The Brilliant Fighting Master
640 Does It Count?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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640 Does It Count?

"Sword of Shadow: Divinity Illuminates."
Xu Hua exerted a powerful sword movement that could result in mass
destruction to resist the three swift sword attacks of Jiang Chen's.
However, he still got two sword wounds on the backs of his hands. And he
kept bleeding.
"My gosh."
Many people from the Three Middle Realms put their hands on their heads,
unable to believe what they had seen.
Jiang Chen not only wasn't at a disadvantage, but was at an advantage.
"I see."
Ye Chen didn't find anything special in the attack launched by Jiang Chen. He
first felt confused. Then he realized it was because he hadn't achieved Jiang
Chen's level.
"You think I'm using a sword or a knife?"
Jiang Chen asked on the platform.
Xu Hua didn't know how to answer him. It was a knife indeed, but Jiang
Chen's sword method wasn't subject to any forms.
For most people, combing the strengths of knife and sword together was quite
But Jiang Chen did it rather well. He didn't only combine them, but created a
new swordsmanship.
Gnashing his teeth, Xu Hua entered the Light Sword Realm. He was serious.
The sword in his hand was shining. And a subtle change happened to his
"He is combining the lore and the sword realm?"
This was something new for the youngsters from the Three Lower Realms.
Cheered by Jiang Chen's performance, they started to worry again.
Xu Hua launched his attack. It was fast and sharp, with the true and the false
mingled together.

When the sword movement had been exerted, electric arcs appeared as if it
was in stormy weather. It was impossible to predict where they would fall, but
everyone on the scene knew they were powerful.
"Sword of Shadow: Shadowless Light!"
The lore of light was merged with the conception of wind and metal and aided
by the strength of the doctrine of sword. It was so dazzling that people
couldn't see them through.
"The Rainbow Sword Method: Rainbow Penetrates the Sun!"
Jiang Chen didn't stay there still to wait for his rival's attack. The flame of the
Redcloud Sword was burning.
"Fire Sword Realm?"
The audience was shocked. Those from the Three Middle Realms were
surprised to see Jiang Chen's swordsmanship realm had reached such a high
Working with the Immortal Doctrine of Sword, the strongly burning fire could
keep burning forever and burnt up everything in the world.
Xu Hua was obstructed by the fire. The tumbling dragon of fire had completely
sabotaged his sword movement.
"Sword of Shadow: Lightsword Transforms to Thunder!"
Xu Hua had to change his strategy. He walked away from the fire. Lightning
flashed and thunders rumbled from the sharp sword in his hand.
It was the force of thunder transformed by the conception of light, wind and
As soon as he threw the sword over, the electric dragon dashed towards the

fire in an aggressive manner, fearless of the fire. It intended to kill Jiang Chen.
Soon, some noises came from the fire, which sounded like a person had been
struck by lightning.
Xu Hua showed a complacent smile.
"The Rainbow Sword Method: Fire Clouds All over the Sky!"
Jiang Chen's voice came from the fire. Xu Hua's attack didn't make him sound
any weaker. He sounded even stronger.
As soon as the momentum of the sword started, the fire surged like waves.

As Jiang Chen kept whirling at the center, a cone-shaped storm formed by fire
swords appeared.
Xu Hua also saw lightning flashed and thunders rumbled from Jiang Chen.
He involuntarily recalled he had called Jiang Chen a punch bag. However, he
had forgotten about Jiang Chen's Magical Thunder Armor. How would he
suffer a loss in terms of thunders?
Seeing the fire sword attacking, Xu Hua finally knew how strong Jiang Chen
"Sword of Shadow: into Thin Air!"
After a slight wave of the sword, Xu Hua disappeared on the platform.
"Where did he go?"
Most people couldn't see Xu Hua. They even thought he had fled away.
But those strong men knew he was still on the platform.
Xu Hua, at a disadvantage in the competition of techniques, had to turn to his
strength -- the invisible effect resulted from his speed and the lore of light.
Losing its target, Jiang Chen's fire sword stopped gradually. The fire
extinguished little by little.
"Sword of Shadow: Lightsword Mass Kills!"
Xu Hua flashed up to Jiang Chen in an instant. They were only three meters
away. The lightsword in his hand was pointed at the latter's chest.
"What sword method is this?"
He disappeared and then appeared again. Who could resist him?
"He is really great to push Xu Hua to the wall."
"But Xu Hua is Xu Hua."
Xu Hua didn't give up because he wasn't a match for Jiang Chen in
techniques. He changed his strategy instead.
"You think yourself fast?"
Jiang Chen still stayed calm facing the sword only three meters away.
"The Sword Method of Ksana: the second movement!"

