The Brilliant Fighting Master
652 Dragon Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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652 Dragon Emperor

Jiang Chen felt like one of those three objects should probably have already been found by someone, as five hundred years passed since then.

However, it was a pity that when he asked Venerable Fengyu about them, he said, "It was already confirmed that those objects don't exist at all."

It turned out that in the past five hundred years, people tried to look for them by all possible means, but in the end, none of them managed to have any findings, and they concluded then that they didn't exist at all.

Jiang Chen's heart sank greatly. Each usage of the Life-Prolonging Needle could last for just two years, and the more it was used, the worse would be its effects, and at that time, even if he managed to wake up, he would still be left with all kinds of issues.

What Jiang Chen hoped for before using the needle was that could find one of the three objects, or else, even if his father woke up, he would still be left with varied issues.

"Let's first go back to the Flying Dragon Dynasty before discussing it," Du Zhenfei proposed.

"Fine, bring back our brothers, who fought to the death, with us."

Jiang Chen didn't object to it, as the Flying Dragon Dynasty suffered grave casualties in such a fight, and he should assume responsibility for most of it.

Before he left, he swept again the factions, who attacked them today, with his gaze.

"Won't you go with us directly?" Venerable Fengyu asked him. It wasn't his true body, which came here, but just a clone, and it could disappear at any time, and his constraint to others would also disappear with it.

The Constellation Palace didn't dare probably to oppose his instruction in secret after agreeing, and attack Jiang Chen behind his back, but this didn't mean that it would be the case too for the other Three Lower Realms' factions.

They just witnessed the process of Jiang Chen using the needle, and even though their voice was isolated, but they still deducted from their expressions that Jiang Qingyu's situation was far from good.

Jiang Qingyu's threat was solved temporarily, but Jiang Chen was still a thorn in their sides, and they all saw him in the same light as Tang Shiya, as once Jiang Chen reached the Great Venerable Realm, then all of the factions here would probably pay a disastrous price for it.

"Should we attack them?"

"Are you courting death? Even though it's just Venerable Fengyu's clone here, but his power is surely not weaker than Jiang Qingyu's sword strike might."

"You shouldn't forget that we are just Celestial Venerables."

"Then what are you waiting for by staying here? Let's leave."

Several factions' people left tacitly, and didn't wait until Venerable Fengyu started disposing of them.

Ning Haotian, and Tang Shiya looked at Jiang Chen with a complex gaze, and they both planned to leave.

"You, as well as you, join our Dragon Palace, and Martial Art Divine School."

The voice, which echoed suddenly, reminded people that the Three Realms Competition was held on this day, and even though an extremely great incident occurred, they would still take people in, as they would end up coming here in vain otherwise.

Ning Haotian, and Tang Shiya, who were chosen, were extremely excited, and even though they didn't get into the Constellation Palace, but they were still satisfied greatly by it.

As for Jiang Chen, there wasn't probably anyone, who dared to take him for two reasons, the first was the Constellation Palace, and the other was Venerable Fengyu.

"I won't have the heart go there without taking care of my father's matters properly, so please forgive me," Jiang Chen said.

Venerable Fengyu wouldn't blame him for it, and approbation appeared instead on his face.

"It's good that you are this filial. Just go then, when you come to the Three Middle Realms, come to the Cliff Mountain, and look for me."

"Zhou Jianfeng, Xiao Yujian, we must leave."

"Understood, master."


Jiang Chen came at this moment to the front of the lovely young couple, and spoke earnestly, "Thank you."

"Why do you need to thank us for? We did it just to get to defeat you, and not to save you," Zhou Jianfeng said. He spoke in the same tone as in the first time they met, and it didn't change at all.

But, after understanding that they didn't hold any ill will, Jiang Chen realized that it was just his disposition, which was like this.

"One can't make friends without fighting," Jiang Chen said.

"Well said, one can't make friends without fighting."

"Don't forget to come to the Three Middle Realms. Young Master Shenji isn't someone easy to deal with like Young Master Xuanji."

