The Brilliant Fighting Master
644 Kill Yourself
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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644 Kill Yourself

The Star Venerable of the Constellation Palace looked downcast. Young
Master Xuanji died in his presence. If he couldn't get rid of Jiang Chen, he
would be punished.
The Eastern Sea Dragon Palace and the Martial Arts Divine School, who had
been eager to compete with the Constellation Palace to win Jiang Chen over,
gave up the idea for the moment.
If they were still willing to accept Jiang Chen, Young Master Xuanji's murderer,
at this moment, it would be nothing else but a declaration of war.
They weren't so resolute yet. Otherwise they would have tried their best to
protect Jiang Chen.
"Jiang Chen, what did you do?!"
However, it was Lu Dingtian from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute instead of
the Constellation Palace who had cast the first stone.
He was happy and worried at the same time for such an incident.
He was happy because he knew Jiang Chen's death was out of question,
while the worry was about Young Master Xuanji's death.
He would be in big trouble if the Constellation Palace started to investigate the
whole thing.
He didn't understand why no one from the Constellation Palace had tried to
save Xuanji.
He would have stopped Jiang Chen if he hadn't sincerely believed the
Constellation Palace wouldn't allow their disciples to be killed.
However, it was useless to bring this up since Xuanji had died.
"What did I do?" Jiang Chen asked seriously.
"You killed a man from the Three Middle Realms!" Lu Dingtian shouted loudly,
irritated by Jiang Chen's reaction.
"Didn't you see what he had done? Or, no one from the Three Middle Realms
should die, but I, Jiang Chen, should?" Jiang Chen asked.
He suddenly realized he had posed the same question for a million times.
It happened every time, that he became the one to blame. The only reason
was that no one thought his humble life was worth living.

You dodged the Flowing Light Needles successfully. You didn't have to launch
another attack. Lu Dingtian didn't speak it out, since he was under so many
people's gazes and it didn't sound reasonable at all.
They were in the Holy Martial Arts City, where most powerful men from the
Realm of True Force gathered.
It was actually Young Master Xuanji who attacked first. It would be extremely
dangerous to piss the crowd off if he couldn't handle the situation well.
He had to bear in mind that all of those forces had once collaborated to
overturn the Sacred Institute.
He didn't want the Sacred Martial Arts Institute to end up the same.
"He intended to kill me. That made it justifiable for me to kill him! Tell me. Am I
Ignoring Lu Dingtian, Jiang Chen walked to the edge of the platform. He
swept the sword towards the crowd.
The folks of the Three Lower Realms were petrified. Then a deafening uproar
broke out.
"Not guilty! Not guilty!"
Jiang Chen had won their respect. Besides, it wasn't difficult to tell who was

wrong in this affair.
They knew the Constellation Palace wouldn't let go of Jiang Chen and the
Sacred Martial Arts Institute would be in trouble.
However, they were just some onlookers. They wouldn't mind if the whole
thing got worse.
That being said, those people calmed down soon, because those forces
started to intervene.
"It doesn't depend on you whether he is guilty. It depends on us!"
Star Venerable got to his feet. He came to the platform where Jiang Chen was
with a group of Celestial Venerables.
"Kill yourself," said Star Venerable in a cold voice.
"What if I say no? Will the Sacred Martial Arts Institute allow this to happen?"
Jiang Chen said.
Hearing Jiang Chen use him as a pretext, Lu Dingtian said, "Jiang Chen, your
relation with Fan Tianyin isn't average. It's a sever crime that you helped her