Losing the support of the sword method, the fire was going to vanish from the
sky, but Jiang Chen exerted a new sword movement before that happened.
"That's not good!"
Xu Hua perceived how marvelous this attack of Jiang Chen's was. He hurried
to change a movement and disappeared.
But this was what the others saw. Jiang Chen, able to make time pass by
many times more slowly, managed to see how Xu Hua had disappeared, and
how he was moving after the disappearance.
He was many times faster than Xu Hua, so it didn't take him many efforts to
point his sword at the latter.
"Sword on!"
Xu Hua reappeared before the crowd in an instant.
Numerous lights blinked around him.
It took the crowd a good while to realize these lights were actually Jiang
Chen's sword.
He had finished the momentum of the sword in less than a second.
Peace was restored. The fire was gone. And Xu Hua lost.
"What happened?"
The whole process happened in only one instant. Those whose state wasn't
high enough were petrified.
However, it was easy to tell who had won.
Jiang Chen won, and Xu Hua lost.
Those from the Three Lower Realms cheered for the victory, feeling like Jiang
Chen had revenged them.
Even those from the Realm of True Force, who had looked down on Jiang
Chen, had to stop looking down on them.
Ye Chen, one of the most talented people in the Realm of True Force, was
defeated by only one sword attack, but Jiang Chen won an easy victory.
"Many people will desire such a chance in the future, and now it's within easy
reach for you."

Tang Shiya, standing below the platform, recalled what Jiang Chen had told
her, as pale as a ghost.
Jiang Chen's growing speed was too surprising.
Once he became a member of the Constellation Palace, her comment for
Jiang Chen, that he didn't have any background and could only win temporary
glory, would be scotched.
"No. I won't allow that to happen."
If all these came true, Tang Shiya thought she would never be able to
continue practicing the Kalpa of Threads of Love again, and she would live
her entire life in regret.
She suddenly glanced at Young Master Xuanji, who was standing on the
other side.
Bearing in mind what he had said to her, she walked up to him secretly, not
catching anyone's attention
The old woman beside Young Master Xuanji made a sign at her, as a way to
tell her to stop approaching.
"It's all right. Miss Tang, how can I help you?" Young Master Xuanji said.
"Young Master Xuanji, does what you said just now still count?" Tang Shiya
Young Master Xuanji was puzzled. Then, throwing Jiang Chen on the platform
a glance, he understood what this was about.
"Miss Tang, of course it still counts. Don't worry about it."
Young Master Xuanji said, "If you want, you can even join the Constellation
Palace right away."
"Thank you for your help, young master." Tang Shiya went back to where she
had been, pretending she hadn't heard the second part of his word.
Looking at the old woman beside him, Young Master Xuanji said, "I'll leave it
to you."
"Young master, he has defeated Xu Hua. It's against the rules."
The old woman said, feeling it tricky, "What's more, and most importantly,
Jiang Chen is a genius. If he joins other forces, he'll be a threat to us."

If a force wanted to get stronger, it must have endless fresh resources to stay
energetic and competitive.
The complacency of some forces was an omen of decline.
The old woman was experienced enough to know that.
The Constellation Palace was strong, but it wasn't the strongest in the Three
Middle Realms. It was only the strongest in a certain area.


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