The Brilliant Fighting Master
668 A Tough Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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668 A Tough Man

This wasn't enough. Great amounts of flames surged from Jiang Chen's
Redcloud Sword, tumbling along the blade.
"What is that?!"
Most people didn't know what was Fire Sword Realm, but they could tell this
wasn't simply an enchant fire.
"Fire Sword Realm! He is an inheritor of sword doctrine. And he knows the
force of lore!"
Cheng Lu's reaction was almost the same as Song Zhe's.
What was different was she had a crush on Jiang Chen as soon as she was
convinced. She felt dizzy.
Jiang Chen raised his right arm, too. The black knife came back into his hand
from Yi Chen.
A knife and a sword ­ a quite confusing combination.
However, when he had exerted the Wind Sword Realm, everyone on the
scene went crazy.
"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"
It only took him two seconds. When the momentum of the sword had been
completely exerted, he dashed into the air.
The Spiritual Venerable had been full of confidence with the aid of the
formation, but before Jiang Chen, he started to hesitate.
However, the arrow had already been set on the bowstring. There was no
turning back.
I'm under the protection of the tactical formation. I'll be fine even if I'm at a
disadvantage. By comparison, he will be heavily injured by the recoil.
At this thought, the Spiritual Venerable went all-out.
The formation was like a fire with gasoline poured on. Its power soared
multiple times.
The two rivals bumped together before others had the time to exclaim or sigh
for anything.

The expected disturbance didn't happen.
Jiang Chen's use of sword and knife was too skillful to be predicted. They
didn't only resist the formation, but also launched attacks to every part of the
Soon, same as the defending formation of the Ancient Sword Sect, the
formation stopped and started to shake violently.
In the end, it collapsed with a bang. Everyone in the formation was heavily
injured, including the Spiritual Venerable.
"The Sword Method of Ksana: the second movement!"
Jiang Chen didn't say any unnecessary things. He put the knife and the sword
back into the sheath and drew them out again. Then he disappeared.
No one could see where he was. They only saw the sword and the knife were
quickly brandished around the Spiritual Venerable.
When they finally stopped, the Spiritual Venerable was already very weak. He
was dying.
A Spiritual Venerable, who the people from desolate lands should hold
respect for, was killed so easily. Even the defending formation didn't save him.
The azure-clothed man, who had been hit off the ground, came back, but it
was an unexpected result that was awaiting him. Scared out of wits, he was
going to leave right away.
"You wanna go?"
Despite the thousands of miles between them, Jiang Chen came up to him
with a slight jump.

"Stay here!"
He threw the knife and the sword over together. The azure-clothed man didn't
die, but neither could he fight back.
As to the other people of the Blood Moon Wilderness, Jiang Chen didn't try to
stop them from fleeing.
He took the azure-clothed man back to the Heavenly Mountain Platform. The
other people went back there, too.

Song Zhe tried to escape when everyone was paying attention to Jiang Chen.
"Where are you going, Apprentice Brother Song?" Yi Chen found him right
away. Her admiration for him had been gone. By then she only felt disdainful
for him.
Her word brought people's attention to Song Zhe.
Song Zhe threw her a glance with hatred. He crawled up to the Mistress of the
Ancient Sword Sect and kept kowtowing to her.
"Master, I was just being stupid. Please let me off."
"Then why didn't you let off Yan Xu?"
The Mistress said.
Although she sounded helpless and pitiful, Apprentice Brother Song didn't
realize he wouldn't be forgiven.
Yan Xu was the disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect he killed.
"You behaved even worse than me. How dare you judge me? If you were me,
you would have behaved worse!" Song Zhe shrieked, noticing others' looks.
"People will usually pluck up their courage when they are in fear, but you
Jiang Chen flicked his fingers. The energy of the sword went into Song Zhe's
Like a flat tire, Song Zhe's strength kept flowing away.
"Mistress, this is your disciple. I'll leave him to you." Jiang Chen didn't want to
get his hands dirty.
"Thank you."
The Mistress nodded gratefully.
He didn't only save the Ancient Sword Sect's face, but also resolved their
"Ridiculous. How ridiculous. You think this is over?" the azure-clothed man
suddenly said loudly.
What he had said put the people there pale. Not until then did they think about
those who had fled away. They must have gone back to report the news.

"You're great. I admit. No Spiritual Venerable, except some rare genius, will be
your rival. However, you cannot deny that even an average Celestial
Venerable can kill you easily," the azure-clothed man said.
Those who could achieve Celestial Venerable couldn't be average people.
The azure-clothed man was referring to those who were relatively average
compared to other Celestial Venrables.
For example, if Jiang Chen was a Celestial Venerable, most of the Celestial
Venerables would be average compared to him.
"You are right."
Jiang Chen admitted.
It was thanks to many coincidences and calculations that he managed to kill
Feng Bujue. He would have died if anything had gone wrong.
And his victory also came from Feng Bujue's tendency to take him lightly.
Most importantly, he didn't have the eight groups of spiritual beings with him
at the moment. He probably would have been killed by Celestial Venerables
before he could incite the attack of thunders.
"What if I tell you the Blood Moon Wilderness has three Celestial
Venerables?" the azure-clothed man said.
The people there, who had finally felt relieved, felt uneasy again.
The azure-clothed man went on, as if he didn't think it enough, "You killed one
of our Spiritual Venerables, and we'll kill all of the folks living on this desolate
Those on the Heavenly Mountain Platform apparently didn't want that to
"I want to say something before you start to talk nonsenses. I can kill you
The same type of things had happened too many times. Jiang Chen knew
these people would antagonize him and put the blame on him right away.
So, he spoke first to shut them up.
Thinking of Jiang Chen's performance, these people didn't have the nerve to
piss him off.
"Go. Leave the small desolate land for the moment. Don't come back until this
is over," the Mistress said.

As the dominating power of this desolate land, the Ancient Sword Sect was
what the Blood Moon Wilderness had made up their mind to eliminate.
"Could he be lying? The Blood Moon Wilderness isn't a big desolate land.
How come they have three Celestial Venerables?" someone questioned.
Generally speaking, small desolate lands had equal strengths.
They only had one Spiritual Venerable, namely, the Mistress of the Ancient
Sword Sect. How could the Blood Moon Wilderness have so many
Venerables? That was quite impossible.
"Hahaha. Believe it or not. Anyway, you'll know what desperation feels like
before dusk."
"I'll put you desperate first. Don't worry about it," Jiang Chen said.
"What are you gonna do to me?" the azure-clothed man said aggressively.
He didn't believe a youngster like Jiang Chen knew any way to torture him.
Even if Jiang Chen wanted to kill him, he could do nothing to stop it from
happening. So, he wouldn't beg for Jiang Chen's mercy anyway.
He was cruel to others as well as to himself.
Seeing him resolute to die, Jiang Chen showed a cold smile. A long silver
needle appeared in his hand.
"As long as I prick three needles like this into your head, you'll become a
moron and answer whatever I ask you. And you'll never be normal again."
"If it's so wonderful, what are you waiting for?" The azure-clothed man didn't
believe him right away.
"The thing is, if I do that, you'll be quite dull, and I'll have to ask you many
times to get the answer I want."
Jiang Chen said slowly, "But since you're so stubborn, I have to do it."
Then Jiang Chen pricked a needle into the top of the azure-clothed man's
skull. He didn't stop until half of the needle had been inside the latter's head. It
was a terrible thing to watch.


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