The Brilliant Fighting Master
648 Eliminate the Sacred Martial Arts Institute
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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648 Eliminate the Sacred Martial Arts Institute

A knife and a sword. Wind and fire.
As the momentum of the sword changed, the sword and the knife turned into
one, and the wind and the fire became compatible.
A furnace, hot enough to melt everything in the world, was created by the
sword and the knife. It became more and more powerful in the hurricane, but
however powerful it was, it was completely in Jiang Chen's control.
"Gosh! It's not because he couldn't do it that he waited until now. It's because
he is in quest for perfection."
"He said it was time. He meant he had found the way to combine two kinds of
lore through Fengyu Duo."
Jiang Chen was a pioneer. While others were still doubting the possibility to
exert two sword realms of lore, he had already made it.
The furnace exploded after the power of the doctrine of sword had been
Zhou Jianfeng and Xiao Yujian's attack was cracked right away. It didn't even
get Jiang Chen's body.
"No way!!! Are we gonna lose again?"
Those from the Three Middle Realms panicked. It was unacceptable for them,
but it seemed it was going that way.
Fengyu Duo looked like they were suffering. They were even struggling to
stand on the platform.
Jiang Chen took a step forward. Opening his arms, he threw his weapons
over while whirling.
Immediately wounded, Fengyu Duo flew off the platform's ground.
Jiang Chen was still in the status of lore combination. Wind, fire and thunders
looked like a feather coat on him.
"So powerful..."
Ning Haotian felt uneasy. He had never thought the gap between Jiang Chen
and him would have been so big. As eager to revenge as he was, he felt

Even if he could join the Constellation Palace, the gap would still exist.
Tang Shiya was upset, too.
She gave up a genius who had amazed the Three Middle Realms for such a
ridiculous reason.
"His power of the doctrine of sword was split by those two kinds of lore. He
won't be able to persist very long!"
Star Venerable from the Constellation Palace shouted nervously to hint the
Although it was against the rule, he couldn't think too much.
Jiang Qingyu didn't do anything after hearing him, except laughing at his
Sword realms of lore were combined through the power of sword doctrine.
Splitting the power of sword doctrine and then combining it again would
consume lots of energies. Star Venerable's remark had nothing wrong.
The thing was he didn't know Jiang Chen's sword doctrine well.
Neither did Zhou Jianfeng or Xiao Yujian. As a result, they took Star
Venerable's advice. They kept attacking despite the pain they were suffering.
In this way, the fight became desperate again.
Jiang Chen turned the tide. Combining the two sword realms of lore, he made
Fengyu Duo suffer a lot.
They did cooperate very well, as if they were one person, but they were still

two persons. Their cooperation still couldn't make them comparable to Jiang
Chen, who was fighting alone.
He managed to control the Wind Sword Realm and the Fire Sword Realm to
the same extent.
Fengyu Duo didn't have any chance to win. They were expecting Jiang Chen
to get exhausted so that they would get a chance to defeat him.
The fight went on for another fifteen minutes, exciting enough for the
onlookers to remain interested in it.
The power of Jiang Chen's sword doctrine was still endless.

"Shouldn't you admit your defeat?"
Jiang Chen said the same thing Zhou Jianfeng had said to him.
"Cut the crap!"
Zhou Jianfeng determined to push on. He didn't want to give up before Jiang
Chen fell.
The thing was no one knew when Jiang Chen's sword doctrine would be out
of energy.
In fact, it would never happen.
The Immortal Doctrine of Sword had an eternal life to provide what the two
sword realms of lore needed perfectly.
He felt grateful from the bottom of his heart that his father had given him such
a great sword doctrine.
Although most of the time it seemed nothing special, it was like water, which
was absolutely necessary.
"Since you don't want to admit your defeat, I'll give you a push."
Jiang Chen's sword and knife hit against each other again. Obviously, it was
another joint attack.
People knew that it was the first time that he had used two sword realms of
lore at the same time this day. It meant the joint attack method was created on
the scene as well.
However, its power was beyond imagination.
"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"
It was the same sword method, but he was more skilled after the first use of it,
and it was more powerful.
The furnace struck Zhou Jianfeng and Xiao Yujian in its prime, when its power
could be compared to a volcano eruption. The two were hit off the ground
once again.
Then, with the aid of the holy method, Jiang Chen showed up before the two
almost at the same time, giving them the last decisive punch to defeat them.
In this way, Fengyu Duo lost to Jiang Chen, too.
The folks of the Three Lower Realms burst into a deafening uproar

