The Brilliant Fighting Master
666 Apprentice Brother Song’s True Color
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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666 Apprentice Brother Song’s True Color

"Blood Moon Wilderness?"
"It's not good!"
Those on the Heavenly Mountain Platform all intuited something big was
going to happen.
The azure-clothed man chose to make trouble at the birthday party because
he had made up his mind to bring this to a close even if he was killed.
However, it seemed quite impossible for him to achieve his goal alone.
The Ancient Sword Sect was such a big sect that they must have rich
As the alarm was activated, the tactical formation of the Ancient Sword Sect,
which also covered the Heavenly Mountain Platform, was switched on.
Everyone could perceive the cold spirit of the sword surging everywhere.
"The Ancient Sword Formation?"
Smiling coldly, the azure-clothed man looked fearless. He said, "The Ancient
Sword Sect used to be so powerful. Now you can only rely on what your
ancestor left to you to live on?"
"Anyway, you'll die in the sword formation!"
As the Mistress of the Ancient Sword Sect spoke, the sword formation was
switched on. The spirit of the sword kept focusing onto one point, which was
powerful enough to kill the Spiritual Venerable.
However, the youngster stood with his hands behind his back. He didn't move,
as if he was waiting for the arrival of the sword formation.
Everyone felt nervous, but no one knew what the problem was.
At the last moment, the sword formation, supposed to be sent, became
extremely unstable. The focused spirit of the sword was shaking in the air.
A crack came. The spirit of the sword exploded. It became a mad wind
blowing towards the mountains.
"It was cracked from the inside!"
When the other people were still confused, Jiang Chen realized what the
problem was immediately!

The azure-clothed man smiled. Dreadful yells filled every inch of the Ancient
Sword Sect's land.
"You Ancient Sword Sect rested so easy. The entire desolate land has been
invited. You have no idea how cruel desolate lands can be."
He must have planted his men into the guests, who sabotaged the tactical
formation at the crucial moment.
Of course, there must be spies in the Ancient Sword Sect, too. They
collaborated with the inside help, and that was why they were so confident of
eliminating the Ancient Sword Sect.
Somehow, those on the Heavenly Mountain Platform felt scared.
"I didn't expect to kill any enemy in the last few years of my life."
The Mistress of the Ancient Sword Sect got to her feet. Although it was a
simple movement, a powerful energy was emitted.
"Hahaha, can you?"
The azure-clothed man said. Then more and more people showed up in the
sky, all in neat outfit. They were fierce-looking and extremely aggressive.
The people there were desperate to see there was another Spiritual
Venerable in the middle stage among them.
Two Spiritual Venerables!
They landed on the Heavenly Mountain Platform arrogantly, looking at the

pale people.
"What on earth do you want?!" The Mistress of the Ancient Sword Sect wasn't
so confident, either, if she had to fight against two people at the same time.
"Isn't it obvious enough? We are gonna annex you."
The azure-clothed man laughed, as if he had heard a stupid question.
"Desolate lands restrict each other. If you deal with me, you'll at least sacrifice
a Spiritual Venerable. Aren't you afraid that other forces will take the chance
to deal with you?" the Mistress said in anger.
The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.
Desolate lands restricted each other. After all, no one wanted to be the
"Old bitch, you're overestimating yourself!"

The azure-clothed man shook his head. He took one step forward, and then
threw his palm over.
The palm attack was surprisingly powerful. The Reaching Heaven States
around him almost fell off the Heavenly Mountain Platform.
The Mistress was hit by the palm before she could take her weapon out. She
bumped onto a stone wall.
She was so old and weak that people couldn't help but worry whether she
would die.
A flash of coldness appeared in Jiang Chen's eyes. He reached for the
Redcloud Sword and the black knife at his waist, but found neither of them
was there.
"Ahem. Ahem."
Some disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect helped the Mistress get to her feet.
She looked terrible.
"You're strong. The Ancient Sword Formation admits we lost. Tell me what you
Facing the gap of strength, even though she was the head of the sect, she
had to bow her head.
By then Jiang Chen had confirmed the law of the jungle was valued more in
the Three Middle Realms. Here, carnages happened every day. Nowhere was
completely safe.
"We'll take over this small desolate land."
The azure-clothed man wasn't surprised at her reaction.
Glancing over the people on the Heavenly Mountain Platform, he said, "Don't
you think we are here to declare war. You don't deserve that."
His disdainful look and scornful tone were irritating, but no one had the nerve
to talk back.
"So, let's not waste each other's time. Surrender to the Blood Moon
Then, the azure-clothed man looked at the Ancient Sword Sect again.
"However, that doesn't include you, Ancient Sword Sect. We won't accept
your surrender. You will be eliminated. You, and all of the core members of the
Ancient Sword Sect will die."

The azure-clothed man went on, "Old bitch, I have an idea. If you kill all of the
core disciples in person, I'll let the others go. What do you think?"
It was bloody cruel!
The Mistress would rather die than kill her disciples.
However, it wasn't her own life with which she was threatened. It was the
ordinary disciples' lives.
The kindness on the Mistress's old face was totally gone.
"We'll brave it out!"
A disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect thought they would die anyway, but even
if they died, they wouldn't allow the enemy to live.
However, he got a heavy punch on the back as soon as he came forward. His
body couldn't move anymore.
Both the crowd and himself were surprised.
Behind him there were only his sibling disciples.
He tried very hard to look back, and saw a face beyond his expectation.
"Apprentice brother, why..."
Reluctant to die in this way, he fell weakly.
It was Song Zhe who attacked him!
He was pale and sweating. As the chief disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect, he
was sure these people would kill him.
He didn't want to wait for his death without doing anything, so he decided to
"Senior! I'll do it. I'll do it. As long as you let go of me, I can join you," Song
Zhe said anxiously.
The people on the Heavenly Mountain Platform all showed an odd
expression. Some were surprised. Some were scornful, and others were
"Apprentice Brother Song..."
Yi Chen felt a sense of disillusion. She didn't expect Song Zhe to be a person
afraid of death.

"Song Zhe... Young man, you didn't have to do this." The Mistress almost
couldn't take the blow.
"Shut up! Things wouldn't be like this if you were stronger!"
Song Zhe shouted to interrupt her. Drawing the Redcloud Sword out, he said
emotionally, "Senior, please give me this chance."
The azure-clothed man was full of disdain, but as soon as he saw the
Redcloud Sword, his facial expression changed.
"Give me your sword," he said.
"Okay. Okay."
Bowing his back, Song Zhe gave the sword to him with two hands.
The azure-clothed man showed a happy smile. He threw the Redcloud Sword
into the air and then grabbed it by its handle.
"Great sword!"
He was quite excited when he had clutched the handle.
"Senior, I'm glad you like it!"
The azure-clothed man spent about one minute in appreciating the sword.
Then he put it down reluctantly.
Sizing Song Zhe up, he said, "How could someone like you have such a great
sword? Tell me how you got it!"
Wen Xin and Yi Chen turned pale. They had a hunch that something bad was
going to happen.
As expected, Song Zhe threw them a glance. Then he whispered into the
man's ear.
"You mean they can have other valuable treasures with them?" the azure-
clothed man said.
"Yes. That's quite possible!" Song Zhe said.
Not until then did Yi Chen realize Jiang Chen was right. Song Zhe had
approached her to get the spiritual storage wares.
"Bring her over!"
Upon hearing the order, the azure-clothed man's subordinates were going to
capture Yi Chen, but Song Zhe beat them to it.

"You're the chief disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect. Shame on you!" Wen Xin


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