The Brilliant Fighting Master
641 A Dreadful Man
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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641 A Dreadful Man

"Come here."
Young Master Xuanji signed her to come closer to him.
The old woman lowered her head, wondering what he was going to say, but it
turned out to be a slap on her cheek that had been waiting for her.
Young Master Xuanji said in anger, "Genius, so what? What do I care that he
is destroyed?!"
"Okay." Although angry, the old woman didn't dare talk back. She thought the
Constellation Palace would end in Young Master Xuanji's hands sooner or
"Jiang Chen, join us, the Constellation Palace."
On the other side, the Celestial Venerable from the Constellation Palace
declared, ignorant of what Young Master Xuanji was scheming.
No one had a second opinion. Those from the Three Middle Realms had to be
convinced, even if they were reluctant.
"All right. He is really good."
Zhuang Yan, who had claimed no one in the Three Lower Realms was a
match for her, was also amazed by Jiang Chen's performance.
Even Xu Hua was defeated, not to mention the others.
"Hold on."
But to their surprise, there was one man who didn't agree. That was Jiang
Chen himself.
"What's up?" the Celestial Venerable from the Constellation Palace asked.
"I haven't seen the potential of the Constellation Palace yet. Just wondering
whether you've got any strong disciples?"
Jiang Chen said surprisingly, creating an uproar among the crowd.
"Is he mad?"
Tang Shiya had just played a trick, but she found it was unnecessary, and she
owed Young Master Xuanji a favor for nothing.
"You can win temporary glory, but it won't last forever."

Tang Shiya still thought the same.
Jiang Chen didn't know how to restrain himself at all. He did what he wanted.
Staying with him, those who weren't mentally strong enough would be scared
to death.
"Only one-tenth of the disciples of the Constellation Palace are here. Xu Hua
is very good. He is actually the best among the disciples of the first three
Thanks to Jiang Chen's great gift, the Celestial Venerable of the Constellation
Palace was tolerant of his arrogancy.
He didn't comment on Xu Hua in a concrete way, but delicately mentioned the
fact that he was the best in the first three palaces.
Neither the Dragon Palace nor the Divine Palace was happy with it, but they
didn't say anything, giving him a tacit agreement.
"I guess this is Young Master Xuanji, who said he would give me a lesson
yesterday. Do you mind if we exchange some blows?" Jiang Chen pointed
down at Young Master Xuanji, looking at the latter sharply.
"Is he revenging Fan Tianyin?"
Tang Shiya tumbled to what was going on right away. She wanted to say
Jiang Chen was too impulsive, but she also had to admit she felt envious.
All women hoped their men could seek justice for them, fearless of authorities.
Including Tang Shiya, a practicer of Kalpa of Threads of Love.
"So, that day's bronze cauldron is yours?"

Young Master Xuanji was struck dumb, but he didn't take it seriously. Flying
into the air in a flamboyant way, he said, "You and that Marvelous Sound
Robber aren't just friends, are you?"
It was hard to tell whether he had flown up to have a fight or a quarrel with
Jiang Chen.
"You collaborated with a pirate. Shouldn't the Sacred Martial Arts Institute
execute you?"
"What did you just say? I don't understand you."
Jiang Chen said with a cold smile, "Or, are you afraid?"
Young Master Xuanji said, "You think no one saw you, so you can deny it?
But it's a fact that the bronze cauldron is yours."

