The Brilliant Fighting Master
659 Unfortunately, You Can Not Fly
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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659 Unfortunately, You Can Not Fly

"These are yours? You do know what you are saying, don't you?"
The woman tried very hard to keep a straight face, as if she had heard a joke,
but in the end, she still burst out laughing.
She said, "This sword is a magic weapon. You know what a magic weapon is?
It's a weapon for Venerables to use. You're just an average man. How could
you say it was yours?"
"But it is mine," Jiang Chen said helplessly.
"Enough! I'm not interested in your nonsenses."
The woman in red dress ignored him. She walked towards her companion and
Lil Fan.
Jiang Chen couldn't beat them. He just kept shaking his head and signing.
"Poor kid. Those people killed all of his townsmen." The woman in blue had
known from Lil Fan what had happened. She looked very compassionate.
"Don't be scared. I already revenged you," the woman in red dress said
Jiang Chen thought to himself, And lost the lead, too.
These people couldn't have done these things for no reason. And Lil Fan was
so special. He guessed some other reason must be involved.
He had planned to wait until the black-clothed men arrived at the destination.
By then his strength would have recovered and he would be able to sort it out.
As a result, he didn't think he owed the two women for having saved his life.
If he told them about his state, they would have to call him senior with respect.
"You are useless."
The woman in red dress suddenly cast him a look, full of disdain.
Jiang Chen was confused. He didn't understand what this was about.
"You are a man, but you can't even protect your family and friends. Shame on
It turned out she thought Jiang Chen was from that village, too.
"Yi Chen!"

The woman in blue also thought Jiang Chen was from that village, so she
sympathized with him. She said, "Don't take it to your heart. She is like this.
Don't let it get you down. The murderers are already dead."
"Wen Xin, you're too softhearted," the woman called Yi Chen said, shaking
her head.
"Check this sword."
Then Yi Chen stopped paying attention to Jiang Chen. She drew the
Redcloud Sword out of the sheath little by little.
Although the soul of the Redcloud Sword wasn't awake, it was still a great
"A magic weapon?!"
Wen Xin held her breath. Then she said excitedly, "Where did you get it?"
"From him. He said it was his," Yi Chen said with a bitter smile, pointing at
Jiang Chen.
Wen Xin shook her head. She didn't think the sword could be Jiang Chen's,
"It will be too eye-catching if we use this sword. We won't even know how we
are killed. However, if we give it away as a birthday present, we will definitely
get a handsome reward."
"That's right."
It is true that all women are clever.
The Redcloud Sword wasn't for them, and it would get them into trouble.
Then Jiang Chen saw them take out a wooden box to keep the Redcloud

"It's big brother's sword," Lil Fan suddenly said.
The two women were struck dumb.
"No way," Yi Chen didn't believe him.
"Big brother can fly. He is great, but he is wounded," Lil Fan said.
Yi Chen insisted on putting the sword into the box, but Wen Xin didn't agree,
as if she wanted to confirm something first.

Yi Chen came up to Jiang Chen reluctantly with Wen Xin. Either of them took
one of his hands.
"He is powerless."
"He isn't wounded."
Yi Chen looked at Wen Xin complacently. Then, touching Lil Fan's head
gently, she said, "Kiddo, don't say whatever occurs to you. Not everyone can
As a Reaching Heaven State, she could fly. No wonder she was so proud.
Lil Fan glanced at Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen shook his head at Lil Fan, meaning it was useless to explain to
them, and he'd better wait until his strength recovered.
"So, you have nowhere to go, don't you?"
Lil Fan nodded.
As to Jiang Chen, of course he didn't get any attention.
"I have an idea. You can go with us. After the birthday party, you can go to the
Clear Spirit Sect with us. Lil Fan, you might even join the sect."
Throwing Jiang Chen a glance, Yi Chen said, "As to you, you can be a
Jiang Chen didn't bother to argue with her.
Lil Fan said he would like to see the village again.
The two women didn't have a problem with it. Yi Chen flew towards where Lil
Fan had pointed, holding him in her arms.
"You can walk there. I guess you know the way," Yi Chen said to Jiang Chen.
Although Wen Xin felt pity for him, she couldn't think of a better way.
She had thought about carrying him on her back, but seeing Jiang Chen so
dirty, she gave up the idea.
Jiang Chen didn't know the way back, since he wasn't from there at all.
However, he went back following the track left by carriages, and at the same
time took the chance to recover his Holy Sea.

He realized the mustardseed ring where he used to keep panaceas wasn't
with him when he was about to take some panaceas.
It took him half an hour to arrive at the outskirt of the village, riding the black-
clothed men's horse.
The smoke curling up from the ruins pointed him the way when there was no
more track.
The fire in the village was still burning.
Lil Fan was kneeling before a tomb when Jiang Chen found him.
The soil was obviously newly turned. Jiang Chen saw there were dirts on Yi
Chen's dress and hands.
She isn't a bad person, Jiang Chen thought to himself.
"You'll be able to protect those you love when you are strong enough."
"Like big brother?"
Lil Fan knew nothing about states, but he wasn't stupid.
The fight using thunders was magnificent.
The two women glanced at each other, smiling. They only took it as a
meaningless remark from a kid.
"Much stronger than your big brother."
The two women saw Jiang Chen and the horse he was leading.
"You rode the horse here. Not too stupid, huh?"
Yi Chen said without leaving him any room to negotiate, "This is where we are
going. We'll go first. You can follow us and go slowly."
However, Lil Fan wasn't happy with the plan. He said, "I wanna go with big
"But we don't have much time left." Yi Chen seemed to be in a dilemma. She
threw Jiang Chen a glance, obviously putting the blame on him again.
Jiang Chen couldn't fly. What could she do?
"We'll go there on foot. It's not so far from here," Wen Xin said.
"Fine," Yi Chen reluctantly agreed.

The four hit the road. Jiang Chen let Lil Fan ride the horse.
Leading the horse ahead, he asked, "Lil Fan, was your grandpa your only
"What else do you remember?"
"Grandpa and I weren't from the village. We moved here. He told me never to
tell anyone where I was from, and I should never practice. He said it would be
great if I could live an ordinary life as an ordinary person," Lil Fan said.
Jiang Chen knew there was something Lil Fan's grandpa wanted to hide. An
exclaim came from Yi Chen when he was about to ask Lil Fan for more
She turned out to have opened the spiritual storage ware that Jiang Chen
hadn't left a spiritual seal on.
Since he had too many things, he had tried to organize them.
He kept things he used often, like panaceas, clothes and some yuan stones,
in the mustardseed ring.
Other spiritual storage wares were all sealed, since they had many precious
treasures inside.
For example, the jade bottle with the Black Yellow Gas, and the fragments of
the bronze cauldron.


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