The Brilliant Fighting Master
656 Heavenly Lightning Rumbling
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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656 Heavenly Lightning Rumbling

"Did you take the Martial, Spiritual, and Celestial Venerable Realms division for child play?"

Feng Bujue attacked him, as he shouted angrily.

The Spiritual Venerable Realm would let one's attack possess a spiritual nature, and change it wholly, and let it reach perfection.

While when a Celestial Venerable would attack, he would bring with him the world pressure, and he would enter into a state of union with nature, and if he used such power along with palm method, then Jiang Chen would be incapable of even closing on him.

The Azure Demon, and Black Dragon, who were on each of his left and right side, were forced back by him.

"The disparity is really too great. It's really a pity that I lost the Bronze Cauldron," Jiang Chen thought regretfully.

"Jiang Chen, run away, while I help you to keep him off," the Azure Demon said.

"It's useless, I can't shake him off."

Once a Celestial Venerable locked into his aura, then unless he fled to the other end of the world, it would be easy for him to detect his approximate position.

This was the reason why it was difficult to deal with a Celestial Venerable.

"However, if you stay here, you will still die," the Black Dragon shouted.

It was their first time witnessing Jiang Chen taking such an unwise decision, as it would be impossible for them to fight Feng Bujue in their current state.

"I have a plan, so help me in it."

Jiang Chen could obviously leave first, and use the terrain, or set a formation to assist him, but he wouldn't get rid of his main problem in such a way, as only by killing Feng Bujue could he get rid of it.

As for how could he kill him? He already pondered about it, and it was still in the moment where he was cultivating his Holy Skill.

"Take another sword strike."

Jiang Chen called over the Azure Demon, and Black Dragon, and put them on each of his arms.

Feng Bujue wouldn't just stand on his place, and let him carry out his plan. He had now the upper hand, and he came at him to attack him fiercely.

"Help me in holding him up."

After they got his command, the heavenly demon turned into an Asura, and pounced at Feng Bujue fearlessly.

"Space-breaking Palm!"

Feng Bujue thrust both of his palms relentlessly, and the formless energy of his palm emitted a loud noise, as it tore the Asura's body to shreds.

Such a sight let the Azure Demon, and Black Dragon tremble with fear. The Asura didn't have his own consciousness, and they really didn't have any feelings for him, so there weren't really aggrieved.

But they still sympathized with him because he was their comrade, and because it was unknown whether it would be their turn next.

"Let's trust Jiang Chen."

The Azure Demon, and Black Dragon both thought of the same matter, as they could only take such a decision.

Jiang Chen used the time gained for him by the Asura, and used the power of eight groups of spiritual beings to use the Wind, and Fire Sword Realms.

"Such a state could let you get the limelight just in a stage, and in the outside world, Celestial Venerable are your seniors, and they can beat you as they like."

Feng Bujue envied Jiang Chen's gift greatly, as if he had the same gift as him, then he would have already made a meteoric rise, and became a Great Venerable.

However, as he thought about the fact that he would shortly destroy Jiang Chen with his own hands, he felt a strange joy.

"Wind, and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Jiang Chen used once again the sword move, which he used when he faced the Fengyu Duo, and this time, he had the energy of the Azure Demon, and Black Dragon, which let his sword momentum became even more ferocious.

The radiance of the energy emitted by the Redcloud Sword, and black knife resembled a pair of wings, and lightning flickered around Jiang Chen's whole body at such a moment.

Lightning clouds started gathering in the sky, and thunder sound echoed unceasingly.

"This lad probably wants to take me down with him, so I should probably guard against him."

Feng Bujue became slightly flustered when he witnessed Jiang Chen current extraordinary appearance, and he chose to not take any risks.

People would be usually capable of using such an all-out attack just one time, and as long as he blocked it, then he would get then control over Jiang Chen's life and death.

Jiang Chen moved once again, and he charged forward at an extremely swift speed.

Feng Bujue was already prepared for him early on, and he put his palms together, and exerted his power unceasingly.

A powerful magnetic field immediately engulfed his body, and it was expanding unceasingly.

This time, Jiang Chen wasn't deflected back by it on the spot, and he managed to advance further on among it, before he tore it apart with his Redcloud Sword, and black knife.

