The Brilliant Fighting Master
660 Eight Realms, Nine Territories and Ten Prefectures
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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660 Eight Realms, Nine Territories and Ten Prefectures

"There are so many class-seven and class-eight panaceas!"
"Gosh! We're so lucky."
"That's great! That's really great! One good turn deserves another! It's true!"
Those were daily supplies for Jiang Chen, however, they were valuable
treasures for the two women.
"He must have got these things from some dead big shot in the mountain.
We're really in luck," Yi Chen said excitedly.
"Yi Chen, we'd better keep it a secret."
Seeing her so excited, Wen Xin said uneasily.
"Of course. I know," Yi Chen promised, patting her chest, but she sounded so
casual that she obviously didn't take it seriously.
In the remaining journey, Jiang Chen knew from the two women's
conversation that they were at the periphery of the Three Middle Realms.
It was like some mountain area in the Hundred Thousand Mountains of the
Fire Field of the Realm of Nine Heavens of the Three Lower Realms.
However, most of the youngsters here were in the Reaching Heaven State.
Venerable was the highest level they could achieve.
He came to the Three Middle Realms once 500 years ago. He knew here
better than the Three Lower Realms.
He recalled the Three Middle Realms were composed of eight realms, nine
territories, ten prefectures and numerous big or small desolate lands.
The eight realms referred to the Realm of Spirits. That was where the Spirit
were living.
It was the center of the Three Middle Realms, also why it was said the Spirit
was governing the Three Middle Realms.
There weren't so many resources in the nine territories or the ten prefectures
as in the eight realms, but they were still rich.
The desolate lands were poor lands short of the spirits of the universe. Either
there were no resources or the resources had been excessively exploited.
There wasn't a precise number for the quantity of those big or small desolate

Forces like dynasties, sects, families and gangs dotted across the Three
Middle Realms.
Jiang Chen must be from some small desolate land.
Wen Xin and Yi Chen were going to the biggest force in this small desolate
land to attend a birthday party.
Although Jiang Chen didn't know what present they had prepared, they were
going to gift the Redcloud Sword.
At dusk, the two women still didn't seem to have the intention to stop.
However, the horse was already exhausted. It refused to go on advancing.
Jiang Chen had to let the horse go and hold Lil Fan on his back.
The two women suddenly came up to Jiang Chen at midnight.
"You're tireless, huh?" Yi Chen looked suspicious. It seemed she had intuited
Jiang Chen thought they were really slow.
He had been walking for a whole day on the steep trails of the mountain area.
Any average man would have been exhausted. And he had Lil Fan on his
"I told you the sword and the knife were mine. I'm a Spiritual Venerable," Jiang

Chen said honestly.
Seeing him so serious, the two glanced at each other.
Yi Chen burst into laughter. Wen Xin also found it funny.
They had felt suspicious, but Jiang Chen's claim cleared up their doubt.
"You overheard us, didn't you? How great. It's so easy for you to tell a lie!" Yi
Chen said sarcastically.
They had mentioned the place where the birthday party would be celebrated
was called Ancient Sword Sect, and their current leader was a Spiritual
"You know how old the leader is?" Yi Chen asked.
Since they were going to have a birthday party to celebrate the leader's
longevity, the leader must be at least 50 years old.

"So, isn't this funny that you, less than twenty, claimed you were a Spiritual
"Yi Chen, enough. Stop laughing at him."
Wen Xin thought Jiang Chen had made a fool of himself because of his
"If you dare talk nonsenses like that after arriving at the Ancient Sword Sect,
we'll wash our hands of you. Don't blame us for that by then."
Then Yi Chen found something wrong. She said, frowning, "You've got any
clothes to change?"
Jiang Chen looked like a beggar. No one would assume he was going to a
birthday party.
"All of my clothes are in the ring."
Jiang Chen's clothes burnt up a lot because of the genuine blood of phoenix
and the lore of fire, so he prepared many spare clothes in the mustardseed
"You just won't stop, will you?!" Yi Chen didn't believe him at all. Seeing him
still lying, she was going to give him a beat.
However, her raised arm stopped in the air when she had noticed Jiang Chen
hadn't even blinked.
Yi Chen looked embarrassed. She didn't know whether she should beat him
or not.
"We'll buy some new clothes for him when we arrive in the city," Wen Xin said
"Huh." Yi Chen put her arm down, staring at Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen showed a smile too slight to notice. Yi Chen had many flaws, but
she wasn't a bad person.
"Misses, what is this Ancient Sword Sect?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.
"It is..."
"It's useless to tell him these things," walking ahead, Yi Chen said without
looking back.
Pretending she hadn't heard Yi Chen, Wen Xin told Jiang Chen about the
Ancient Sword Sect.

They arrived in a small city at dawn.
Although it was much smaller than the metropolitan Jiang Chen had seen in
the Three Lower Realms, it had everything in it.
They were even selling products that were very hard to get in the Three Lower
Realms, even if you were willing to pay a big price.
And this was only a small desolate land. Jiang Chen was eager to see the
prosperous area of the Three Middle Realms.
They found an inn to lodge first. Then Wen Xin went to buy some clothes for
Jiang Chen.
"Get a shower before anyone sees you," Yi Chen said unhappily.
Jiang Chen didn't have a problem with it. He and Lil Fan went to a public bath
to have a hot bath.
"Big brother, why were those people so cruel? They killed everyone in the
village. My grandpa, aunts and uncle were all good people."
Lil Fan couldn't help but burst into tears.
"Lil Fan, if you trust me, I'll investigate this for you, but you have to be honest
with me. If you are not honest with me, I won't be able to help you."
In this way, not only Jiang Chen's curiosity would be satisfied, but he took the
Lil Fan nodded. He took down the pendant tied to a red string from his neck.
Jiang Chen took it and found the pendant was actually a stone.
The back of the stone was carved with a "Jiang".
Jiang Chen guessed it was his family name.
Jiang was one of the most ancient surnames. It had a long history.
The Jiang Family of inheritance?
Something occurred to Jiang Chen. He vaguely remembered there was a big
force in the Three Middle Realms that seemed to match the clue.
What Lil Fan's grandpa mentioned could refer to a power shift in the big force,
and Lil Fan was sacrificed in this process.

It will be tricky if he is really from that Jiang Family, Jiang Chen thought to
He had thought it a good choice for Lil Fan to join the Clear Spirit Sect,
because he didn't have a better solution.
However, if Lil Fan joined the Clear Spirit Sect, the sect could end up the
same as the village.
"Lil Fan, why don't you stay with me after the party?"
This was the only solution Jiang Chen could think of.
Wherever he went, he would run into trouble, so, it wouldn't be a problem for
He was going to take Lil Fan to the Jiang Family.
Someone had tried to kill him, because they didn't want him to go back alive.
As a result, the Jiang Family was the safest place for him.
Why didn't those black-clothed men kill Lil Fan?
The Jiangs had sent some average men to perform the assassination,
because they didn't want to leave any clue. Theoretically, they should have
killed him in the village.
Think. What interests will they get?
Jiang Chen recalled what his father had told him. And he had an assumption.
He guessed the black-clothed men had been ignorant of the fact, too, but they
knew Lil Fan wasn't a simple kid, so, they had intended to use him as a
bargaining counter to ask for more money.
But this was only an assumption. He couldn't confirm it since they had all
been killed by Yi Chen.
For Lil Fan, he was really happy if he could stay with Jiang Chen.


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