."

"Can you now please pull out the needle?"

"That's out of the question, as this silver needle can also determine whether you are lying or not."

Jiang Chen shook his head, and spoke firmly, "I want to know The Blood Moon Wilderness's power."

"They have three Celestial Venerables, eight Spiritual Venerables. I really didn't lie," the black-clothed man said nervously, while he still didn't forget to roll his eyes over, as he was afraid that his head would burst open.

Now that he mentioned it once again, it seemed like the Blood Moon Wilderness's power was even greater, and the expressions of the people on the Heavenly Mountain Platform became quite unsightly.

"You are also living in a desolate land, so how did you get this many venerables?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Our young master..." When the black-clothed man spoke up to here, he stopped, and it seemed like he dreaded something.

However, as he faced Jiang Chen's gaze, he still could only state it, "Our young master got an inheritance in the Desolate Realm, and got many treasures, and he still became a person's disciple."

"At first, the Blood Moon Wilderness got just a single Celestial Venerable, but the Wilderness Lord also managed to reach the Celestial Venerable Realm due to the young master's help."

"At that moment, we started annexing other parts of the desolate land, and strengthening ourselves through wars and fight until today."

When he listened to all of it, Jiang Chen looked toward the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress, and asked, "Didn't you hear at all about the Blood Moon Wilderness's activities?"

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress shook her head, and said, "You are still unaware of something. One can't pass through pieces of desolate land easily, as one must pass through a dangerous forbidden desolate land, and it's a restricted area for all living beings."

It was for this reason did they became aware of it just when their opponent came up to their doors.

The forbidden desolate land was a strange world formed by the overlapping of three realms, and Jiang Chen already once heard about it.

"Will you really carry a slaughter?" The Primordial Wood Sect's people asked in worry.

"That's right, we will always demonstrate our might when we ran into intense resistance, let alone you still killed even a Spiritual Venerable, and with our young master's temper, he will personally launch an attack on this place."

"Is your young master quite amazing?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"Our young master is one of our three Celestial Venerables."

Blood Moon Wilderness got reborn because of that young master, and expanded and strengthened continuously, and if they continued on like this, then they might probably even manage to rush out of the Great desolate land.

"Oh my God! Then what are we still waiting for here?"

"Let's quickly leave this place. I don't want to just wait for death here."

"Let's quickly leave! Let's quickly leave!"

The people here didn't dare to denounce Jiang Chen, and they also didn't to stay here, and they all left decisively.

The only people, who stayed here, were Wen Xin, and Yi Chen, but they didn't stay here to fight bravely, but they just waited for Jiang Chen.

"Are all of your three Celestial Venerables just in the early stage?" Jiang Chen asked.

"That's right."

"Ok! Got it!"

Jiang Chen didn't look at him any longer, and he looked at the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress, and said, "We still have an opportunity for leaving before nightfall, but if you want it, I can help you in keeping them off."

"Keeping them off?"

Before the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress finished her words, the black-clothed man cried sharply, and in disbelief, "How will you keep them off? Even just a single Celestial Venerable can kill you before you manage to even respond back."

"Many thanks for your kindness, but the Ancient Sword Sect isn't worth you taking such risks for," the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress said.

"Taking risks? I don't feel like it's really the case, as it's too easy for me," Jiang Chen chuckled leisurely, and spoke.

"Madman..." The black-clothed man muttered in a soft voice when he heard his words, and he assumed that Jiang Chen was just uttering crazy words.

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress also didn't hope that her sect would be destroyed while still in her care, and she nodded at Jiang Chen.

"Fine, you must obey my orders then." Jiang Chen started immediately passing down his orders, and he fist dismiss the Ancient Sword Sect's useless disciples, and left just the ones, which he could use.

They clung to the Heavenly Mountain Platform to protect it, and prepared to fight the upcoming enemies.

If just a single Celestial Venerable came, then it would be the best for them.

