The Brilliant Fighting Master
639 A Sword Is a Sword
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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639 A Sword Is a Sword

On the platform, Zhao Pojun launched an attack.
"Before anything else, I wanna tell you one thing. You'll regret for having
treated Shiya in that way."
It was exactly because of Tang Shiya that Jiang Chen earned Zhao Pojun's
enmity, and Duke Yan died as a result.
However, he didn't blame Tang Shiya for that. He even flew into a rage after
hearing what Jiang Chen had done the day before.
"A Ghost Strike to Break an Army!"
Zhao Pojun fiercely threw his knife over.
As Jiang Chen had said, he neither dodged nor fled. Crossing his arms over
his chest, he didn't resist, either.
Zhao Pojun's knife attack was emotionless. He struck towards Jiang Chen's
neck although it was only a competition.
When the sharp blade of the knife had already been very close to Jiang Chen,
the Magical Thunder Armor appeared.
Zhao Pojun flew off the ground after his knife had struck the armor with a
series of noises.
Jiang Chen stood where he had always been, totally fine.
It was thanks to the power of thunder!
Those from the Three Lower Realms had anticipated it, while those from the
Three Middle Realms glanced at each other, puzzled.
In the Three Middle Realms, there were also people who could control
thunders. However, only few of them were as good as Jiang Chen.
No wonder he had the confidence to take three attacks.
"He is a Spiritual Venerable indeed."
Among the audience, a Celestial Venerable made the conclusion as soon as
he saw Jiang Chen's performance.
"You still wanna continue? Or you prefer to admit your defeat now?" Jiang
Chen asked.
"Don't be so proud!"

Zhao Pojun would in no way give up so easily. He launched the second attack
right away.
He exerted a knife movement, and it was a skillful one. He kept accumulating
the radiance of the knife instead of releasing it.
Even if Jiang Chen could handle this knife attack, the force contained in it
would penetrate his body and wound him.
And his knife struck Jiang Chen's waist.
However, it didn't work. Although Zhao Pojun's knife movement was very
smooth, he wasn't able to avoid the thunder.
He had expected to injure Jiang Chen heavily with this all-out attack, but it
didn't happen, either.
The force strong enough to penetrate the Magical Thunder Armor was only
like tickling for Jiang Chen.
"His defense is great!"
The folks from the Three Middle Realms complimented.
They thought Jiang Chen was a martial arts practicer good at defense.
It wasn't bad. This kind of people didn't have to be extremely skilled at martial
arts techniques. They could hurt people simply by punches and kicks.
"Only one knife attack left. Try harder," Jiang Chen said.
Zhao Pojun almost went mad. He wanted to reveal a secret, but in the end he
embarrassed himself instead. He only hoped his last knife attack would get

his rival.
"Eliminate a Powerful Army!"
Zhao Pojun exerted his special movement. The radiance of the knife dashed
towards Jiang Chen like a big waterfall.
It was a fierce strike indeed. Jiang Chen's body was shaken.
But that was all.
Is he struggling not to fall down?

Even though Jiang Chen had the Magical Thunder Armor, such a strong strike
would make him suffer.
Zhao Pojun stared at him, trying to figure out whether he was struggling not to
fall down.
Maybe as soon as he opened his mouth, he would spit up blood. However,
Zhao Pojun saw nothing like that.
Jiang Chen patted his clothes. Then the Magical Thunder Armor disappeared.
"Do you wanna continue?" he asked seriously.
"Go to hell!"
Zhao Pojun took a chance to throw his knife over again.
Since they were pretty close, it was very dangerous for Jiang Chen.
However, Jiang Chen launched an attack with his sword when the knife was
still in the air. The sword struck Zhao Pojun's neck.
Lying on the ground on his back, Zhao Pojun couldn't get to his feet anymore.
Fortunately, Jiang Chen hadn't drawn his sword out of the sheath. The sheath
was heavy, but nobody would be killed by it.
"I usually respond those who insulted me in kind. You deserve to die for what
you did."
"Rejoice in your weakness. It's because of that I don't bother to kill you," Jiang
Chen said.
"Rejoice in your weakness..."
Jiang Chen's voice echoed in Zhao Pojun's ears. The heavy strike together
with the anger made him faint.
In the end, some men from the Mad Dragon Dynasty took him off the platform.
Jiang Chen won the victory easily and smoothly.
Even by then there were still some people walking closer unwisely, intending
to see the fight between Jiang Chen and Xu Hua.
Jiang Chen had defeated Zhao Pojun once. Although he was a Spiritual
Venerable, it was nothing weird if given some thought to.

