The Brilliant Fighting Master
665 A Curse of Death
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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665 A Curse of Death

As expected, under the other Reaching Heaven States' surprised gazes,
Cheng Lu, despite the intent to dodge, was caught in the momentum of the
sword and got trapped.
When the sword had stopped, the tip of the blade was already very close to
her throat.
She could even perceive how cold the sharp metal sword felt.
"It's unfair!"
She was sure Wen Xin wouldn't hurt her, so she dodged fearlessly. She said,
"This doesn't count!"
Although she said it loudly, her lack of confidence was evident.
"You already lost. If you don't accept the result, you still have many chances in
the future," the Mistress said.
Gnashing her teeth, Cheng Lu came up to Jiang Chen in fury.
Pointing her sword at Jiang Chen, she said angrily, "How did you know I
would dodge?"
"I didn't know."
Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He said, "You would lose all the same
even if you hadn't dodged."
"No way!" Cheng Lu didn't believe him at all.
If she had chosen to take the attack, it would be hard to say who would win.
"Look." Jiang Chen pointed at the sky.
As soon as she looked up, Cheng Lu turned pale. Where Wen Xin had
passed holding the sword, the wind was still blowing as fierce as surging
"How come her sword..."
Cheng Lu felt helpless. It was exactly because she had dodged that Wen Xin
had restrained the power of her sword.
Otherwise, she would not only have lost, but also have been wounded.

The Venerables were shocked again. It turned out Jiang Chen hadn't taken
advantage of the human nature. His advice did make Wen Xin a different
"The younger generation is amazing. Young friend, what's your name?" a
Venerable said.
The Reaching Heaven States on the spot were extremely shocked that a
Venerable had shown him so many respects.
In their eyes, Jiang Chen was at most a Reaching Heaven State who was
hiding his state.
"Jiang Chen."
Jiang Chen told him his name. Looking at Yi Chen, he said with interest,
"Now, do you believe that sword is mine?"
"But, but..."
Of course Yi Chen believed. That was out of question. Other people might
doubt that Wen Xin had hid her strength to put on this show with Jiang Chen,
but she believed him without any doubt.
The thing was she had given the sword away.
And it was in Apprentice Brother Song's hand. That was the interesting part.
It seemed the Mistress of the Ancient Sword Sect had gifted it to her chief
disciple out of her affection for him.
Or, Apprentice Brother Song had never given the sword to the Mistress at all.
However, that was quite impossible. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been
holding it in public.
Apprentice Brother Song suddenly strode up to Jiang Chen. He said to the
latter in a deep voice, "Please."
Everyone expected the fight upon hearing Apprentice Brother Song's
Even Cheng Lu looked over, leaving her frustration behind for the moment.

Apprentice Brother Song was in the Cloud Nine of the Reaching Heaven
State. He was really talented.
Jiang Chen was mysterious. No one knew where he was from or who he was,
but his strength was surprisingly strong.

The fight between them must be interesting. People were curious to see
which was stronger and which was weaker.
"Not interested."
To their surprise, Jiang Chen refused.
He was serious, not even casting Apprentice Brother Song a look.
He, a Spiritual Venerable, was challenged by a Reaching Heaven State?
What a joke!
"Mister, are you looking down on me?"
Pulling a long face, Apprentice Brother Song said in an unkind tone. He held
his sword even tighter.
Yi Chen, standing beside Jiang Chen, was embarrassed. She didn't know
what to say.
"Yi Chen, did you tell Apprentice Brother Song what Jiang Chen had said?"
Wen Xin saw her through. She asked Yi Chen through holy awareness.
Yi Chen nodded, ashamed.
She told Apprentice Brother Song how ridiculous Jiang Chen was in a
sarcastic tone, slandering him behind his back.
In this way, Apprentice Brother Song's reaction seemed pretty reasonable.
Since Jiang Chen was unwilling to accept his challenge, Apprentice Brother
Song drew the Redcloud Sword out very quickly and pierced it forward.
However, the Redcloud Sword stopped when it was only a few inches away
from his face.
Except Jiang Chen, everyone was given a good scare. Some people even
shrieked because of the shock.
On the contrary, Jiang Chen was extremely calm. Looking at the sharp blade,
he showed an odd smile.
"Don't play sword before me. You'll get yourself injured."
He sounded like he was teaching a small kid a lesson. Apprentice Brother
Song was totally irritated by his tone.
Bulging veins appeared on his handsome face. It seemed the sword in his
hand would go on piercing forward at any minute.

