The Brilliant Fighting Master
667 A Chance to Go Away
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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667 A Chance to Go Away

"Pah! You can choose to surrender, but I would definitely die. If you were me,
I'm afraid you would have taken your clothes off in order to survive!" Song Zhe
Wen Xin was so angry that her chest kept weaving up and down rapidly. She
said, "I won't do that even if I die."
"Apprentice Brother Song, so, this is your true color," Yi Chen said
"It's every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost!" Song Zhe said
"Is this your woman?" the azure-clothed man asked curiously. He was piqued
with interest by the two's conversation.
Song Zhe and Yi Chen said at the same time.
"I won't fall in love with someone like you," Yi Chen said in a cold tone.
"Bitch!" Song Zhe was going to give her a slap.
"Stop. If you make her face swollen, won't I have to wait for the swelling to
subside?" The azure-clothed man stopped him.
Song Zhe was struck dumb. Hesitating, he asked, "Senior, you mean?"
"What? You don't agree?" the azure-clothed man said, smiling coldly.
"No, no. This is my honor. I surely won't disagree."
Song Zhe reached to grasp Yi Chen's hand, trying to take her to the man.
Yi Chen struggled to draw back from him. She would rather die.
"Didn't you say you would listen to everything I said?" Song Zhe said
"You are a coward!"
"Who cares as long as I can survive!"

Song Zhe suddenly screamed when he was about to grasp her tighter. Then
he started to retreat.
To take a closer look, people found there were two chopsticks respectively
pierced into Song Zhe's either palm!
They were given a good scare, since the chopsticks on the Heavenly
Mountain Platform were all made of jade.
They were beautiful, but also delicate.
However, pierced into Song Zhe's palms without suffering any damage, they
were still intact.
People involuntarily looked towards Jiang Chen. They found the chopsticks on
his table were gone.
"There are various strange things in the big world. It has been really eye-
opening today."
Jiang Chen got to his feet slowly, staring at the azure-clothed man and Song
"One is rotten to the core, while the other is born to be a coward."
He seemed to be unclear of the situation. Neither did he give the tension in
the air a damn.
"It's all right. Don't worry."
He looked towards Wen Xin and Yi Chen, who were very scared.
"Pick a better man in the future."
He told Yi Chen sincerely. Then he jumped over the table to the center of the
Heavenly Mountain Platform.
He glanced over the azure-clothed man and his subordinates.
"I'm not interested in anything about you. Go away," Jiang Chen said
The azure-clothed man was puzzled. Seeing Jiang Chen wasn't joking, he
looked at the other people on the Heavenly Mountain Platform.
He felt relieved after finding those people were puzzled, too.

Then he flew into a rage.
However, it was an extremely cold smile on his face.

Without any sign, he threw his palm over again.
Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He waved his arm casually and clutched
something in the air.
The palm force of the azure-clothed man was instantly absorbed by his clutch!
The Heavenly Mountain Platform wasn't affected at all.
"You think yourself great? I don't even know I've killed how many weak people
like you."
Jiang Chen smiled coldly. Then he followed suit to launch a sudden attack.
He came up to the azure-clothed man as quickly as a lightning, and gave the
latter a heavy punch.
Under the effect of his own palm force and Jiang Chen's punch, he flew off the
And he flew a long distance, like a cannonball shot from the Heavenly
Mountain Platform.
Those on the Heavenly Mountain Platform reacted the same to the
unexpected scene. They opened their mouths widely, and remained like this
for a long time.
"I told you big brother was very strong."
Lil Fan said complacently. He was the calmest.
"Spiritual Venerable. He is really a Venerable!" Yi Chen didn't know whether
she should feel happy or worried. Her facial expression was too complicated
to interpret.
"And a very powerful one," Wen Xin said.
A guy like Jiang Chen, who ran wild among Spiritual Venerables, must have
achieved this level not just by practicing.
He was good in all respects.
When he was in the Reaching Heaven State, all of his eight extraordinary
meridians were activated.
When he broke through to Venerable, he got the dragon-phoenix fighting

Not to mention his martial arts techniques.
And he was so young. It was quite eye-opening for the people in this desolate
"My friend!"
The other Spiritual Venerable frowned. With his arms at side, he behaved as if
he had met an important enemy.
"What's up?"
"You said you didn't want to meddle in, so why did you? Please stay out of
this. We have to complete our task," he said.
"You mean I should stay aside to watch you slaughter the Ancient Sword
Jiang Chen spoke out what he was implying.
"Do you think you'll definitely win?"
As a Spiritual Venerable in the late stage, he was quite confident.
"You think we don't have any other people in the desolate land?"
Someone on the Heavenly Mountain Platform came forward immediately, but
soon, he found the other people didn't act the same as him.
They looked scared. Lowering their heads, they didn't dare look at his eyes.
"What's wrong with you guys? It's life or death. Would you rather die without
fighting back?" he shouted angrily.
"They have two Spiritual Venerables. And the two have the same rank,"
someone said to him through holy awareness.
He was going to refute, but a fact suddenly dawned on him.
It meant the Blood Moon Wilderness might have more Spiritual Venerables,
and even Celestial Venerables!
Even if they could defeat these people, it didn't mean the Blood Moon
Wilderness wouldn't send more people.
Comparing with the Ancient Sword Sect, who would be eliminated anyway,
the other people still had a choice. That was why they didn't want to take the

"Did you see? Do these people deserve your rescue?" the Spiritual Venerable
in the air scorned.
"No, they don't."
Jiang Chen told the truth, "I didn't meddle in for their sake, but since I already
meddled in, of course I won't quit in the middle."
"You wanna do it the hard way. So, don't blame me for whatever comes up."
The Spiritual Venerable was irritated. He shouted loudly, "Deploy the
With him being the center, those behind him formed a formation right away.
As a result, he was greatly strengthened. His strength had surpassed what a
Spiritual Venerable was supposed to have.
"Have you regretted?"
"You should try harder to make me regret," Jiang Chen said disdainfully.
"Young man, Ancient Sword Sect appreciates your help. However, our luck
has run out. What's happening now is predestined," the Mistress said
"That's exactly why I'm here, to change what is predestined and to revive you
Ancient Sword Sect," Jiang Chen said in a deep voice.
The whole Heavenly Mountain Platform went into an uproar.
Even the Mistress's turbid eyes lit up. She looked towards Jiang Chen's back.
"How dare you," the Spiritual Venerable cursed.
The attack immediately came from the air.
Too sudden to dodge, the people on the Heavenly Mountain Platform
scattered right away.
Wen Xin and Yi Chen had to run away, since they were too weak. If they had
chosen to stay, they would be in danger. Holding Lil Fan in arms, they flew
"How dare you show off before me with a formation full of flaws!"
Jiang Chen took a step forward. He waved his arm, and the Redcloud Sword,
held by the azure-clothed man at the moment, was awake. It went back into
his hand like a flowing light.

As soon as he grasped the sword, the powerful energy of the sword spread
around. It soared into the air in the shape of an air column.
"What a powerful sword realm…"
People knew from the mere disturbance that he wasn't an average man.
Especially those sword cultivators of the Ancient Sword Sect.
"I couldn't believe challenged him…"
Sweating heavily, Song Zhe felt bitter.


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