The Brilliant Fighting Master
643 Kill Xuanji
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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643 Kill Xuanji

Young Master Xuanji managed to part with Jiang Chen and retreat to the other
side with his explosive strength.
"Stars Drop from the Sky!"
Young Master Xuanji went all-out. He pushed off the ground with his feet to
jump up in the air. Then he charged down.
He looked like a falling stone meteorite, dragging a long contrail produced by
air resistance.
The air current produced by his fists was as sharp as an ice piton and was
carrying a power strong enough to pierce the ground.
Practicers under the Spiritual Venerable level would have to dodge this punch.
However, Jiang Chen seemed to be ignorant of it. He was at a disadvantage
because he was on the ground, but he seemed not to give a damn about it.
He bent his knees to jump.
With the martial arts technique of dragon and the divine body, his force wasn't
any worse than Young Master Xuanji's.
However, Celestial Venerables could still see an apparent gap between them.
Since Jiang Chen had launched the attack upwards, he had to conquer
inertia. This was unfavorable for him.
Jiang Chen must have thought about it, General Du Zhenfei thought, feeling
"Go to hell!"
Seeing Jiang Chen courting death, Young Master Xuanji of course wouldn't
miss the chance to get rid of him.
The power of his fists soared again. His body looked much more muscular.
"Hard to say who will die."
Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He exerted a holy method secretly. The energy in
his holy pulse all flew into the Holy Sea.
All of a sudden, thunders as thick as iron chains danced around him.
The thunders around his fists gathered together to form a sphere.
It was different from switching on the Magical Thunder Armor.

"It's a holy method?!"
"He has holy pulse?"
"My gosh. Is he really from the Three Lower Realms?"
Everyone on the scene was amazed. Jiang Chen had given another blow to
those from the Three Middle Realms, who used to think they were
experienced and knowledgeable.
He could have defeated me even without the sword.
When Xu Hua had realized this, he was totally convinced.
It didn't mean Jiang Chen's fist method was more powerful than his sword
method, however, facing a rival like Young Master Xuanji, fist method worked
He didn't look like a pure sword cultivator, but no one would give him such
comments when they had seen his rivals.
Soon, they bumped their fists together.
The blare was so loud. It sounded like the sky had been pierced. A brief storm
Another blare came. Young Master Xuanji landed on the platform. Too weak to
remain standing, he fell.
Jiang Chen also landed. His movement was so gentle. His long hair was still
waving in the wind.
It was obvious who was at an advantage.
Young Master Xuanji wasn't convinced. He thought Jiang Chen's last strike
was his limit and he could use it once at most.

However, when he had got to his feet, ready to give his rival a punch, Jiang
Chen came up to his side as quickly as a lightning.
The holy method not only controlled thunders, but also helped Jiang Chen
speed up numerous times.
Jiang Chen grabbed his arm, and then gave his shoulder a hard punch.

As he screamed, something tore his skin and clothes open and flew into the
air from his shoulder.
It was a ruby.
Jiang Chen kept punching him. He punched Xuanji's elbow and palm to get
the Three-star Gems out of the latter.
"Damn it!"
Young Master Xuanji wanted to wave his right arm, but he found it extremely
Then Jiang Chen repeated what he had done to Xuanji's left arm.
It was odd that no one from the Constellation Palace had tried to stop him.
Three pairs of Three-star Gems appeared on Jiang Chen's palms when he
had finished. They were red, blue and azure respectively.
He held three of them in either hand. They were supplying his fists with
endless power.
"According to the ancient rule, whoever uses the Meteor Fist in a duel should
be deprived of the gems in both of his arms!"
Jiang Chen said in a righteous manner.
The ancient rule referred to the rule of 500 years ago.
"He did have gems in his arms!"
"Look at Young Master Xuanji's arms. He isn't wounded, but without the gems,
he is so weak. That's unbelievable."
"Gosh. So, the Constellation Palace has been using this kind of martial arts
"Then the results of those fair fights shouldn't count at all."
When the assumption of the Three-star Gems had been confirmed, those
from the Three Middle Realms went crazy.
Such behaviors were really disgusting.
"When the news spreads all over the Three Middle Realms after we go back,
the Constellation Palace will face a terrible challenge."
But these didn't matter to the people from the Three Lower Realms.

For them, what mattered was Jiang Chen's victory.
"We are proud of you. The Three Lower Realms is proud of you."
"The forces that once offended him should feel worried. When he starts over
again, they will pay a price."
"The strongest man in the Three Lower Realms!"
Tang Shiya wasn't happy at all to hear such discussions.
However, she always knew Jiang Chen was good, and she wasn't surprised
at his performance.
What mattered to her was exactly the reason that she didn't take a fancy to
Jiang Chen.
This same reason would bring Jiang Chen a tragic end soon.
"Wait. Will he still be accepted by the Constellation Palace after giving their
young master such a beat?"
It didn't occur to the others as quickly as to Tang Shiya, but it occurred to
them anyway.
Young Master Xuanji was screaming in such a tragic manner on the platform.
Even if Jiang Chen joined the Constellation Palace, he wouldn't end up well.
It could be perceived already from the downcast faces of those from the
Constellation Palace.
"Tricky. Really tricky."
Yu Zhe noticed their expressions before he could come to himself from the
shock brought by Jiang Chen's victory.
As a disciple of the Constellation Palace, he knew the situation better than
anyone else.
It was even a pending question whether Jiang Chen could survive. Not to
mention the possibility to join the Constellation Palace.
Young Master Xuanji, still on the platform, looked full of hatred. He flicked his
sleeves. Then numerous lights flew out.
The old woman had once used these lights on the island.

They could take away Spiritual Venerables' lives easily. Fan Tianyin was the
only person who had managed to dodge them.
They were so close to Jiang Chen that he would absolutely die.
"He is so cruel!"
Everyone from the Three Middle Realms knew how dangerous the Flowing
Light Needles were.
Some people even tried to warn Jiang Chen.
As Jiang Chen drew out the Redcloud Sword, a wind that could make time
stand still started. In this way, those flowing lights stopped approaching him.
Then he swung his sword and the needles flew towards a different direction.
They were flying towards Young Master Xuanji.
Opening his eyes widely, Young Master Xuanji looked scared. His arrogance
had been gone.
Fortunately, the pendant he was wearing around his neck again released an
eggshell-like protection jar at the last minute. The Flowing Light Needles all
bounced after hitting against the jar.
However, the pendant broke as well in the end, out of energy.
"Fortunately. Fortunately."
Patting his chest, Young Master Xuanji felt lucky. However, he saw out of the
corner of his eye that a shadow was shrouding him.
Then he saw Jiang Chen staring at him coldly. He had no idea since when the
latter had been standing next to him.
The stare put him scared. He found the situation hard to believe.
"What are you going to do?" Young Master Xuanji asked sternly. However, he
sounded weak.
"Don't court women too good for you in your next life."
Then Jiang Chen brandished his sword.
Under the surprised gazes of those from the Three Middle Realms, blood
squirted out of Young Master Xuanji's neck.

Young Master Xuanji was dying, but he still couldn't believe he would be killed
by a guy from the Three Lower Realms.
"I can't swallow it..."
He didn't understand why his Second Uncle hadn't lent him a hand.
Then all of the attention was paid to the Star Venerable from the Constellation
Palace. His nephew died. What would he do?


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