The Brilliant Fighting Master
650 Destroying the Sacred Martial Arts Institute with a Single Sword Strike
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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650 Destroying the Sacred Martial Arts Institute with a Single Sword Strike

Jiang Chen was all along curious about his father's sword method, as he couldn't find a corresponding sword method for his sword moves' name and might.

When he carefully observed it, he found that its sword moves' names were quite simple, and they went from the first sword to the tenth sword, and they should have two other words after them, but even up to now where he reached the twelfth sword, its name was still simple, and didn't have any words after it.

This sword's strike might was extremely terrifying. He waved his sword unceasingly downward, and formed a storm of sword winds, which had an extremely vast scope, and even if one escaped into the sky, he still couldn't evade it.

The might of the sword's strike used by him changed the surrounding weather, and the sky darkened, and it seemed like it would shortly fell on them.

"What's going on?"

The sixteen Great Venerables panicked, as none of them ever once felt such intense sense of crisis.

"It turned out that even people like you know fear. Didn't people like you, who disregarded both law and natural morality, assume that you were Heaven itself?"

Jiang Qingyu's voice was thunderous, and after each of his words echoed, his sword's might would become more powerful.

"What are you still waiting for? Quickly charge at him!"

The Great Venerables urged the people, who were at the front, to attack Jiang Qingyu, and kill him.

When the three people charged at him, the sword wind storm shrank down, and swept them.

It seemed then for a moment like the three people were frozen, as they just stood there motionlessly, and they maintained even the same stupefied expression.


A sound suddenly echoed, as the three Great Venerables' bodies burst open, and split open like three watermelons, before they were pulverized.

All people here jumped in fright, and they forget even breathing for a moment.

Solemn Great Venerables died like that without being able to put any resistance, and it let people even suspect whether they were really Great Venerables.

"You know, it should be better for us to go back." The Constellation Palace's Star Venerable curled his lips, and he felt like they mustn't continue staying here.

This was just the beginning, as their death time, which its order was decided by their distance from Jiang Qingyu, arrived.

The leftover people from the sixteen Great Venerables went all-out to escape away, but it was still useless, as all those, who must die, would die.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

One, two, and even five turned into a mass of blood at the same time, and it seemed like the significance from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Great Venerables arrival here was no more than this, and Great Venerables' lives turned now into worthless objects.

At the end, when all sword wind started shrinking, all of the remaining Great Venerables died.

It was just a single sword strike.

From now on, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, which was the Three Middle Realms' head, didn't exist anymore.

Jiang Qingyu lowered his arm, as the sword wind disappeared completely.

Jiang Chen noticed that it seemed like there was something flowing out of his father's body quickly.

"They died... They all died?"

"The Sacred Martial Arts Institute is done for, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute is done for!"

"Quickly go back! Quickly go back!"

It seemed like the ten great schools, four great families, as well as the three dynasties' people were just freed from something.

They also knew how great the impact, which it would bring to the True Force Realm, and they all ran back home quickly to start preparing for it as early as possible.


Jiang Qingyu, who became this place's focal point, suddenly fell from the sky weakly.

"Kill them!"

The Star Venerable, which was just about to slip away, commanded them, as after Jiang Qingyu's sword strike, they became the strongest faction here.

"Constellation Palace, do you really want to cause trouble in the Three Lower Realms?"

The Eastern Sea Dragon Palace, and Martial Arts Divine School's people couldn't help but speak now.

"The Sacred Martial Arts Institute was already destroyed, and the Three Lower Realms are like a sheet of loose sand now, and none could rule it, so we don't need to have dealings with anyone."

The Star Venerable spoke firmly, "Anyone, who managed to kill the Jiang's family father and son, would be reward generously."

The old lady, and her group of Celestial Venerables, bared their fangs, brandished their claws, and pounced at them.

The Flying Dragon Dynasty's soldiers, who were in defense inside the city, soared into the sky, and wanted to protect them, and help them retreat, but how was it possible for them to face Celestial Venerables? They all just won time for them with their death.


Du Zhenfei brought Jiang Chen with him, and asked someone to catch Jiang Qingyu, and they started escaping from the city.

"Where are you escaping to?"

