The Brilliant Fighting Master
662 Sword Method of Breeze
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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662 Sword Method of Breeze

"Apprentice Brother Song, here is the thing," Yi Chen told him about the black-
clothed men immediately.
She felt nervous when she had finished speaking. After all, there were dead
men involved.
Fortunately, Apprentice Brother Song only showed a smile. He said, "Well,
then there is nothing to worry about."
She got the sword from the black-clothed men, who must have killed many
people. Yi Chen actually didn't do anything wrong.
Yi Chen wasn't so stupid as to tell him about the spiritual storage ware as
well, but Apprentice Brother Song's look was quite meaningful.
Silly girl, Jiang Chen couldn't help but think.
How would people give away the treasure they got so easily? It wasn't hard to
guess they must have got some other gains.
That was exactly what Apprentice Brother Song thought, but he hid it well.
Looking at Lil Fan and Jiang Chen, he said, "These two are from that
Jiang Chen's appearance caught his attention before he could finish his word.
He had never seen a countryman as elegant as this one.
However, since he was sure this guy had never practiced, he didn't give
thought to it.
Vast stretches of houses came into their sight when they were half way up the
mountain. Built down the mountainside, these houses became a part of the
landscape. The view was astounding.
And the large amount of the Ancient Sword Sect's visitors made the whole
place pretty bustling.
Apprentice Brother Song didn't go away after taking them there. He went on
leading the way.
The disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect kept staring at Wen Xin and Yi Chen,
pretty surprised.
Wen Xin felt a bit uneasy, while Yi Chen was enjoying it.

"Other guests will have to wait in the hall after climbing up, but with so many
people there, it is quite chaotic. This is where I live. You can wait here, if you
don't mind it's a little shabby."
Apprentice Brother Song took them into a yard.
"Thank you, Apprentice Brother Song," Yi Chen said excitedly.
"Not at all. I still have some errands to run. If Apprentice Sister Yi Chen needs
anything, feel free to send someone to find me," said Apprentice Brother
He said this to Yi Chen instead of all of them.
Yi Chen was elated. She said immediately, "Go ahead, Apprentice Brother
Song. You don't have to worry about us."
When Apprentice Brother Song had left, Yi Chen kicked up her heels. She
kept screaming for joy in a low voice.
"Wen Xin! Did you see it? Apprentice Brother Song was so nice to me. Do you
think he likes me?" Yi Chen said.
"I think he is more interested in the treasure on you," Jiang Chen said in a
cold tone.
Yi Chen felt she had been poured cold water on.
"What are you suggesting?"
Sometimes truth is too harsh to accept. Besides, Yi Chen was so happy at the
Jiang Chen didn't really want to meddle in, but Yi Chen wasn't a bad person,

and the spiritual storage ware was his.
What he said was possible, but he didn't have any proof. He said it purely
based on intuition.
Whether Yi Chen would believe him depended on whether she trusted
Apprentice Brother Song or him.
Yi Chen let out a sigh. She said to him, "Jiang Chen, I know you are jealous of
Apprentice Brother Song, but you don't have to be so mean."
"I'm jealous of him?" Jiang Chen was confused. He, a Spiritual Venerable,
was jealous of a Reaching Heaven State?
"Of course. Apprentice Brother Song is the most important disciple of the
Ancient Sword Sect. He is talented. He is handsome. And he is even so kind."

"You made your assumption only based on his look. It's unfair for you to say
Yi Chen said, "Don't speak these things out. You'll be in trouble if other people
hear you."
"I just want you to be careful. I guess it won't take long for Apprentice Brother
Song to tell you he loves you," Jiang Chen said.
Yi Chen was out of patience. She said, "I felt pity for you, but if you are such a
narrow-minded person, you'd better go away as soon as possible."
"Give me back my spiritual storage ware," Jiang Chen said honestly.
"Are you courting death?!" Yi Chen's good mood was completely ruined. She
was extremely annoyed.
At this moment, a disciple of the Ancient Sword Sect ran in.
"Miss Yi Chen, Apprentice Brother Song said he needed your help."
"No problem."
Yi Chen didn't feel suspicious. All she felt was happy.
Jiang Chen knew whatever he said, it would be useless.
Seeing Yi Chen leave, Jiang Chen and Wen Xin looked at each other.
"I know you were out of good intention. She will know it, too," Wen Xin said,
without mentioning if she believed him or not.
"Whatever," Jiang Chen said.
By then the Holy Sea in his body had calmed down. He was regaining his
No matter what would happen, he would be able to deal with it.
Wen Xin, Jiang Chen and Lil Fan were staying in the yard. The atmosphere
was a bit dull.
Still in grievance, Lil Fan didn't speak much. And Wen Xin didn't think there
was much she could talk with Jiang Chen.
"Jiang Chen, you kept saying that sword was yours. Do you know any sword
method?" Wen Xin said, trying to talk about something.

"Yeah, a little bit," said Jiang Chen, smiling.
"So, could you give me some instruction?"
It wasn't a serious request. She was just bored. Whenever she wasn't feeling
easy, the desire to practice sword would arise.
The yard was spacious enough. She didn't have to fly into the air.
A dagger appeared in her hand. She took a deep breath. Then the energy of
the sword blew over together with a breeze.
Soon, Wen Xin started to practice a sword method.
She kept going, one movement after another. She hadn't really stopped to
listen to Jiang Chen's instruction.
Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, not because Wen Xin's sword method was great.
For him, it wasn't enough to say her sword method was good or bad. What he
cared about was at which level she was.
He was surprised because he found Wen Xin was talented.
Half great doctrine of wind, and minor doctrine of metal.
Her sword method wasn't every skilled. It wasn't bad, either. It suited her just
However, Jiang Chen soon found the momentum of her sword wasn't smooth
enough, and her sword movement was kind of stiff.
And he could see Wen Xin was trying too hard.
Is she exerting a special movement? Jiang Chen thought to himself.
Wen Xin pushed herself. The momentum of the sword suddenly rose, but
soon, it was out of control. She fell backwards and the sword flew out of her
Jiang Chen held Lil Fan into his arms and put the latter down behind him.
Then a strong wind arrived immediately.
Yi Chen happened to come back. She looked elated. Even her eyes were
much brighter.
She turned pale as soon as she saw Wen Xin. She hurried to run to the latter.

"You won't be able to master the special movement of the Sword Method of
Breeze until you achieve the great doctrine of wind. Why are you in such a
hurry?" Yi Chen reproached her.
"I couldn't help but give it a try whenever that moment came," Wen Xin said.
"Fortunately, you're all right." Yi Chen felt lucky.
It suddenly occurred to Jiang Chen that the great doctrine of wind was
something worth admiring among the practicers in the Three Lower Realms,
but it was just average here.
"You know nothing else other than practicing sword. I have good news."
Grinning, Yi Chen said, "Apprentice Brother Song held my hand. And many
people saw us."
She said in a very low voice, as if she didn't want Jiang Chen to hear.
However, she wouldn't know as Jiang Chen's strength recovered, he could
hear every sound in the yard, however low it was.
He was almost sure that Apprentice Brother Song was scheming something,
but no one believed him.
At this moment, the Ancient Sword Sect's bell tolled.
The birthday party started!
"I warn you. Stop talking nonsenses."
Yi Chen looked at Jiang Chen. Then the four headed for the Heavenly
Mountain Platform.


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