Jiang Chen didn't take it seriously at all. He put the cup close to his lips and
took a slow sip.
"Song Zhe, if he doesn't want to fight against you, don't force him," the
Mistress said.
"Yes, Mistress!"
Gnashing his teeth, Song Zhe put the sword back into the sheath, and turned
around to leave.
The others, on tenterhooks, finally felt relieved. Then they started a heated
The topic was naturally why Jiang Chen had refused the challenge.
In this world, only a coward would refuse others' challenge.
Jiang Chen claimed he wasn't interested, full of disdains for Song Zhe.
"Can he be a Venerable?"
Due to Song Zhe's state, they thought Jiang Chen should at least be a Martial
Venerable to have the confidence to say something like that.
They thought for a while, and then shook their heads together. They didn't
think it possible.
"He was afraid."
Shi Ling said in a sarcastic tone. Angry with Jiang Chen, she really needed a
chance to vent her anger on him.
The others agreed. It was too hard for them to believe Jiang Chen was a
Wen Xin and Yi Chen were quite uneasy.
After all this, and thinking of what Jiang Chen and Lil Fan had said, Jiang
Chen couldn't just be a Venerable. He should be a Spiritual Venerable.
If it was true, those spiritual storage wares were also true.
Thinking of what she had done on the way, Yi Chen kept shaking.
"Is it really yours?" Yi Chen gave Jiang Chen the mustardseed ring.

Staring at her, Jiang Chen didn't speak. He took the mustardseed ring, and
then poured some class-seven panaceas out to take, as if he knew the ring
very well.
Class-seven panaceas were usually too strong for average people, but Jiang
Chen looked totally fine.
No one saw him take the panaceas, since he did it very quickly.
He would only need a few more panaceas to recover his strength completely.
By then he wouldn't have to worry about anything.
"When did the Clear Spirit Sect recruit such a mysterious person?" Shi Ling
said again.
"You, could you shut up?" Yi Chen, very nervous, said unhappily.
Shi Ling flew into a rage, but she also found Yi Chen's tone was weird.
At this moment, a great disturbance came from the sky.
"Watch out!"
A few Venerables shouted to warn the people. Then they heard a heavy thing
fly across the sky, giving off a low and deep sound.
A giant bell fell at the center of the Heavenly Mountain Platform. The paved
ground was totally destroyed.
The bell was tied with a white silk ribbon.
"Blood Moon Wilderness is here to celebrate the birthday of the Ancient
Sword Sect!"
Then a sarcastic voice came from the sky.
He claimed he had come to celebrate the birthday, but he had given a bell as
Gifting a bell was a curse of death. 1

1 In Chinese, giving a bell and arranging a funeral are pronounced the same. As a result, it's a taboo to
gift a bell or a clock for someone's birthday.

The kind face of the Ancient Sword Sect's Mistress was overcast with anger.
"How dare you!"
The other Venerables all went into a fury. He had obviously come to pick a
fight. They were going to give him a lesson.
However, they all stopped when the man had finally showed up over the
Heavenly Mountain Platform.
He was a Spiritual Venerable in the middle stage!
They, some Martial Venerables, weren't a match for him.
This Spiritual Venerable was in his early thirties. It wasn't an easy thing to
achieve his state at such a young age.
He was in an azure robe. His average-looking face looked pretty arrogant.


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