Xiao Yujian warned him kindly, "Young Master Shenji is in the Celestial Venerable Realm, so you must work harder."

"Junior sister, I will get jealous if you care about him this much," Zhou Jianfeng said sullenly.

"Go die," Xiao Yujian rolled her eyes at him, and ignored him.

Just after, Jiang Chen, and his group, went back to the Flying Dragon Dynasty.

Venerable Fengyu helped him, and protected their rears, and if anyone dared to follow them, then he would attack them decisively.

"You are still well-behaved for once."

Venerable Fengyu shrugged his shoulders, and looked at his two disciples, and said, "Since you lost in the Three Lower Realms, then why don't you go back, and train diligently. If you don't manage to get good results in the Title Battle, then don't blame me for being ruthless."

Fengyu Duo immediately put on a sullen face.

After the Three Middle Realms' people left, the Holy Martial Arts City, which was the most prosperous and lively city among the hundred and eight cities, became like a ghost city, and it was all caused by just a single sword strike.

Jiang Chen really felt proud of his father.

In the road back, he suddenly felt a paragraph of characters appearing in his head.

"What's this? A sword scripture?"

Jiang Chen suddenly thought back about how his father tapped his forehead with his palm, and he suddenly understood that this was his sword method.

"I promised your mother to leave it for you."

After the sword scripture appeared, Jiang Qingyu's voice echoed.

Jiang Chen was delighted, but when he looked beside him, he discovered that his father was still unconscious.

He sighed, and became quite dejected.

In the Flying Dragon Dynasty's capital.

Even though Jiang Chen was a Marquis Champion, it was still his first time coming into here.

The whole capital carried a majestic welcoming ceremony now, and a long red carpet was spread in the street, and it went from the city's gate to the imperial palace.

There were many enthusiastic citizens on the sides of the street, which were blocked by soldiers.

Many children extended out their heads beside their parent's legs, and many young girls were holding flower baskets, with their faces filled with expectation.

When the Marquis Champion's group appeared in the city gate, many heartfelt cheers echoed.

Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao led a division of Flying Dragon Guards, and entered in, while such impassioned voices echoed.

There was a big sedan chain at the rear of the division, and the Flying Dragon Dynasty's citizens assumed that their Marquis Champion was in it, and started waving their hands at it, and cheering, while many young girls cried sharply and threw flowers, and let their petals dance in the air.

The Dragon Emperor, as well as people with power and authority, stood on the imperial family's plaza, which was protected by a division of elite Flying Dragon Guards.

When Jiang Chen's group came here, a eunuch said, "Marquis Champion, step forward."

There wasn't any response from the sedan chair, and it let the ambiance became slightly awkward.

The eunuch didn't get angry, and he called him once again, but there wasn't any response from the sedan chair once again.

However, a ray of light streaked across the sky at this moment, and Jiang Chen landed on the platform.

Three whole days already passed since the accident in the Holy Martial Arts City, and the whole True Force Realm was in turmoil now.

The Flying Dragon Dynasty already prepared for it beforehand, and they broke through the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and got a large profit.

However, what was in Jiang Chen's mind now was none other than Tang Zhengyi, as well as the deceased soldiers, and he wanted to use such a way to show his displeasure.

However, when he appeared, all people started shouting at the top of their throat, and they didn't care at all about the way, in which he showed himself here.

Jiang Chen made many great contributions in the Alien Battlefield, and saved the third corps, and the people, who shouted the loudest among the citizens, were none other than the third corps' families.

Three days ago, Jiang Chen crushed all of the Three Middle Realms' geniuses in the Holy Martial Arts City, and none could stop him.

While his father displayed his extraordinary power, and destroyed the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's backbone power.

It was his unconscious father, who was in the sedan chair.

"Jiang Chen, I didn't see you for a long time."

The Flying Dragon Dynasty's Dragon Emperor had his back at him all along, and it was only when Jiang Chen landed here, did he turn around suddenly.

"It's you?"

Jiang Chen couldn't believe it, and he never once would have expected that the Dragon Emperor would be someone, which he knew.


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