The Brilliant Fighting Master
649 Twelfth Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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649 Twelfth Sword

"Father, how are things back home?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Everything returned to its right track. After the Murong Family was exterminated, the Sacred Institute was founded once again, and your mother, and friends, are all safe and sound," Jiang Qingyu said.

Jiang Chen wasn't surprised by it, as a Great Venerable was almost invincible in the Nine Heavens Realm.

"They came."

All of a sudden, several powerful aurae appeared outside of the Holy Martial Arts City before Jiang Chen even prepared well, and it was obvious that they were all Great Venerables.

There were fifteen people behind the two from before, and if the old man was added them, then there would be sixteen Great Venerables.

It was obvious from such a great formation that they didn't come for something as simple as judging them.

Jiang Chen couldn't understand it, and the other True Force Realm's factions could also not understand what was the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people thinking.

"Did they ally themselves with another faction?"

All factions' people harbored ulterior motives, and they were all quite restless.

"Three Middle Realms' disciples, quickly go back to your team," a Three Middle Realms' Celestial Venerable shouted hurriedly.

The fight over power in the True Force Realm wasn't related to the Three Middle Realms, and the only exception to it was the Constellation Palace, who had a feud with Jiang Chen.

The people of the Heavenly Cloud School's Six Peaks, Martial Arts Divine School, Constellation Palace, and Eastern Sea Dragon Palace, quickly withdrew to a safe region.

They were just Celestial Venerables, and even though they all looked down upon the senile old men in the sky, but they were still Great Venerables, and they could kill them with just a wave of their fingers.

"Everyone, quickly leave the city," someone among the Holy Martial Arts City's people also shouted at the same time.

Bell sounds echoed through the whole Holy Martial Arts City, and its people quickly rushed toward the outside of the city, as if they practiced such a matter more than a thousand times.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Great Venerables didn't attack now, and they just waited calmly.

After ten minutes passed, there wasn't any soul left in sight in the whole Holy Martial Arts City, as there would be in danger even if they watched just from the sidelines, as this was a fight between Great Venerables.

Even though it was just Jiang Qingyu alone there, but who knew whether the Flying Dragon Dynasty's Great Venerable would participate in this matter?

It was because of such a reason did the Sacred Martial Arts Institute bring such a large number of people, and when they would start fighting, the whole city might be destroyed.

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Qingyu didn't look at the Great Venerables in the sky, and he spoke to Jiang Chen, "No matter how good is one's talent, if he didn't have a good teacher to guide him, then his potential would be wasted."

"I'm quite lucky, as I met my teacher; which taught me wholeheartedly, and treated me like his son."

"Taoist Priest Skywind is an extraordinary name."

Jiang Chen nodded in approval. Taoist Priest Skywind was just fifty years old, and if he managed to advance to the Great Venerable Realm, then it would surely be a matter, which would cause a great sensation in the Nine Heavens Realm.

But it was a pity that the Sacred Martial Arts Institute was jealous, and afraid of others, and when people were about to achieve a great accomplishment after working hard for a lifetime, they would kill them heartlessly.

They didn't care about whether that person had a family, and people who cared about him, and as long as he wasn't willing to vow loyalty to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, they would kill him.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute must be destroyed.

"Today, I will use everything, which I learned in my life, to take revenge for my teacher. I may end up dead, but you must still bear in mind that there are times, where a man must surely make some matters."

After Jiang Qingyu finished his words, he tapped Jiang Chen's forehead with his palm.

Jiang Chen didn't feel any pain, but his whole body became weak and powerless, as if it was constrained by something.

"Jiang Chen."

Du Zhenfei went forward to catch him, and took him outside of the city.

"What's going on? Why didn't the dynasty send anyone over? Will it be just my father alone?" The restless feeling which Jiang Chen had was becoming more and more intense.

In the end, just his father alone, and the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's sixteen Great Venerables were left in the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's sky.

"Jiang Chen, don't blame the Flying Dragon Dynasty for it, as they already did their best," Jiang Qingyu said to him.

