The Brilliant Fighting Master
653 The Empress
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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653 The Empress

It was unexpectedly Fei Yue.

"Are you surprised?"

Fei Yue wore a loose, and long yellow robe, which couldn't hide her graceful figure, and her beautiful face had exquisite makeup, yellowish eye shadow, and a red dot on the middle of her forehead.

"Jiang Chen."

When Jiang Chen was still dumbstruck, two other women, who wore long court dress, stood in front of him. They were Ying Wushuang, and Yin Shuang.

Ying Wushuang rarely dressed in such a way, so she was still quite uncomfortable in them, but when she saw Jiang Chen, she subconsciously tidied her dress.

"You all?" Jiang Chen pinched his arm, as he assumed that he was now just in a dream, and it was only after a long while did he understood what was going on.

The guy, who started a rebellion in the past in the Flying Dragon Dynasty, killed all inheritors to get a firm hold of the throne, but in the end, his conspiracy was exposed, and his rebellion failed, and there wasn't anyone to sit on the throne.

The Flying Dragon Dynasty's people searched unceasingly until they discovered that a branch of the imperial family was in the Nine Heavens Realm, and it was the Fire Zone's Xia Dynasty.

The current imperial family of the Xia Dynasty was Wenxin's Family, but Fei Yue's imperial bloodline was purer, and the Flying Dragon Dynasty didn't care at all about what was happening in the Nine Heavens Realm, and they just invited Fei Yue here directly.

In other words, she should be called Empress Fei Yue now.

Jiang Chen's mind was still muddled now. Fei Yue's father was killed by him, and now, he came along with his father into Fei Yue's domain.

"We came to the True Force Realm along with your father," it seemed like Fei Yue saw through his thoughts, and she spoke suddenly.

The only people, who entered into the imperial palace, while surrounded by the cheering crowd, were Jiang Chen, and the three women.

"The Murong Family was exterminated thanks to your father, and we also managed to recover back our normal lives," Yin Shuang said.

"It's my decision to bestow you Marquis Champion title, however, it's your father decision to sacrifice himself to eradicate the Sacred Martial Arts Institute," Fei Yue cared greatly about Jiang Chen's opinion, and she explained it to him.

Ying Wushuang, who stood beside them didn't know what to say, and it was only when Jiang Chen looked at her did she spoke, "I, I just come to see you."

"Thank you."

Jiang Chen nodded at Fei Yue. There wasn't anyone who could force his father to do something he didn't want.

"There are many soldiers who died in the Holy Martial Arts City, and I hope that you can take care of them properly.

"I will certainly do it," Fei Yue spoke without giving it even a thought.

Jiang Chen looked at the three women, and sighed, as he still felt like everything wasn't real.

Each of them was extremely beautiful and had an outstanding bearing, and they all looked at him with a gaze filled with a varied degree of love.

He suddenly had an impulse of giving up in going into the Three Lower Realms, and just wait until he reached the Great Venerable, and became a peerless expert.

However, such a thought flashed in his mind for just a moment, as he didn't forget his original goal.

He noticed that Fei Yue already became a Venerable, and she should have reached it after receiving training upon reaching the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

Yin Shuang, and Ying Wushuang both reached the peak of Reaching Heaven Realm.

Jiang Chen said, "You are an empress, yet you come from the Nine Heavens Realm, so aren't you accustomed to sitting on the throne?"

"Thanks to the past rebellion, all of Flying Dragon Dynasty's imperial household people were changed, and even if someone wanted to make me just a puppet empress, it was already too late.

Fei Yue said, "Yin Shuang, Wushuang, can you let me talk with Jiang Chen alone."

"We are fine with it."

When only Jiang Chen and Fei Yue were left in the imperial palace, the ambiance became quite awkward.

"Jiang Chen, please let the past matters be just a part of the past," Fei Yue said earnestly.

"It's me, who should say such matters, as it's me who wronged you," Jiang Chen said.

"If we really discussed it, then we can never get to a clear conclusion. You should just know that my father took me for a worthless chess piece, and I would never recognize him as my father, and I also don't blame you."

