The Brilliant Fighting Master
664 The Power of One Advice
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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664 The Power of One Advice

Seeing him smiling, Yi Chen wished she could disfigure him.
It was right at this moment that some exclaims came to them.
She had been too angry to notice that Wen Xin and Shi Ling's fight had
already started.
She looked up. Wen Xin's attack was as quick as lightning. It seemed she
could anticipate each movement of Shi Ling's. Shi Ling was in the same
situation where Wen Xin had been. She was completely restricted.
"She has cracked Shi Ling's sword movement. How is it possible?!"
Those from the Primordial Wood Sect kept shrieking. They couldn't believe
Wen Xin was so strong.
Yi Chen, who knew Wen Xin's strength the best, didn't believe she could have
gained such an advantage so quickly, but after a closer look, she found it was
true. And she couldn't see there was any problem.
Shi Ling tried her best, but nothing could be changed.
She kept retreating, totally shocked.
"What did you say to Wen Xin?" Yi Chen said excitedly, grabbing Jiang Chen's
Reminded of Jiang Chen's advice to Wen Xin, those on the scene all looked
at him, but soon, they showed a puzzled expression.
Jiang Chen looked like an average man. Would he really know sword
methods of Reaching Heaven States?
However, someone's look caught Jiang Chen's attention.
It was the Mistress. She was looking at him with her bright eyes, smiling
kindly. No one knew what was on her mind.
Wen Xin had launched a brilliant attack. She hit Shi Ling's sword aside with
her sword, and left a red mark on the latter's cheek.
"Great, Wen Xin!"

Seeing Wen Xin's attack work, Yi Chen was so elated that she forgot about
questing Jiang Chen for the moment.
Grinning involuntarily, Wen Xin looked at Jiang Chen.
She simply did what Jiang Chen had told her, and to her surprise, it really
Jiang Chen had completely anticipated Shi Ling's way to attack and all of her
Is he really just a countryman? Wen Xin thought.
"I didn't know the Sword Method of Breeze of the Clear Spirit Sect was so
great. Please exchange some blows with me."
Wen Xin's performance piqued the competitiveness of some of the practicers
on the spot. Shi Ling hadn't left after losing the fight, and another woman
already stood up to challenge her.
The crowd went into an uproar when they had recognized who that was.
She was Cheng Lu!
She was well-known in this small desolate land.
She was invited onto the Heavenly Mountain Platform directly without having
to be qualified first.
It wasn't only because her great sword method, but because of her state.
"You're a Cloud Six of the Reaching Heaven State. You want to challenge a
Cloud Four?" Yi Chen said unhappily.
"I can control my strength. It's only a competition of sword method," Cheng Lu
"But you still have the advantage of your state," Yi Chen said, still unhappy.

"All right. If you're scared, I won't insist." Cheng Lu sat down. It might just be
her strategy to push her rival to accept her challenge.
Yi Chen was pissed off.
"It's all right."
Wen Xin landed beside her. Although she comforted Yi Chen in this way, she
was pissed off, too.

"Do you want to defeat her?" at this moment, Jiang Chen asked seriously.
His tone was totally normal, but the whole Heavenly Mountain Platform almost
went crazy.
It was a simple sentence, but with much information.
There was no way Wen Xin could surpass Cheng Lu in state. She couldn't
turn to external force in the fight, either.
However, Jiang Chen had the confidence to make Wen Xin surpass Cheng
Lu, who was in the Cloud Six, in sword method in a short time!
Wen Xin's sword method could be worse than Cheng Lu's in the first place.
And he would have to fill the gap of two Clouds.
Cheng Lu, already seated, stood up again. She looked aggressive, but Jiang
Chen ignored her.
"Yes," Wen Xin said unexpectedly.
Jiang Chen didn't stand up. He just waved at her.
Wen Xin hesitated. Then, with her head lowered, she moved closer to Jiang
Chen, curious about what he would say.
She flushed under so many people's gazes.
Yi Chen also pricked up her ears, trying to hear what he was saying.
Jiang Chen's lips moved, however, no one could hear him.
Not even Venerables with their holy awareness.
Those people hadn't taken him seriously until then. They realized he wasn't
as simple as he looked.
If Jiang Chen weren't so young, if he were in his middle age, these
Venerables would have tried to make friends with him.
This time, Jiang Chen seemed to have said more things. It took him about one
Wen Xin kept nodding, sometimes puzzled, and sometimes pleasantly

In the end, she looked pretty confident. She even actively looked into Cheng
Lu's eyes.
"I would rather have this fight with him," Cheng Lu said aggressively, pointing
at Jiang Chen.
That was what the onlookers looked forward to seeing. They were curious
about Jiang Chen's strength.
"If you can defeat her," Jiang Chen said in a casual way.
Seeing them about to start the fight, Yi Chen said nervously, "Cheng Lu's
swordsmanship is spectacular. Will Wen Xin really be able to win?"
Thinking of her previous attitude, Jiang Chen gave her a pretty plain answer.
According to his observation, Cheng Lu hadn't mastered the doctrine of sword
yet, but her swordsmanship attainments were great indeed.
That being said, if Wen Xin could follow his suggestions, she had her chance
to win.
Yi Chen was worried because she knew Wen Xin too well.
The others doubted Wen Xin because they knew Cheng Lu was really good.
Even those who knew nothing about her could tell who was stronger from
their states.
"I'm curious about what he told you."
Cheng Lu said, "He saw how Shi Ling fought and taught you how to crack her,
but he and I have never met. Why is he still so confident?"
Cheng Lu couldn't figure it out. The only assumption she could make was he
had looked down on her.
"What he told me was about me. It wasn't about you."
Wen Xin looked very calm, not nervous at all. She regulated her breath to
control her muscles and her emotion.
She pointed her sword at Cheng Lu. The spirit of the sword was emitted from
the sword in an undulating manner. A comfortable wind started.

Wen Xin's hair flew in the wind. She turned her wrist. Her pretty face looked
"Breeze Sword: Communication between Mind and Sword!"
Without any sounding out, Wen Xin exerted her special movement directly.
Yi Chen found it hard to believe. Wen Xin had just failed to exert the special
If she really could make it, it meant Jiang Chen had spent only one minute in
making Wen Xin master the complete great doctrine of wind.
"Very smart."
Seeing Wen Xin's sword movement, Cheng Lu more or less guessed what
Jiang Chen could have said.
If they exchanged blows as most people did, Wen Xin couldn't be a match for
her at all. She could lose at any minute.
That was why he told her to try to win with only one sword attack.
Should I dodge or take it?
Cheng Lu couldn't decide.
She wanted to take the attack, but seeing Jiang Chen's confident face, it
wasn't hard to guess this sword attack of Wen Xin's couldn't be simple.
However, if she dodged… Her sword doctrine level must be far better than
Wen Xin's.
At least she was sure about this.
I'll dodge first. Even if I suffer losses, she won't win with only one attack.
Cheng Lu made up her mind.
At this moment, Wen Xin threw her sword over.
It was the special movement of the Sword Method of Breeze. As the blade
advanced, wind howled.
The wind blew down all of the liquor pots and tea cups on the tables on the
Heavenly Mountain Platform.
She has won.

The Venerables on the spot thought.
They didn't have to look into the air anymore. One surprised look after another
was cast to Jiang Chen.
This youngster is terrific. That was what was on their mind.
He was terrific not only because he had taught Wen Xin, but because how
sure he was about humanity.
If Cheng Lu hadn't chosen to dodge, but had taken the attack, although she
would suffer losses, there would still be a great chance for her to win.
However, she chose to dodge. In this way, she would absolutely lose.


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