The Brilliant Fighting Master
651 Life-Prolonging Needle
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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651 Life-Prolonging Needle

After she crushed the jade ornament, an aura started condensing in the world, and the slaughter in the city gradually came to end.

When the people in the city raised their heads, and looked at the sky, they discovered that the disturbance in it wasn't any lower than the one caused by Jiang Qingyu's sword strike.

A group of clouds churned unceasingly, as a channel appeared among them.

A blue-robed man, whose age surpassed fifty and possessed dignified bearings, walked out from it.

"It's Venerable Fengyu."

"Quickly stop!"

The Three Middle Realms' people recognized this person, and the Constellation Palace's people stopped fighting.

The slaughter came to end, but Jiang Chen's sword and knife were already smeared with blood.

When he swept his gaze around, he found out that the Flying Dragon Dynasty's suffered grave casualties, and even Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao suffered varied injuries, while Tang Zhengyi died in the battle.

"Once I become a Great Venerable, I will annihilate all of your factions like what happened to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's today," Jiang Chen said coldly.

The other factions already considered this matter, and when they noticed Jiang Chen's gaze, they were all scared by it, and they just wanted to attack him once again without saying even another word.


The person who wanted to kill Jiang Chen the most was the Star Venerable, but he didn't want to disrespect the person who came here and pay his life as a price for it, as Venerable Fengyu could take their lives with just a wave of his palm.

"What's going on?"

Venerable Fengyu didn't pay attention to what was happening below, and he looked at Fengyu Duo, and spoke in displeasure, "You didn't meet any dangers, so why did you waste one life-saving chance?"


Zhou Jianfeng, and Xiao Yujian didn't belong to any factions, which were present here today, and they were given such a treasure in precaution of running into someone they couldn't deal with it.

But, who would expect that it would be used in the end for this matter?

Both of them flew to their master's side, and quickly informed him, while pointing at the people below them.

Everyone knew now that the Fengyu Duo was helping Jiang Chen.

"Are those Three Middle Realms' people sick in the head?"

Ning Haotian almost started cursing loudly. The Fengyu Duo obviously suffered a crushing defeat when they faced Jiang Chen, but they still wanted to help him?

Ning Haotian couldn't care about his pride and dignity any longer, as he already couldn't see any hope for him of taking revenge by himself, and he could only depend upon other people's power.

"You really don't spare from worry and trouble, how outstanding is he?"

Venerable Fengyu was quite displeased, but he still got curious about Jiang Chen.

"Saving him is a trivial matter, but one would get implicated in other people's karma by it, and someone must surely pay a price for it."

As he spoke, he descended. He could incur the Constellation Palace's displease by saving him, but he was still willing to get a feud with them for it.

Moreover, it seemed like Venerable Fengyu didn't really mind it, as it was fine as long as Jiang Chen was really that outstanding.

"Well? You can use both Wind Sword State Realm, and Fire Sword State? Not bad, not bad, but since you can use the Wind Sword Realm to defeat your enemies, then aren't you just wasting your time by training the Fire Sword Realm?"

Although Venerable Fengyu had a questioning tone, but he was, in fact, discussing it with him.

Zhou Jianfeng, and Xiao Yujian looked at each other, and disregard anything else, and stated the truth.

"Master, he couldn't just use them both, he could also use them at the same time, and he defeated us by combining the Wind and Fire Sword Realms," Zhou Jianfeng said.

"Is it really true?"

Venerable Fengyu's body shivered, and he landed on the Holy Martial Arts City while standing straightly.

"Venerable Fengyu."

The Star Venerable called him respectfully, while he already knew in his heart that it was impossible for them to continue attacking Jiang Chen.

"I'm really sorry for your loss of Young Master Xuanji, but don't you feel like it isn't honorable for you to try killing him in such a way."

Venerable Fengyu didn't want to cause trouble for the Constellation Palace, and he said, "Won't the Title Battle start shortly? So why don't you let Young Master Shenji take revenge for his younger brother?"

"I'm fine with it." How could the Star Venerable dare to refuse him now?

"As for you?"

