The Brilliant Fighting Master
657 The Blade Is in the Inverse
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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657 The Blade Is in the Inverse

If this continued on, Jiang Chen would die from excessive blood loss.

At this moment, a little boy appeared on the river bank, and jumped into the water. He was skilled in swimming, and managed to drag Jiang Chen into the bank.

Jiang Chen's body was quite heavy, and the boy was left gasping for breath from exhaustion.

If the boy didn't have especially great strength, then he wouldn't have managed to achieve it, and he might even end up drowning along with him.

After the boy rested for a while, he dragged Jiang Chen into solid ground.

A strange sound suddenly echoed, and it frightened the boy, and he quickly hid in a corner. Such a sound came from Jiang Chen's body, and precisely from his bones.

His broken limbs started healing by themselves, and his weird posture recovered to a normal state.

Cracking sounds unceasingly echoed from his bones during the whole process, and it even happened while Jiang Chen was still unconscious. This was one of a Divine Body's advantages, as it possessed a recuperation ability, which rivaled that of Ning Haotian's alien beast.

Jiang Chen groaned softly, raised his arm, and pushed back the rib sticking out of his belly. The wound made by it on his skin surface started then healing at an extremely high and noticeable speed.


The boy's eyes lit up, and they became filled with a yearning even though he didn't know what was happening.

At this moment, Jiang Chen woke, and he vomited the river water, which had his fresh blood, as well as fragments of his bones, along with it.

Jiang Chen never once had been this unwell, and he felt like his whole body was vomiting.

After he finished vomiting with great difficulty, Jiang Chen consumed a spirit pill quickly, and it let his body inside, which was in a mess, recover to a normal state.

"He should be already dead." Jiang Chen looked at the sky. He was slightly proud of himself now, as it was an extraordinary matter for a Spiritual Venerable like him to manage to kill a Celestial Venerable.

However, when he looked around, he found that none was here to share such news, and none knew how amazing he was a while ago.

"I will be a lone traveler forever." Jiang Chen heaved a long sigh, as he held onto a tree, stood up, and raised his left hand highly.

Two rays of light flew at him from different directions, one of them was scarlet, while the other was black. They were his Redcloud Sword, and the black knife.

Jiang Chen turned around leisurely, and let them go back to their sheath perfectly.

"Azure Demon? Black Dragon?" He shouted inwardly in his mind, but he didn't hear any response. He quickly opened the eight groups of spiritual beings book, and when he saw that the heaven and dragon groups still had a consciousness, he heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as they didn't dissipate, they still could recover, and it was just the Asura's page which became empty.

"Who's there!"

When Jiang Chen's mind wasn't in pain any longer, he detected that someone was in the vicinity.

His aura was quite feeble and faint, and there were just two explications for such a matter. The first was that he was a peerless expert capable of hiding his aura while closing on him, as for the other, it was that he was a boy, which Jiang Chen immediately saw.

He seemed just seven or eight year old. He had black hair, thick eyebrows, and big eyes, which were filled with worry.

Jiang Chen noticed that his body was drenched, and he still had his own blood on him, and he immediately understood everything.

"Is it you who saved me?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's you, your body... Your body was like this..." The boy didn't know how should he describe Jiang Chen's body self-recuperation, and he started gesticulating with his hands.

"Hehe, if you didn't bring me to the riverbank, then my body wouldn't be like this, and like that." Jiang Chen imitated him, and extended his hands, and started gesticulating.

The boy grinned, and chuckled, but he was still slightly bashful and scared.

"Big brother, was the person fighting with you an evil person?" The boy asked. A child in his age knew just good and evil notions, and he was worried that he saved someone evil.

"He was an extremely evil person."

Jiang Chen took a look at the boy, and planned to fly away, but the Holy Sea inside his body was undulating greatly, and if he just exerted his power slightly, he would be so pained that his forehead would become drenched in sweat.

His body recovered to a manageable degree, but he still couldn't use his power.

"I should first leave this place before considering anything."

Jiang Chen wasn't sure about whether there would be someone else from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute coming over, and he planned to leave, however, before he walked for long, he couldn't help but turn his head, and look at the boy, which was following him.

"Why are you following me for?"

