The Brilliant Fighting Master
645 Lingwu Trial
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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645 Lingwu Trial

<p>It must be his next of kin that could go to Jiang Chen's rescue regardless of<br>danger when he was in such a crisis.<br>Jiang Qingyu was wearing a white robe, fair-skinned and beardless. The<br>father and the son's eyes looked very much alike. His thin lips, pressing<br>together, looked like a knife blade.<br>He landed before Jiang Chen from the air, emitting such a strong energy that<br>those from the Constellation Palace and the Sacred Martial Arts Institute were<br>obliged to take a few steps back.<br>"Father?!" Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. Throwing the Flying Dragon<br>Dynasty a glance, he realized their trump card was exactly his father.<br>The thing was his father had just broken through to great Venerable, and he<br>was alone.<br>For others, it was an enviable thing to have a father who was great Venerable.<br>"I knew it. He is too talented to come from an average family."<br>"Gosh, this great Venerable is so young."<br>"Since when there are so many strong people in the Three Lower Realms?"<br>Jiang Qingyu was less than forty. He was even younger than Star Venerable,<br>but he was already a great Venerable.<br>His father is a great Venerable?!!<br>Tang Shiya, who never doubted that she had made a correct decision, sprang<br>to her feet immediately. She couldn't believe it was true.<br>Her parents were only Celestial Venerables.<br>"Why didn't he tell me? Why did he never tell me?!" Tang Shiya almost broke<br>down. If she had known it, she might have left him the loving heart.<br>Obviously, Jiang Chen didn't give her the chance.<br>"The bronze cauldron, that scripture, such a high talent and a great Venerable<br>father!"<br>Tang Shiya flopped into the chair weakly, petrified.<br>Since a great Venerable had shown up, those from the Heavenly Cloud<br>School's Six Peaks and three palaces couldn't sit still anymore.</p><p>They only had some Celestial Venerables here, not a match for a great<br>Venerable at all.<br>Despite his state as a great Venerable, Jiang Qingyu was too young to<br>convince the people.<br>However, they had refused to believe Jiang Chen was a Spiritual Venerable,<br>too, but in the end, they all witnessed how great Jiang Chen's performance<br>was.<br>Jiang Chen's father must be very good, too.<br>The old man from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute flew into the air as quickly<br>as possible to confront Jiang Qingyu face to face.<br>"He is your son?" the old man said, pointing at Jiang Chen.<br>"Cut the crap. Jiang Chen is my son, and Taoist Priest Skywind is my master. I<br>guess you still remember him. You killed him one year ago in the Alien<br>Battlefield!" Jiang Qingyu said in a clear loud voice.<br>"What?"<br>The crowd was shocked again.<br>Jiang Chen accused the Sacred Martial Arts Institute of stopping others from<br>breaking through to great Venerables, but he couldn't show any evidence<br>when asked to.<br>However, Jiang Qingyu mentioned the location, the time and the name in his<br>accusation.<br>...I'm not a match for him, the old man looked into Jiang Qingyu's eyes,<br>shocked by the sharpness of the latter's look.<br>He said right away, "You sounded so sure of it. Did you see it with your own<br>eyes? If not, how could you defame the Sacred Martial Arts Institute like this?"<br>Yet in the next breath, the old man said with a different attitude, "That being<br>said, last year we did have some men in the Alien Battlefield. Do you want to<br>question one of them?"<br>"Sure," Jiang Qingyu said.<br>Jiang Chen said anxiously, "Father, he is stalling for more time so that they<br>can deal with you after more people arrive."<br>"I know it. Son, don't worry about me," Jiang Qingyu said.</p><p>"Your son killed our lord's son. He has to pay the price," seeing the Sacred<br>Martial Arts Institute couldn't be of any help, Star Venerable said involuntarily.<br>Jiang Qingyu cast him a look and slapped across his cheek without saying<br>anything.<br>Star Venerable failed to dodge. The slap sent him staggering backward.<br>Jiang Qingyu said, "Who do you think you are? You threatened to kill my son.<br>I haven't settled accounts with you for that yet. How dare you mention to me<br>the price he has to pay?"<br>Next to them, those from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute were anxious and<br>scared. If the Constellation Palace really flew into a rage, it would be hard to<br>say what would happen.<br>"You mean we shouldn't do anything for the death of the Constellation<br>Palace's young master?"<br>Star Venerable asked. He hardly had any time to cover his swollen face with<br>his hand.<br>"What do you want?" Jiang Qingyu had come here to revenge. As a result, he<br>was aggressive and oppressive.