break through to great Venerable. We planned to investigate this after the
Great Competition of Three Realms, but look at what you did."
The Sacred Martial Arts Institute finally brought this thing up.
"Jiang Chen, that's what I meant."
The current scene made Tang Shiya surer that she hadn't made a wrong
decision. A smile finally showed up on her face.
"I have a question to ask the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. How come Fan
Tianyin ended up as a pirate?"
Jiang Chen looked as if he wasn't clear of the situation. Looking at the crowd
below, he said, "You know the Marvelous Sound Robber's real name?"
"Shut up!" Lu Dingtian would in no way allow him to go on.
"Hold on."
The Flying Dragon Dynasty didn't lie to Jiang Chen. General Du Zhenfei acted
in time to take this attack.
"No way!"
"Will the Flying Dragon Dynasty antagonize the Sacred Martial Arts Institute
for its Marquis Champion's sake?"
"That's courting death!"
The crowd went into an uproar. The situation of the Realm of True Force
would probably change because of Jiang Chen.
Precisely speaking, it would change because of the Flying Dragon Dynasty's
Jiang Chen, you've got the Flying Dragon Dynasty into trouble even before
your death. If I were with you, wouldn't the Tangs end up the same?
Tang Shiya thought to herself.
"Are they dumb or what?" The Black Dragon General was puzzled.
Although Du Zhenfei was majestic, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute had sent a
great Venerable here this day.
He had been sitting there, resting with eyes closed. He looked like a very old
man who would soon stop breathing.
However, he didn't react to what was happening.

"The Sacred Martial Arts Institute doesn't tell right from wrong. Neither do you
protect the disciples from the Three Lower Realms. And you've done people
great harm," Du Zhenfei said loudly.
The crowd went into another uproar. They knew something big was about to
"Did you say that on behalf of the Flying Dragon Dynasty?"
The old man spoke for the first time, opening his eyes slowly.
Numerous people were gazing at Du Zhenfei, expecting his answer.
Du Zhenfei's answer created another uproar.
The Dragon Rebel Kingdom gloated. They had no idea why the Flying Dragon
Dynasty was doing this.
Flushing, Du Zhenfei said emotionally, "The Sacred Martial Arts Institute has
been secretly supporting the Dragon Rebel Army, because they are afraid the
Flying Dragon Dynasty will get stronger. Many talented people of ours died on
battlefields. And the Realm of Milky and the Realm of Nine Heavens are also
in war."
"Do you really think you're the god of the Three Lower Realms and you can
have everything under your control?"
What he said were all known facts to the top management of all of the forces.
Many believers of conspiracy theories had also made such assumptions, but
they had never confirmed their guess.
That being said, they didn't see why Du Zhenfei had brought this up at this
No one would come forward for truth here.
"It is acceptable for you?"
Looking at the silent crowd, Jiang Chen said loudly, "What if I tell you the
Sacred Martial Arts Institute have even meddled in the breakthrough to great
"The Marvelous Sound Robber's real name is Fan Tianyin. I guess you are
familiar with this name."
"Fan Tianyin!"

The folks of the Three Lower Realms hadn't heard this name for a long time,
but they would never forget it. By then it had been mentioned again.
"She used to be a member of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. According to
her, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute is controlling the number of great
Venerables to secure their dominant position."
"They force those who have broken through to great Venerable to take a
blood oath. If they refuse, the institute will kill them immediately."
This news came as a shock to the crowd.
It was even a shock for those from the Three Middle Realms.
"Nonsense. Do you have any proof? Fan Tianyin? Where is she? Bring her
Lu Dingtian didn't panick. He even played a trick, trying to force Fan Tianyin to
show up.
"I don't care what grudges you have. Jiang Chen must die. Whoever helps
him or protects him will also die!"
Star Venerable was out of patience. His look was so sharp that it seemed he
was trying to kill Jiang Chen with it.
"As long as I give the order, the great Venerable team will come here right
The great Venerable team!
The whole crowd were gasping for breath upon hearing these four words.
"Take it easy, Star Venerable. Let me handle this," Lu Dingtian promised,
patting his chest.
So, Jiang Chen must die.
If the Flying Dragon Dynasty tried to meddle in, they would get themselves
into trouble, too.
"Did you just say you would kill my son?"
All of a sudden, a magnetic voice came from the air.
"If you did, would you mind getting your own coffins ready?"


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