Jiang Chen didn't have anything, which he could give him in his Storage Spiritual Artifact, and if he gave something too precious, then it would just bring danger to the boy.

"A cliff is there." The boy pointed at the place, where Jiang Chen was going.

Jiang Chen was startled, and revealed a bitter smile. He really couldn't deal with even a cliff while his body was in such a state, and if he ended up barging into fierce beasts territory, then he wouldn't even know how he ended up dead.

"Can you help me leave this place?"

The boy was happy to do it, and he nodded vigorously, and started leading the way for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen shortly after learned about his name. Lil' Fan. It was a name, which didn't have any distinguishing characteristic, and it couldn't even be considered a name, as it was just how they called him.

Jiang Chen noticed that the wicker basket on the boy's back was filled with all kinds of herbal medicine, while his limbs had varied injuries.

"This child has a hard lot," Jiang Chen thought inwardly.

It wasn't like the Three Middle Realms' people were all outstanding, and living in peace and prosperity, and the life in those realms was instead even more difficult for weak people because of how complex they were.

However, he still got curious about why it didn't seem like there were any signs that Lil Fan once cultivated. Cultivating and becoming stronger was the only way for changing one's fate, and he probably wasn't capable of getting a cultivation method.

But, even if he just absorbed the world's spiritual energy simply, he could still make his way in it.

He strode forward, and held Lil Fan's hand, and discovered that it wasn't like he didn't have a body suitable for cultivation, and he instead had a good foundation for it.

When he would open his pulses at twelve years old, it would be discovered that he was a rare genius.

"Lil Fan, do you want to cultivate?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Big Brother, is it to be able of flying in the sky like you?" Lil Fan asked.

"You won't be able of just flying, as you will then became capable of doing many matters."

"I knew, but grandpa said that I mustn't cultivate, or I will bring a disaster on us." Even though Lil Fan seemed sensible and thoughtful, but it could still be seen that he was frustrated by this matter from his tone.

Jiang Chen was startled, and he felt faintly that this matter wasn't simple at all.

After around twenty minutes passed, Jiang Chen couldn't bear asking, "Lil Fan, how long before we reach it?"

He was accustomed to flying, and jumping a thousand meters, and he really couldn't get used to walking on the mountain road like an ordinary mortal.

A distance which he could travel in the past in just the twinkling of an eye would need him now a long time.

"It's there!" Lil Fan extended his finger, and pointed at a place not far from them, which had many buildings

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen noticed that Lil Fan's hand's hold of him became tighter, and he just after left go of Jiang Chen, and ran forward crazily.

Jiang Chen was confused, but he just after noticed that thick smoke was rising from the village, and all of its houses were burning.

"They caught fire?" Jiang Chen got worried about them, and he disregarded the pain transmitting from his Holy Sea, and exerted his power, and ran forward.

However, the speed of Lil Fan, who never once cultivated, surpassed his expectations, and he was as swift as the wind, and his small body emitted terrifying power.

"An inherited bloodline?"

Jiang Chen didn't expect that a boy, which he ran into by chance, was this lucky, and had such power, but such a matter let him became even more curious about why he mustn't cultivate

When they neared the village, Jiang Chen's expression changed gravely.

He didn't hear the sound of people putting out the fire, but the sound of people fighting and screaming.

When he strode forward, he saw a group of black-clothed men, who were holding blades, and killing and beheading anyone on sight.

"Lil Fan!"

Jiang Chen was just about to pull Lil Fan into him, but the boy already ran into the village inside.


Jiang Chen was worried about him, as he was his benefactor, which saved his life, and he could only follow after him, and go in.

A person like him was a quite big target, and he was immediately discovered by the black-clothed people.

A black-clothed person, whose blade was smeared red with blood, charged at him, and moved skillfully, and he swept his blade's edge at the human's body frailest part.

However, when the blade struck Jiang Chen's neck, it was like it just struck a piece of steel.

"How could this happen?" The black-clothed person was startled greatly, and his exposed eyes widened.

"You are holding the blade in the inverse," Jiang Chen said.

"Is it?"

The black-clothed person pointed his blade's edge at himself, and it was only then did he discover that nothing was wrong with it.


Jiang Chen pushed the man's arm strongly, and the blade's edge cut the latter's throat.


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