The Dragon Rebel Kingdom's people's reacted later, but they still quickly joined the hunt, and wanted to kill the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people.

The Shangguan Family, as well as the Mad Dragon Dynasty, also intervened in now, and attacked.

"Take down Jiang Chen."

Even the Tang Family attacked them, and it was unknown why they did it.

The Holy Martial Arts City's turned into a battlefield of chaotic warfare, and on top of that, it was already destroyed beyond recognition before this.

It was really difficult to imagine that just a dozen minutes ago, it was extremely lively and bustling with excitement.

"Why didn't you send a Great Venerable here to provide support?" Jiang Chen asked in doubt. If they had done such an action, then they wouldn't need to fear anything.

"If we had done it, then we will alert our enemy. The other factions also had Great Venerables, and the Sacred Martial Arts Institute still had three Great Venerables, which are left behind to defend their base."

Du Zhenfei informed him of the reason behind it, and said, "Just persist on, there would be shortly someone, who will rush to our rescue."

"Is my father all right?"

"He's still alive, so you can be at ease," Zhao Wenhao, who caught Jiang Qingyu, said.

Jiang Chen's expression eased. As long as he still had a breath left, he could save him.

All of a sudden, several factions' people surrounded them from all directions. They were the Tang, and Shangguan Families, Mad Dragon Dynasty, and the Dragon Rebel Kingdom.

"This person had a close relationship with Fan Tianyin, and he mustn't be left alive. Charge at him." The Tianyi School, who had a deep feud with Jiang Chen, attacked too under the order of its headmaster.

"Jiang Chen, you will surely die," Tang Shiya, who witnessed such a scene, spoke complacently.

"I will surely destroy all of you with my own hands in the future," Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

"It's just because you had such capability did we attack you," the Black Dragon General said.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute was already a part of the past now, and the True Force Realm would be quite lively in the next period, and now it was the best time to weaken their enemies' power.

If this monstrous pair of father and son, Jiang Qingyu and Jiang Chen, were left alive, and allowed to mature, then would there still a place left for other to rule in the True Force Realm?


Du Zhenfei spoke anxiously, "I didn't expect that the Tianyi School, Tang Family, and Constellation Palace will also attack us. We are now facing a difficult situation."

While planning for this matter, Du Zhenfei just guarded against the Mad Dragon Dynasty and the Dragon Rebel Kingdom.

But now, many people came at them because of Jiang Chen, and they might probably suffer a mishap before the reinforcement came.

Miserable screams echoed unceasingly, as the Flying Dragon Dynasty's soldiers died one after the other, and even Jiang Chen's Flying Dragon Guards were a part of the deceased.

All people would be just like live sacrifices in a fight between venerables.

Even though Jiang Chen already recovered, and got rid of the constraint, but his sword was still powerless in front of such a large number of Celestial Venerables.


A miserable scream, which sounded familiar to Jiang Chen, echoed, and he felt like his heart was being torn apart at this moment, and he looked toward it.

His captain, Tang Zhengyi, was killed by one of the Tang Family's Celestial Venerables.


Jiang Chen was greatly pained by it, as he had a deep impression of the simple, honest, and stubborn Tang Zhengyi, and he could always see respect in his eyes when the latter looked at him.

"Jiang Chen, calm down!" Du Zhenfei said.

"If you informed me of your plan early on, then such incidents wouldn't have happened," Jiang Chen yelled.

Regardless of what were their reasons behind it, if he learned of their plan beforehand, then he wouldn't be this powerless to change anything.

Zhou Jianfeng, and Xiao Yujian, who were on the other side, looked at each other now.

"Senior brother?" Xiao Yujian couldn't bear watching such a massacre.


"Why don't we intervene in, and help them?" Xiao Yujian asked nervously.

When he heard her words, Zhou Jianfeng thought back about defeat taste, and he was quite displeased by it, however, when he looked at Jiang Chen, who was in imminent danger, he started hesitating.

"It would be a pity for such an outstanding sword cultivator to just die like this," he stated what was in his mind.

"Senior brother, you are really the best."

When Xiao Yujian saw him agreeing, she was delighted, and she immediately crushed a jade ornament.


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