The Brilliant Fighting Master
647 Wind and Fire Swords Wheel
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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647 Wind and Fire Swords Wheel

The audience was shocked again. They couldn't believe what they had seen.
"I'm convinced...convinced."
Xu Hua smiled surprisingly, though it was a bitter smile.
"A Sword Attack without Permanence!"
"A Sword Attack without Ego!"
Jiang Chen would usually use the Rainbow Sword Method in the Fire Sword
Although his level of this sword method didn't catch up with his current
attainments, he couldn't find a substitution since he had never taken the lore
of fire seriously.
Since he was in the Wind Sword Realm then, it was natural for him to exert
the Ultimate Sword Method.
The Redcloud Sword and the black knife moved so quickly that they were
almost invisible. Zhou Jianfeng had to keep retreating under the pressure.
"Waterdrop Sword!"
Zhou Jianfeng was very smart. He changed the way to resist. The ice
disappeared. The only thing that remained was the endless raindrops.
These raindrops pierced into the gale, targeting at Jiang Chen.
Crossing the Redcloud Sword and the black knife, Jiang Chen brandished
them madly. The thunders all over him formed a shield to protect him.
"Essence of Water!" Zhou Jianfeng seized the chance. It rained harder. A
storm started, pouring down on Jiang Chen.
The reaction between water and electric was fabulous.
Zhou Jianfeng is not only skilled in using sword, but also very experienced.
Jiang Qingyu thought.
He managed to deal with Jiang Chen using Jiang Chen's thunders in such a
short time. It wasn't an easy thing to do.
However, Jiang Chen shook his head, putting the weapons down.
He let the thunders whip him, but nothing happened.

"I'm not controlling thunders. I master them."
"A Limitless Sword Attack!"
Not giving Zhou Jianfeng any time to react, Jiang Chen exerted the same
special movement with the knife and the sword.
"Apprentice brother!"
Xiao Yujian couldn't sit still anymore. Zhou Jianfeng would definitely lose if
she didn't intervene.
She jumped onto the platform, no matter whether her apprentice brother
agreed or not. Her shining sword created a strong wind.
It was Wind Sword Realm!
The wind created by the sword swam around Zhou Jianfeng, helping him
dodge Jiang Chen and creating new opportunities to attack.
"Apprentice sister, this guy is a monster. Help me!"
Zhou Jianfeng's pride was gone, since he had realized how great Jiang Chen
was. Fortunately, he had his apprentice sister here, or he would be extremely
Those from the Three Middle Realms exclaimed, since Fengyu Duo had to
fight together to deal with Jiang Chen.
They found when the two collaborated, their strengths didn't add, but
Zhou Jianfeng's Waterdrop Sword became extremely fierce in the gale. It
moved in an unpredictable manner.
Jiang Chen had to keep retreating.
"That was dangerous."
Zhou Jianfeng was relieved. If his apprentice sister hadn't showed up in time,

he would have lost.
"Apprentice sister, don't hold back. Go all-out," Zhou Jianfeng said.

Xiao Yujian nodded. Then something happened to her body, but the change
wasn't as exaggerated as Zhou Jianfeng's. A pattern of wind appeared on her
"They are both Half Spirits."
Those from the Three Lower Realms tumbled to the fact.
"Of course. Why do you think they are called Fengyu Duo?" Those from the
Three Middle Realms weren't surprised at all.
"As long as Fengyu Duo attack, they'll make a great change."
"Jiang Chen has got enough attentions today. Just finish this quickly."
Those from the Three Middle Realms didn't want Jiang Chen to win another
If even Fengyu Duo lost, everyone from the Three Middle Realms would be
"Judging from Jiang Chen's performance so far, if Fengyu Duo really fight as if
they were one person, it's hard to say who will win."
Jiang Qingyu thought, Son, will you surprise us again?
"We are winning."
The Constellation Palace was very confident.
Zhou Jianfeng, together with Xiao Yujian, was many times stronger.
He had almost used up his trump cards while fighting against Jiang Chen
Unless Jiang Chen had more trump cards, he would definitely lose.
However, if he really had more, it would be a too shocking fact to accept.
Fengyu Duo attacked at the same time. Although one of them came from the
left and the other from the right, it wasn't a simple pincer attack.
Collaborating with each other, the Windspirit Sword and the Waterdrop Sword
locked onto Jiang Chen.
Using sword and knife simultaneously, Jiang Chen rode two horses at once,
but still, he couldn't keep up with their changes.