Just after, he raised his head, and spoke coldly, "It seems like there isn't any need for any arguments, just inform me bluntly who killed my teacher."

Three people immediately walked from among the sixteen Great Venerables.

"Your teacher failed to appreciate our kindness and was too arrogant, and he didn't just refuse our Sacred Martial Arts Institute, he still mocked, and ridiculed us. I was infuriated and attacked him to teach him a lesson, and we didn't at all put him down by using a large number of Great Venerables like you, and your son said."

"Today, we also came here to attack you just because you want to protect your murderer son. Differentiating between personal and public affairs was always our Sacred Martial Arts Institute's etiquette."

The three Great Venerables strode forward, and they all spoke one after the other, and demonstrated their great devotion to righteousness.

The people, who knew that Sacred Martial Arts Institute's true colors, really wished to curse them now for their hypocrisy.

"It seems like the Flying Dragon Dynasty doesn't plan to intervene in."

"Even if this Jiang Qingyu wanted to take revenge for his teacher, doesn't he know how to bide his time for it?"

"The plane channel leading to the Three Middle Realms is controlled by our Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and the Great Venerable Realm is already near the upper limit of the Three Lower Realms."

"It's really the case."

The Three Lower Realms' people were greatly surprised when they noticed that the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people didn't come here even though the fight would shortly start.

As for the Three Middle Realms' people, they just enjoyed such a show, and didn't care about the reason behind it.

"After the son finished fighting, it's his father turn. I wonder how's his father's power?"

"They are facing sixteen Great Venerables, whose Realm was higher than most of them."

"No matter from which aspect it was regarded, they will still surely lose."

Since they were now fighting in the Holy Martial Arts City, and not the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, both parties didn't have any formations, or barriers' assistance.

However, such a group of sixteen Great Venerables was still invincible like a grand mountain range.

"You are really too hypocritical, you are already near death's door, so what use would such words be to you?"

Jiang Qingyu wanted to argue back, but he shook his head just after, as he didn't want to waste his energy in it.

A strong wind whistled in the air after his words echoed.


"I will send you now to meet with your teacher."

"You are really too reckless."

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's sixteen Great Venerables didn't waste their energy too, as one to one fights were already not suitable for them, and they just charged at him together.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Those old men aren't even willing to sustain the losses caused by letting just one of them fight him."

"Sigh! It isn't surprising that the Three Lower Realms never grow up in so many years since such a group of people became the Three Lower Realms' heads."

"It seems like they can still live for dozens of years, and they could train a new batch of people like them in such a time."

The Three Middle Realms' people didn't have qualms about anything, and they discussed loudly without fearing that the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's people might hear them.

"Jiang Chen, your father is as stupid as you."

After Tang Shiya went through many psychological changes, she finally hardened her heart, and she looked forward to Jiang Qingyu's death, as Jiang Chen would then have bad luck.

As long as Jiang Chen was alive, it would be impossible for her to continue cultivating the Passion Wisp Tribulation.

"Today, I will use your lives to offer a sacrifice to my teacher's soul."

Jiang Qingyu didn't plan to fight a world-shaking great battle with them, or try to face sixteen Great Venerables head-on.

What he wanted to was quite simple, he wanted to destroy the whole Sacred Martial Arts Institute with a single sword strike.

Once those sixteen Great Venerables died, then the Sacred Martial Arts Institute would exist just in name alone.

But the issue before was how could he achieve it?.

"Twelfth Sword!"

Jiang Qingyu's hands didn't hold even an inch of steel, and he just turned his fingers into a sword.

When he raised his right hand highly, and pointed the sword's point into the sky, a resplendent sword light was emitted from it, and blossomed in the sky.

Like how smoke and fire spread, spirit swords, which was exactly the same, engulfed the whole Holy Martial Arts City, and appeared above the heads of the sixteen Great Venerables'.

"This sword's strike..."

Jiang Chen, who was watching him, suddenly understood what his father wanted to do, but he was still slightly incapable of believing it.


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