The Brilliant Fighting Master
638 Becoming a Spiritual Venerable in a Single Month
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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638 Becoming a Spiritual Venerable in a Single Month

Just a sword strike, just a single sword strike managed to defeat the Three Lower Realms' pride, Ye Chen.

"You are really too weak." Xu Hua put back his long sword, and flew out of the stage.

"If nothing unexpected occurred in a minute, then Ye Chen will still join our Constellation Palace," A person in the Constellation Palace's side said.

Although he was defeated by a single sword strike, but he could still join the Constellation Palace because he was the strongest defeated person among the Three Lower Realms' people.

"Was the... Was the disparity really this great?"

When they witnessed Ning Haotian defeating a Spiritual Venerable disciple, they felt like the Three Middle Realms' geniuses were described exaggeratedly.

But, now such a tragic fact was just before their eyes, and the Three Lower Realms' young venerables felt weak and helpless in front of it.

The Three Realms Competition wouldn't let them become famous, and show off their talent, and while in front of such cruel really, they could only beg them to get an opportunity of joining the Three Middle Realms.

Ye Cheng, who was all along confident in himself, suffered a grave blow, and he got dazed, and beside himself.

"Today's defeat isn't an eternal defeat. Stand up, and continue progressing forward."

A voice suddenly rang near Ye Chen's ears.

Ye Chen turned his head over apathetically, however, when he recognized to which person belonged the voice, amazement appeared on his face.

"Jiang Chen!"

Jiang Chen, who wore a gray robe, stood calmly in the sky while clasping his hands behind his back. His entry caught all people's gazes.

Jiang Chen, the people here weren't unfamiliar with such a name, as in the previous evening party, he stepped upon all people except Ye Chen, and the Spiritual Venerables.

However, since he missed the trial ground, it was unknown by how much he progressed.

People held the greatest hope to Jiang Chen's realm progress, as even Ning Haotian managed to reach the later stage of Martial Venerable Realm.

"Why do I feel like he advanced to the Spiritual Venerable Realm?"

Someone suddenly noticed something, but he wasn't quite sure about it.

"Spiritual Venerable Realm, he's really a Spiritual Venerable."

After someone shouted in a firm and resolute tone, the whole audience went into an uproar.

"How's this possible? How could this be true?"

Ning Haotian didn't dare to believe it, as even after he did his utmost in the trial ground, and got a precious treasure, he managed to reach the later stage of Martial Venerable Realm only with great difficulty.

However, Jiang Chen advanced directly to the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

The other person, who couldn't believe it, was Tang Shiya. Her expression became quite complex after she witnessed Jiang Chen's arrival, and it was especially the case after she discovered that he reached the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

She suddenly noticed that a gaze was looking at her, and when she looked at it, she discovered that it belonged to her mother.

Her mother also had complex feelings about this matter, and she was quite worried, as she didn't know whether Jiang Chen would expose that day's matters or not.

"However, even if he stated them, who would believe him?" When she thought about such a point, Tang Shiya became relieved, and it was especially since the Sacred Martial Arts Institute was still waiting for Jiang Chen because of Fan Tianyin's matter.

"Even a person advancement to the Spiritual Venerable Realm is worth them going all crazy over, it's really overboard."

On the other side, Zhuang Yan disdained the crowd reaction.

"It isn't right, his cultivation was still just at the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm a month ago."

Yu Zhe, who was well-informed about his situation, was more astonished than the people beside him.

"Is it really true?"

Zhuang Yan, and the other looked toward him, as they were also startled by it. Such a cultivation speed didn't exist even in the Three Middle Realms, as let alone jumping from the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm to Spiritual Venerable Realm in a single month, it was possible to stop in the early stage even for a whole year.

Jiang Chen landed on the arena slowly, and looked at the surprised Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded when he faced his gaze, and he flew away, and descended from the arena.

Jiang Chen became the new arena protector, and if no one else ascended the arena, Xu Hua would have to fight once again.

Most people didn't consider, and feel like it was possible for Jiang Chen, who just became a Spiritual Venerable recently, to get the victory.

So it wouldn't really matter even if he went through it, as in the end, the Constellation Palace would still choose Ye Chen, which was fairly more outstanding.

"I will be your opponent."