Venerable Fengyu looked at the Three Lower Realms' factions, and furrowed his brows, as he really didn't know what should he say.

"Senior, we will surely follow your instructions."

Even someone like the Star Venerable needed to behave in front of him, let alone other people like them.

"He really has good luck." Tang Shiya, who was among them, was quite displeased.

"You, are you willing to go with me to the Three Middle Realms?"

Venerable Fengyu looked at Jiang Chen, and asked.

"Senior, many thanks for your kindness. The Three Middle Realms are a place, which I will surely go to, but I can't separate from my father now."

Venerable Fengyu went to Jiang Qingyu's side when he heard him.

"Is this the person, who killed sixteen Great Venerables with a single sword strike? The young generation is really redoubtable, but it's a pity, really a pity."

"He burned his life force to use a killing move, which he still didn't finish practicing, and he can't survive on."


Jiang Chen strode forward, went to his father's side, and held his wrist, and he really discovered that it was really like what Venerable Fengyu said.

He finally learned why his father wasn't willing to inform him the truth, and just sent him away.

"Are you proficient in medicine?"

When Venerable Fengyu witnessed his actions, he was greatly surprised.

"All of his life force is..."

It seemed like Jiang Chen didn't hear him, and he furrowed his brows tightly, as this was already not a problem which could be solved with medical arts, but he still wouldn't give up.

He opened a small jade bottle, and released a large amount of black yellow gas, and wrapped his father's body with it.

"Everyone, get out of here," Jiang Chen shouted loudly, and asked them to make enough space for him.

"It's useless. You can't save your father in such a way, as his life force is also his life span, and he exhausted his whole life span to use such a sword strike."

Venerable Fengyu shook his head, and sighed.

However, it still seemed like Jiang Chen didn't hear him at all, and the needle in his hand uncleanly fell on his father's body, and stabbed all parts of his body.

Venerable Fengyu furrowed his brows, and observed him for a while, and he discovered just after that the black yellow gas entered Jiang Qingyu's body through the needle, and it formed a profound and mysterious cycle within it.

After just a short while passed, Jiang Qingyu's life force stopping flowing out of him.

"This is, this is the Life-Prolonging Needle?

Venerable Fengyu turned pale from shock, and if Jiang Chen wasn't now trying to treat someone, he would have really wished greatly to grab his arm, and question him closely.

"Master, what's the Life-Prolonging Needle?"

Fengyu Duo asked curiously.

"It's the most miraculous medical art in the world," when Venerable Fengyu said such words, he took a deep look at Jiang Chen.

"Many people died in vain because they didn't have some medicinal ingredients, or because of other reasons, which prevented them from getting treatment in time."

"The Nine Realms' greatest Medicine Saint created a type of needle technique, which could contain the patients' condition, and put it in control. His condition wouldn't worsen, nor would it improve for the better, and it was only when suitable treatment was available would he be saved."

"What was more miraculous was that the Life-Prolonging Needle's consumption wasn't really great, and the price paid for such great benefits isn't even worth mentioning."

After Venerable Fengyu informed them of it, he said in doubt, "But, I once heard my grandfather say that such a needle technique was already lost along with the sealing of the Sacred Zone. Did I misjudge it?"

He didn't misjudge it, as what Jiang Chen was using was really the Life-Prolonging Needle, and such a great Medicine Saint was none other than him, and the person, which he wanted most to save, was just in front of his eyes.

It was needless to mention how important was one's life span, and everyone already witnessed the might released by using it.

However, it wasn't like any move could use one's life span as an energy source, as only move and techniques, which transcended a human's limit could use one's life span.

His father already consumed his whole life span, and even if his medical arts were even more brilliant, he still wouldn't have any ways for treating him because he didn't have now any suitable medicine, and he couldn't start treating him for now.

However, he chose to use the Life-Prolonging Needle because there was still hope left, as there were three spiritual objects in this world, which could save his father.

The legendary Life Spring, Western Garden Flat Peach, or the Sea God Pearl.

It could be known with a single look that they were all legendary objects, and it wasn't a question about whether they were rare or not, as no one knew whether they even existed in the first place.


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