<br>At this moment, the old woman from the Constellation Palace came up to Star<br>Venerable to whisper into his ear.<br>"Let's perform a Lingwu Trial," Star Venerable said.<br>His proposal made those from the Three Middle Realms keep exclaiming.<br>They couldn't believe what they had heard.<br>Lingwu Trial was an ancient tradition of theirs.<br>It was to resolve a dispute like this, in which the wrongdoer died and the<br>murderer pleaded not guilty.<br>Lingwu Trial was usually performed when the two interested parties were<br>forces with equal strengths.<br>Like the Dragon Palace and the Martial Arts Divine School there.<br>However, this Jiang Qingyu came out of nowhere. Was the trial really<br>necessary?<br>To give it a second thought, the Constellation Palace actually had made a<br>smart move.</p><p>No matter how angry they were, they couldn't do anything to Jiang Chen in<br>the presence of Jiang Qingyu.<br>So, if the result of the trial wasn't favorable for them, it wouldn't affect their<br>future revenge.<br>And it would be perfect if it was favorable for them.<br>Jiang Chen didn't want a Lingwu Trial at all. He was extremely anxious.<br>According to Fan Tianyin, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute had about twenty<br>great Venerables.<br>The Flying Dragon Dynasty's great Venerables, plus his father, only made five<br>or six people.<br>As to the other forces, he would feel lucky if they didn't offer the Sacred<br>Martial Arts Institute any help.<br>However, his father sounded so sure, and those from the Flying Dragon<br>Dynasty looked so confident, that he felt like his concern was unnecessary.<br>"Who will represent you?" Jiang Qingyu, familiar with Lingwu Trial, asked out<br>of curiosity.<br>Star Venerable didn't answer him, but two figures appeared in the air, one<br>man and one woman.<br>They were the two people Jiang Chen saw earlier on the sea.<br>"Fengyu Duo!"<br>The folks from the Three Middle Realms were extremely excited, as if they<br>had seen their idols.<br>"Long time no see," the woman said to Jiang Chen.<br>"Do you dare or not?"<br>The man, eager to have a good fight, tried to irritate Jiang Chen to accept the<br>challenge. However, his question sounded stupid.<br>"You are eager for a fight, don't you?"<br>Jiang Chen looked at the man, angry.<br>"Of course." The man nodded.<br>"Jiang Chen, the men of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute haven't arrived. Take<br>the chance to have this fight with him," Jiang Qingyu said.</p><p>"Is he good or not?"<br>Fengyu Duo was strange to the people of the Three Lower Realms.<br>The man was also a Spiritual Venerable in the middle stage. However, since<br>Jiang Chen had defeated Young Master Xuanji, he probably would lose, too.<br>Jiang Chen's attack and defense were both good. And no one could tell<br>whether he had gone all-out just now.<br>"They'll fight together," Star Venerable said.<br>He meant Fengyu Duo would fight against Jiang Chen together.<br>It created a heated discussion. Those from the Three Lower Realms couldn't<br>accept it. By comparison, realizing how interesting the situation was, those<br>from the Three Middle Realms started to expect the fight.<br>"Jiang Chen, it isn't because we want to take advantage of you."<br>"Fengyu Duo are closely connected. They practice the same methods. And<br>their martial arts techniques are complementary. They never separate with<br>each other in the Three Middle Realms," a man from the Constellation Palace<br>said.<br>This information was important.<br>It was allowed to have two people fighting as a group in the Three Middle<br>Realms, but it was only limited to unimportant competitions. For a life-or-death<br>duel like this, Jiang Chen had the right to refuse to fight against a two-person<br>group.<br>Nevertheless, the Constellation Palace intentionally didn't explain it.<br>The seriousness of the situation was even beyond the man's expectation.<br>He exchanged a look with the woman. He wished he could have come earlier<br>to see how Jiang Chen had fought.<br>Their curiosity was piqued. They wondered what kind of performance Jiang<br>Chen had showed.<br>"Apprentice brother, shall we stay out of it? If we meddle in, we'll get<br>ourselves into big trouble," the woman said in a low voice.<br>"What are you afraid of? If he loses, it only means he isn't good enough." The<br>man didn't think it a big deal. Jiang Chen had cracked his sword method in the<br>presence of the woman. He was eager to revenge himself.</p><p>That being said, he didn't want to take advantage of Jiang Chen. He said, "I<br>have an idea. I'll fight against you first. My apprentice sister will stay aside.<br>What do you think?"<br>"Whatever."<br>Jiang Chen got onto a platform that was still intact.<br>He was suddenly so decisive. That was exactly what the man wanted.</p>


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