There was however someone here who wanted just to defeat Jiang Chen. It was Zhao Pojun.

The death of his father, Duke Yan, because of Jiang Chen let his life change drastically, and he hated Jiang Chen.

A person like him would obviously not consider that it was his father, who first attacked Jiang Chen, and wanted to kill him.

The matter, which he wanted to do most, after becoming a Spiritual Venerable was taking Jiang Chen's life.

"You weren't my match when you were a Martial Venerable, so do you feel like anything will change after you become a Spiritual Venerable?" Jiang Chen didn't feel at all remorseful for him.

"I advanced from the peak of the late stage to the Spiritual Venerable Realm in a single month, as for you?"

Zhao Pojun extended his finger, and pointed it at him, "How is possible for you to jump from the early stage to the Spiritual Venerable Realm in a single month? I will now expose your true colors."

When people were faced with a matter, which they couldn't understand, they would often choose to believe that it wasn't true, and Zhao Pojun believed firmly that something was fake about his realm, and even if it was true, he should have still lost something in the process, and it would be impossible for him to rival a genuine Spiritual Venerable like him.

Zhao Pojun's words were approved by many people. They were a month ago in the same place here, but Jiang Chen was at the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm then, but now, he became a Spiritual Venerable without even entering the trial ground.

At that time, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute said that the trial ground was the place with the greatest lucky chances in the whole Three Lower Realms.

However, all people overlooked the fact that the trial ground didn't have any dangers, and its lucky chances never changed. Since it was impossible for someone to die in it, then how great could be the transformation, which one could go through in it?

Although Jiang Chen depended repeatedly on Tang Shiya, and Fan Tianyin, but he still suffered the Shangguan Family, and Mad Dragon Dynasty's hunting before it.

Moreover, he was still hunted, and encircled by the Ten Symbols Alliance's people in the Extreme Evil Island, and was forced by them to enter into the Fortune Valley.

If he didn't have the two bronze fragments, then he would have already died without even leaving an intact corpse behind.

"Since you believe that it isn't true, then I will just stand here motionlessly, and let you make three moves," Jiang Chen said.

Zhao Pojun's face became filled with confusion when he heard him, and he wondered what was Jiang Chen playing at.

"You don't dare?" Jiang Chen found it laughable. Mediocre people always loved to worry needlessly.

"Fine, I will see what qualifications do you have to come out with such arrogant claptrap."

Zhao Pojun felt like Jiang Chen couldn't use any tricks in such a place with a large crowd, let alone, he believed firmly that something was fake about him, and this was probably just a diversionary tactic.

"Come forward. I will just defend, and I won't attack.

Such a scene caught the attention of even the Three Middle Realms' people, and they all wondered what they were playing at.

"Yu Zhe, inform us about this Jiang Chen." Zhuang Yan became curious about Jiang Chen, and she wondered whether he planned to use some tricks, or did he really possess great power.

"When he was at the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm, he was able of defeating people at the late stage, and I suspect that now he can defeat even people at the late stage of Spiritual Venerable Realm."

When Yu Zhe spoke, he unexpectedly revealed his admiration for him.

"Didn't you consider that he should have used some method to forcefully increase his cultivation to the Spiritual Venerable Realm."

"If he really used it, then won't they see through it with a single look, since there are many people here."

He wasn't mistaken, as now, Celestial Venerables, and even the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Great Venerable, were looking at Jiang Chen with their sharp gazes.

It was especially the case for Young Master Xuan Ji, as after he learned that he was Jiang Chen, he looked at him fixedly all along.

Jiang Chen currently seemed just like an extremely normal Spiritual Venerable.

However, since he was still just in the early stage of Martial Venerable a month ago, people couldn't help but want to investigate further on.

"Hey, did your Flying Dragon Dynasty went crazy just to become famous, and you secretly conducted some experiments on Jiang Chen?

The Black Dragon General in the Mad Dragon Dynasty's side mocked, and ridiculed them.

The long-legged princess was also there, and she wondered whether Jiang Chen used the evil method in the Alien Battlefield to get such power.

"Since none of you can achieve it, then have a good look at it," Du Zhenfei said.

"Snort! you should better not make a fool of yourself after a short while," the Black Dragon General said.


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