However, a man able to defeat Ye Chen with one sword attack was at a
different level.
"You're a swordsman?" Xu Hua asked from the other side.
Whether he would fight against Jiang Chen in person would depend on the
latter's answer.
He had asked this question because Jiang Chen was carrying both a sword
and a knife at waist.
Jiang Chen nodded. Xu Hua came on to the platform after getting the
permission of the strong men from the Constellation Palace.
"I thought you were a punch bag." Xu Hua was as annoying as always.
This time, facing Xu Hua's arrogance, what the audience felt was worry
instead of anger.
Ye Chen or Jiang Chen, for them they both represented the Three Lower
If Jiang Chen was defeated by one sword attack as well, they would feel too
ashamed to lift their heads.
Although they knew Xu Hua wasn't the strongest man in the Three Middle
Realms, they hoped Jiang Chen was able to fight against him.
"A sword is a sword. A knife is a knife."
Before the start of the fight, Xu Hua threw the Redcloud Sword and the black
knife at Jiang Chen's waist a glance. He said unhappily, "You've given 'sword
cultivator' a bad name."
"There are always some people believing in some so-called truth, but they are
actually just ignorant," said Jiang Chen in a casual way.
Those from the Three Lower Realms, accustomed to Jiang Chen's sharp
comments, didn't find his response surprising.
But those from the Three Middle Realms reacted strongly.
Commenting that Xu Hua knew nothing about sword cultivators was like
scorning a smart businessman that he wasn't good at business.
He turns out to be arrogant and ignorant.
Zhuang Yan slightly shook her head, very disappointed. She didn't feel so
curious about Jiang Chen anymore.

"Xu Hua, ranked in the Swordsman List, doesn't know about swords?"
Yu Zhe was speechless. He did expect Jiang Chen to have a great
performance, but the latter sounded too arrogant.
Xu Hua's face was even more downcast, the veins on the hand holding the
sword sticking out from under the skin.
"Sword of Shadow!"
Confident people would usually let their rival launch the first attack. So would
those proud ones.
Xu Hua drew his sword out without a word. It wasn't difficult to imagine how
angry he was.
However, his sword attack wasn't any weaker because of the anger. On the
contrary, it was swifter and fiercer.
"How come he is so good."
Ye Chen, defeated by Xu Hua, felt helpless standing among the audience.
As well-known in the Three Lower Realms as he was, he was nobody in the
Three Middle Realms.
He wasn't so confident in Jiang Chen, either.
Jiang Chen looked calm. Intentionally or not, he drew the black knife out with
his right hand.
He claimed himself to be a sword cultivator, but it was a knife that appeared in
his hand. Xu Hua's look was even colder.
After combining with the lore of light, his sword method achieved the Light
Sword Realm.
Besides, his conception of wind and metal had achieved the great doctrine.
And the strength of the doctrine of sword was great. It wasn't weird at all for
him to defeat Ye Chen with one sword attack.
However, the onlookers couldn't see these things. They just thought it was a
light that could illuminate.
As soon as Jiang Chen threw his black knife over, Xu Hua's disdain and
anger disappeared. They were replaced with surprise.
He was sure what Jiang Chen was holding was a knife, but the spirit of sword
emitted from the knife refreshed his knowledge.

The knife and the sword hit. The blow exchange was as fast as a lightening.
They parted very quickly.
"The Rainbow Sword Method: three movements in one!"
The onlookers thought the two rivals would spend some time in adjusting their
breaths after this blow exchange, but to their surprise, Jiang Chen threw the
sword over again immediately.
"What the hell!"
Hurry-scurry, Xu Hua didn't manage to take the attack calmly.


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