By comparison, those from the Three Middle Realms were all numb.
They knew how great Fengyu Duo were too well to believe a Spiritual
Venerable from the Three Lower Realms could defeat them.
However, a fact is a fact. They had to believe it.
"He is our idol," Yu Zhe said involuntarily.
"You'd better take it back," Zhuang Yan, standing beside him, said coldly.
Yu Zhe thought she had said so because she didn't like him, but soon he
realized it wasn't the case. She actually said it for his sake.
The top management of the Constellation Palace looked overcast with anger.
It wasn't an appropriate timing for a disciple from the Constellation Palace to
say something like this.
Fortunately, only his friends heard him. Otherwise there wouldn't be any
remedy for this.
"Now you can go away, Constellation Palace."
Jiang Qingyu was too proud to hide it, but soon, the pride in his eyes was
replaced with coldness. He cast this cold look to the Constellation Palace.
"He is so cool."
The forces of the Three Lower Realms were shocked to hear him.
The Sacred Martial Arts Institute didn't have the nerve to offend the
Constellation Palace. As a result, they were constantly ignored.
However, in the eyes of the old man from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, the
father and the son had dug their own grave.
They would pay the price. It wouldn't take too long.
Holding back the anger, those from the Constellation Palace looked odd.
They didn't leave. There was no way they would leave like that.
"Jiang, the Constellation Palace is a guest invited by the Sacred Martial Arts
Institute. The Holy Martial Arts City isn't your place, either. You have no right
to ask anyone to go away," the old man said coldly.
"Is the Alien Battlefield your place? And why did you send people there to kill
my master?"

Jiang Qingyu saw red. He had made up his mind after getting informed of the
cause of death of his master. That was why he had told Jiang Chen to take
part in the Great Competition of Three Realms.
"I told you someone would come to confront you. It's ridiculous that you're
doing this without any evidence!" the old man said, smiling coldly.
"I can kill you first, and then wait to confront your man."
Jiang Qingyu squinted. The energy emitted by the sword scared the old man
Jiang Qingyu left him behind. He waved at Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen didn't celebrate for the victory. He came up to his father,
indifferent to Fengyu Duo's suffering. He said, "Could you tell me about your
"I'll eliminate the Sacred Martial Arts Institute," Jiang Qingyu told him,
stressing each syllable.
Jiang Chen was shocked. He wanted to ask about the details, however,
noticing the resolution in his father's eyes, he felt deeply uneasy.
That look told him, his father had been ready to die, and would carry out his
plan at all costs.
"Father, calm down. Don't act on impulse," Jiang Chen said nervously.
"Don't worry. You're here. I won't go too far. I've got a plan." Jiang Qingyu
He was extremely aggressive while facing the enemy. His enemy couldn't
even breathe before him.
However, he was just a loving father when he was with his son.
Seeing his father unwilling to tell him more, Jiang Chen thought his father
must be hiding something from him.
He started to ponder upon that.
The great Venerables from the Constellation Palace couldn't arrive in the Holy
Martial Arts City very quickly.
Starting from the Sea Area in Twilight, he spent one day and one night in
traveling. Not to mention to travel between two worlds.

So, the only concern was the nearly twenty great Venerables of the Sacred
Martial Arts Institute.


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