Fei Yue spoke earnestly, "What did you plan to do with your father?"

"We will go to the Nine Heavens Realm."

Such a place was far away from fights, and Jiang Chen believed that he could find a suitable place there.

"You can't go back," Fei Yue said.


"The three Realms plane channels are all shut now. Although we are obviously incapable of truly closing a plane channel, and they just set a barrier in it."

"The True Force Realm's people are anxious and restless because of the destruction of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, as well all the chaos of war, but all people got in touch with other, and they all tacitly asked for an armistice."

"Even though there are still some conflicts between them, but all great fight, which involves more than ten thousand people, are forbidden."

"The destruction of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute brought the True Force Realm's danger, but it also created many opportunities."

When he listened up to here, Jiang Chen said, "It will depend upon which person had such an opportunity."

If Tianyi School, and the other factions, took avail of such an opportunity to advance by leaps and bounds, then it would be quite disadvantageous to the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

It wasn't like a war wouldn't occur, but it was just postponed until later on.

"I need therefore your help, as all soldiers, who came back from the Alien Battlefield, said that you are an unborn commander, and you are also the Flying Dragon Dynasty's hero."

Although accurately speaking, if they all let go of the conflicts between them, then Jiang Chen would be all Three Lower Realms' hero, as it was only thanks to him weren't Three Lower Realms' people as frail as a piece of paper in front of the Three Middle Realms' disciples.

"A hero?"

Jiang Chen laughed at himself, and said, "I will go to the Three Middle Realms."

"I know, but you are still the Flying Dragon Dynasty's Marquis Champion."

When Jiang Chen came out of the imperial palace, he met Yin Shuang, and Ying Wushuang once again.

"What did you come here for?" Jiang Chen asked bluntly.

"Your first words are just this?"

Yin Shuang's voice was still as pleasing as before, and she spoke in reproach, "I don't know whether you will go back or not, so I come here to meet you, but who would expect that the plane channel would be shut?"

Warmth, as well as guilt, welled in Jiang Chen's heart. It was just because he was incapable of giving her a future with him.

It seemed like Yin Shuang realized it too, and she just wanted to have a look at Jiang Chen.

He was, after all, too amazing, while she was just the daughter of a small owner of a bank in the sacred city, and she was really insignificant.

"Jiang Chen, how did you manage to cultivate to the Spiritual Venerable Realm?" Ying Wushuang also had the same thought as her, but she was still not willing to accept such an outcome.

"It's a long and complicated story.

The two women didn't insist on, as they both noticed that he was sad, and they said several words in consolation.

In the following days, Jiang Chen stayed all along in the Flying Dragon Dynasty, and he thought back about all kinds of medical techniques, as he hoped to find a way for treating his father.

Meanwhile, the True Force Realm became bustling with noise and excitement than any other time, as after the Sacred Martial Arts Institute was overthrown, they found many secret pieces of information about them, which confirmed the truth of the institute's deeds for the past many years.

Each of their deeds would horrify people if they were announced, and if it wasn't because of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's various dark means, then the Three Lower Realms' overall power would have been higher by much.

If it didn't exist, then the occurrence of such a situation, where all people besides Jiang Chen would be beaten down by the Three Middle Realms, would be impossible.

It must be known that Fan Tianyin was also a young venerable, and her talent was more terrifying than Jiang Chen by much.

After the destruction of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, Fan Tianyin's injustice was redressed, and there wouldn't be anyone left to gather the whole True Force Realm's experts to deal with her, however, it was a pity that she still didn't get such news.

However, Tianyi School still announced that they wouldn't forgive Fan Tianyin, and they didn't take down their killing order.

Jiang Chen didn't care about anything of all of this, and he was all along looking for a suitable place.

According to reason, the Flying Dragon Dynasty should be the safest place, but Jiang Chen still didn't choose it, and he brought his father into the Sunset Light Sea Area, and into the uninhabited island, where he stayed with Fan Tianyin.


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