"It's fortunate that I chose to take a defensive stand," Feng Bujue said inwardly in rejoice.

Jiang Chen was closing on him now, but it seemed like reaching five meters from him would be his upper limit.


As an angry shout echoed, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, and fell on Jiang Chen's body.

Jiang Chen's body immediately got linked with the lightning clouds in the sky, and the lightning radiance around him expanded further on.

The energy magnetic field couldn't obstruct him any longer, and he reached Feng Bujue's body.

Feng Bujue was startled, but he rejoiced shortly after. It was because Jiang Chen's sword and knife already exhausted their whole power, and his attack already came to end, and he even became a live target, which stood close to him.

"You are really a delusional person." Feng Bujue thrust his palm once again, and wanted to tear Jiang Chen to shreds.

"Can you please inform me whether you can resist heavenly lightning?"

Jiang Chen threw away his sword and knife, and pounced at Feng Bujue's body, and the lightning, which followed after him, brought great trouble to the latter.

"Get lost!"

Feng Bujue turned pale from fright, but it was still fortunate that he could bear it, and he thrust his palm at Jiang Chen's back unceasingly.

His Heart Penetrating Palm's strikes let Jiang Chen spout blood unceasingly, but it was still fortunate that Feng Bujue's arms couldn't use its power well now, otherwise, he would end up killed by just a single palm strike.

"Heavenly Lightning Cries Chorus!"

At the last juncture, Jiang Chen activated his Holy Skill crazily. The lightning clouds in the sky immediately became dazzling, and the quantity and size of the bolts of lightning descending were becoming higher and bigger.


Feng Bujue couldn't bear it, and he tried to shake off Jiang Chen with all his might, but he discovered that he couldn't achieve it, as Jiang Chen's arms were holding his back tightly.

A Heavenly Lightning of such level wasn't something, which Jiang Chen could use to fight and kill his enemies, as his Lightning Core was just at Raging Lightning level.

But, he could still use his Holy Skill to summon true and genuine Heavenly Lightning.

When he was cultivating the Holy Skill, he already pondered whether there was a way to turn his cultivation method into an offensive method.

When he faced Feng Bujue on this day, he made a firm resolve to try it regardless of everything.

The lightning clouds' might was becoming more terrifying, and they didn't just attack Jiang Chen, and they descended even upon the ground beneath them.

A giant tree was struck by lightning, and collapsed on the spot.

This day had fine sunny weather, and such a sight seemed quite baffling.

"Is it a Divine Immortal?"

A little boy among the mountain and fields, who witnessed such a sight, and saw the disturbance caused by Jiang Chen, and Feng Bujue, couldn't help but have such a thought.

"Jiang Chen!" Feng Bujue spoke in a resentful tone, but he still ended up dying among the heavenly lightning.

Jiang Chen was also not in a state much better than him, as everything had an upper limit to it. He could absorb heavenly lightning to cultivate, but this day's quantity exceeded his limit greatly.

When he let go of Feng Bujue, his vision darkened, and his body fell toward the ground.

He was now at a height of more than ten thousand meters, and if he just let himself fall like this, then a great pothole would be made on the ground, while his body would split apart.

There wasn't anyone here to help Jiang Chen, and the Azure Demon, and Black Dragon, were tormented greatly by the heavenly lightning, and they already went back into the eight groups of spiritual beings book.

Feng Bujue fell on the ground beneath him, and made a ten-meter long pothole on it, while his body split apart, and scattered on all corners of the pothole.

If nothing unexpected occurred, then this would be Jiang Chen's fate as well.

However, his luck was slightly better, as there was a river beneath him, however, he landed vertically on it, and the impact power wasn't any lower than if he fell on the ground, but it was fortunate that he had a Divine Body, which prevented his body from falling apart, while the river current also help in lowering the impact intensity.

Jiang Chen directly fell for several dozen meters in the river, reached the riverbed, and left a big pothole in it.

After he spouted a mouthful of fresh blood, his body rolled around in the water, before it emerged on the surface.

His body was in a sorry state now, his four limbs' bones were fractured, and his body was twisted in a strange angle, while his belly's rib even pierced through his skin, and was exposed outside.

As he drifted along the river, his fresh blood almost smeared the river in a scarlet color.


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