Those two swords moved extremely swiftly. Jiang Chen was wounded soon.
"My friend, I think this is enough."
Zhou Jianfeng said. He stopped the attack.
It was hard to decide who was the winner in a competition.
Usually the weapon would be aimed at the enemy's key body part, but it
wouldn't be pierced into the enemy's body.
In this way, anyone who had a sense would admit his defeat.
Some people were even more decisive. They would admit their defeat as
soon as they saw the gap between them and their rivals from movements.
Seeing Jiang Chen wounded, Zhou Jianfeng and Xiao Yujian thought it was
time to end the fight.
"You were forced to retreat. Did you lose at that moment, too?" Jiang Chen
said with a cold smile.
"So, you don't want to stop. Okay, let's continue."
Zhou Jianfeng shrugged his shoulders. He had intuited that Jiang Chen
wouldn't agree to admit defeat in such a manner.
He was curious to see what else Jiang Chen had.
Fengyu Duo attacked once again.
Jiang Chen panicked. The thunders around him soared.
"You've switched on your protective energy jar. You can hardly go on. It's no
fun at all if we keep fighting," Zhou Jianfeng said.
"Apprentice brother, if he admitted defeat, the Constellation Palace will kill
Zhou Jianfeng tumbled to the fact. He said, "I almost forgot it. So, you'd better
do something to change your situation. Otherwise, don't blame us."
"The fight with Fengyu Duo has lasted for such a long time, but he hasn't lost.
That's great enough," Yu Zhe said.
This was a fair comment. Fengyu Duo weren't the strongest in the Three
Middle Realms, but it was fair to say they were the strongest among Spiritual

Jiang Chen was only a Martial Venerable in the preliminary stage, while
Fengyu Duo was in the middle or late stage.
Although judgment based on state didn't count so much anymore, state was
still fundamental.
If Jiang Chen had achieved the late stage, the situation would have been
"It's time!"
Jiang Chen strode over, aiming at Fengyu Duo respectively with his knife and
"What is this?"
Under the crowd's surprised gazes, a burning flame was emitted from the
black knife, while the Redcloud Sword was surrounded by a wind visible to
naked eyes.
"He is exerting the Fire Sword Realm and the Wind Sword Realm at the same
"Is he mad?"
No, not mad enough.
Thunders blinked around Jiang Chen.
He wasn't a Spirit, but he looked more extraordinary than his two rivals.
He has been using us to practice, Zhou Jianfeng thought.
"Huh, I don't believe he is able to keep everything under control."
"Neither do I."
Exerting two sword realms of lore at the same time wasn't as simple as using
sword and knife at once.
It wasn't so easy to use sword realms of lore at will even if you had mastered
You would get more and more skilled by integrating the power of the doctrine
of sword and the lore.
You had to give each kind of sword realm of lore 100% focus to make it work.
Exerting two kinds of sword realms at once, Jiang Chen looked majestic, as if
a deity descending to the world.

However, in Zhou Jianfeng and Xiao Yujian's eyes, he was just a macaroni
Jiang Chen happened to stand in between the two. Without having to discuss
it first, they exerted their best sword method in tacit understanding.
"Stand Together through Storm and Wind!"
Then the wind and the storm started to connect with Jiang Chen being the
No matter what would happen, it was out of question that it would be
extremely dangerous for Jiang Chen since he was standing at the center.
But he didn't have enough time to react.
The Windspirit Sword and the Waterdrop Sword turned into one, ready to
knocking Jiang Chen down.
Even though Jiang Chen knew a holy method and had a divine body, he
wouldn't be able to resist it. He would absolutely be heavily wounded by the
two swords.
"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"
To everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen brandished his sword and knife madly.
The wind and the fire collaborated perfectly, releasing endless power in the
wind and the storm.


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