"Yeah? Where is the cauldron then? I wouldn't mind if the Sacred Martial Arts
Institute wants to search me. The thing is so many people are expecting a
fight, but you are doing nothing except talking. I don't see why you're doing
Waving his hand, Jiang Chen said, "All right. Just come down. This fight won't
"Are you trying to irritate me? You know how you'll end up?" asked Young
Master Xuanji.
The threat and cruelty in his tone were even obvious to a moron.
"Like what?" Jiang Chen asked him disdainfully.
"Good! Great!"
Young Master Xuanji opened his arms. Then a Celestial Venerable came up
right away to take off his cape.
"How majesty!"
Those from the Three Lower Realms realized this Young Master Xuanji wasn't
simple, since a Celestial Venerable had done such a humble thing for him.
"Alas, why does he have to court death?"
Yu Zhe sighed helplessly. They admired Jiang Chen because of his
But setting himself against Young Master Xuanji wasn't any different from
knocking a rock with an egg. He didn't know whom he was dealing with.
"Second Uncle, let me try this guy, to see how great he is."
Young Master Xuanji asked the Celestial Venerable who was leading the
Constellation Palace team for his permit.
"Okay, but don't go too far," the Celestial Venerable of the Constellation
Palace reminded him, nodding his head.
"Grandma Li, tell me. What's this about?"
The Celestial Venerable called the old woman up to him.
The old woman told him about what had happened in the Sea Area in
"Hehe, if Jiang Chen can join the Constellation Palace, no matter how his
potential is, at least Marvelous Sound Robber, who became great Venerable

so young, will be of a great help to the Constellation Palace thanks to Jiang
The Celestial Venerable of the Constellation Palace kept laughing coldly.
Sweat covered the old woman's face. She hurried to say, "Star Venerable, it's
not us the ones to blame. The thing with the Marvelous Sound Robber started
with Young Master Shenji's scheme, and Young Master Xuanji is here to bring
an end to the whole thing."
And she added, "No one expected Jiang Chen's appearance."
"Young Master Shenji is a part of this, too?"
Being informed of all this, Star Venerable said in anger, "The Constellation
Palace will be destroyed by these two brothers sooner or later."
"Star Venerable."
Recalling what Young Master Xuanji had just said, the old woman said,
"Young Master Xuanji will probably kill him."
Star Venerable was shocked. He looked towards the platform and found
Young Master Xuanji hadn't followed his advice.
"All right. All right."
Star Venerable didn't try to stop him. These two were his elder brother's
favorites. What could he do about it?
If he did anything to educate them, his sister-in-law, very protective of her
sons, would give his brother pillow talks again to slander him.
Jiang Chen was a genius, but he was unlucky.
"Attention. Jiang Chen can't die. Try every possible way to save him later."
Those from the other two palaces weren't dumb. They could see the hatred
between Jiang Chen and Young Master Xuanji.
They knew what Young Master Xuanji was planning to do, too, so they figured
this was their chance to win Jiang Chen's support.
Someone from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute also whispered into Lu
Dingtian's ear.

"Jiang Chen's talent is way better than any of the geniuses in the Three
Middle Realms. No wonder the three palaces are competing for him."
"But he is pretty close with Fan Tianyin. Maybe he has known everything from
"And he is the Marquis Champion of the Flying Dragon Dynasty."
"We can't allow him to stay alive."
Lu Dingtian was going to deal with Jiang Chen, but Young Master Xuanji
looked like he would vent his anger on anyone who had the nerve to interrupt
"We won't be the one to blame if we let Young Master Xuanji kill him."
On the other side, those from the Three Lower Realms were still very
confused. The only thing they knew was that while Young Master Xuanji was
expressing to Tang Shiya his interest in her, he had claimed he would give
Jiang Chen a lesson.
"Who is this Young Master Xuanji?"
However, judging from Jiang Chen's character, he wouldn't go too far here.
It wasn't because he was afraid of troubles, but because he wouldn't bother to
waste his energy unless it was something super important.
This was the Jiang Chen the people from the Three Lower Realms knew.
Soon, some people got information from those from the Three Middle Realms.
In this way, they had a general idea of who this Young Master Xuanji was.
In short, he was a dreadful man!
He was notorious, and almost didn't have any friends. He was constantly
accompanied by women.
Whoever pissed him off would pay a big price.
He once took fancy to a young lady from an aristocratic family, but she
refused him. He eliminated the whole family due to anger.
As young as he was, he was extremely cruel.
But what people cared most was his strength.
This was a combat. It wouldn't work if cruelty was the only thing he had.


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