"Sect's Mistress, I will set a formation, so please take out all useful materials."

"Setting a formation?" The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress's eyes lit up. This was truly the only feasible method.

"It would be impossible to ward off a Celestial Venerable just by using the Ancient Sword Sect's formation, and this ancient formation was even set up by a past almighty existence."

Her unspoken implication was that how could Jiang Chen be capable of setting a great formation? All people were skeptical of Jiang Chen once again due to his young age.

"Wen Xin. Do you feel like Jiang Chen is probably someone, who lived for more than a hundred years, and had such an appearance just because he consumed a miracle medicine?" Yi Chen spoke in a low voice.

"Why are you making such speculation?" Wen Xin was puzzled by it greatly.

"If he was really as young as he seemed, and was also proficient in formations, then what can we be considered in comparison to him?" Yi Chen said.

Such a question baffled Wen Xin, as they really seemed indignant in comparison to Jiang Chen.

"We can only revere such a person," Wen Xin sighed, and replied.

Jiang Chen didn't care about the two women's discussion, and he held a formation disk, and directed the Ancient Sword Sect's people as they set the formation in the Heavenly Mountain Platform's surrounding.

The Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress became slightly more relieved when she witnessed Jiang Chen's skilled actions, as well as his concentrated expression.

She was already indifferent to death and life, but if she could protect the Ancient Sword Sect, this would be then the best outcome.

After two hours passed, Jiang Chen returned to the Heavenly Mountain Platform, and said, "It's fine now."

"Can you set a formation, which could resist Celestial Venerables in just two hours?" The black-clothed man cried in surprise.

Setting a sect's great formation needed a large amount of time, which was frequently several months and more.

They usually would first construct a part of it, before slowly perfecting it in the incoming several years.

Yet Jiang Chen needed just two hours, and it really seemed like child's play.

"You are already useless now, and the sole reason why you are still alive is that you can still come in handy later on," Jiang Chen warned him.

The black-clothed man immediately shut his mouth, and didn't speak further on.


All of a sudden, Yi Chen came to the black-clothed man's front, and slapped his face.

"You!" The black-clothed man was extremely infuriated by the fact that a trifling Reaching Heaven Realm's woman dared to slap him, and he immediately wanted to stand up.

Yi Chen didn't show weakness to him, as this man wanted a moment ago to sully her body, and if she didn't get hold of such an opportunity now, then she wouldn't have another one later on.

"Do you have any complaints?"

A cold glint flickered in Jiang Chen's eyes when he saw the black-clothed man standing up, and he spoke coldly.

"No, I don't have any." The black-clothed man was startled, and he quickly smiled apologetically, and knelt down obediently.

"When my Blood Moon Wilderness's people attack this place, I will surely let you suffer a fate worse than death," he said inwardly.

On the other side, Yi Chen came to Jiang Chen while trembling with fear, and she opened her mouth, and was about to say something.

"Jiang Chen..."

Jiang Chen extended his hand toward her.

Yi Chen was startled, and she didn't respond in the first moments.


It was only when Wen Xin, who was beside her, reminded her did she take out all of her Storage Spiritual Artifacts, and handed them over to Jiang Chen.

"Do you still remember my former words?" Jiang Chen put back the Storage Spiritual Artifact in their former place, before he asked her.

Yi Chen didn't understand what he was referring to.

"If you don't change your temperament, then you will be forever stuck in the Reaching Heaven Realm," Jiang Chen said.

It was only now did Yi Chen relax, as if she just was relieved from a heavy burden. She assumed that Jiang Chen would say something grave, but it was just this matter.

She nodded at him just after.

She already understood from his words that he wasn't a narrow-minded person, and he didn't care at all about her previous actions, and he instead even give guidance to her.

Yi Chen took another look at Song Zhe, who already turned into just a cripple, and we when she compared him with Jiang Chen inwardly, she felt like one of them was just crawling on the ground, while the other was soaring in the sky.


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