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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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637 Xu Hua

If Tang Shiya joined the Constellation Palace, then she would end up attracting that Young Master Xuan Ji, but the Constellation Palace was still the strongest one.

Her Passion Wisp Tribulation informed her that Young Master Xuan Ji won't worthy of becoming her second tribulation as that man was obviously a heartless person, and it was almost impossible to let him develop feelings for her.

How could a heartless person as him develop feelings for someone?


When Tang Shiya was just pondering, she suddenly heard the crowd exclaiming in alarm and surprise. It was because Ning Haotian, and the Constellation Palace's disciple started fighting, and both of them went all-out.

The Spiritual Venerable disciple wanted to show Ning Haotian how great was the disparity between the Spiritual Venerable, and Martial Venerable Realms, while Ning Haotian also wanted to demonstrate this matter to him.

The alien beast inside his body was bellowing, and endless power erupted out of it.

"Well? The Three Lower Realms have such a genius?"

Even some of the Three Middle Realms' people were amazed, as no matter in which plane world, overcoming a great realm was extremely difficult.

The Spiritual Venerable disciple was also aware of this matter, and he didn't dare to take him lightly. He pulled out his long sword, and wanted to display his power as a Spiritual Venerable.

"Angry Dragon, and Flying Roc!"

Ning Haotian wasn't willing to show weakness, and he held his heavy spear, as he charged forward.

Regardless of how profound was the Spiritual Venerable's sword method, his heavy spear still went on a rampage fearlessly, and struck him heavily.

"How did you get such power?"

The Spiritual Venerable disciple felt great pressure from him, and was forced to fell back unceasingly by the heavy spear before he even managed to use his sword method.


The Constellation Palace's people didn't want their Spiritual Venerable disciple to be defeated by a Martial Venerable, as it would be quite unsightly regardless of anything.

The Spiritual Venerable disciple withdrew out quietly then, and Ning Haotian became the Constellation Palace's ring protector.

If none challenged him, then he would get an opportunity for joining the Constellation Palace, and if he was defeated by someone, he could still go continue on other arenas.

In brief, regardless if it was the Heavenly Cloud School's Six Peaks, or the three palaces, each of them had just one quota.

Since the Constellation Palace was the strongest faction here, then people would surely not easily leave such a quota for Ning Haotian.

However, since he could defeat even a Spiritual Venerable, then only a few people among the Three Lower Realms' young venerables are qualified to challenge him, as at the very least, there wasn't anyone among Martial Venerables, who could fight him.

In the end, it was still Ye Chen, who went to his arena. In the evening party a month ago, Ning Haotian was defeated by Ye Chen easily, but would it have a different outcome now since a whole month already passed since then?

Ning Haotian because solemn as if he was facing a great enemy, while Ye Chen was quite relaxed, and some clues could already be seen just from this alone.

Ning Haotian was obliged to prepare well while facing this person, which resembled Jiang Chen greatly.

"Make a move." A faint smile appeared on Ye Chen's face, which was illuminated by sunshine.

Ning Haotian waved his darksteel heavy spear, shouted loudly, and charged forward.

Anyone could see that his attack momentum was great and unstoppable.

Ye Chen strode forward with both of his legs, one step fake while the other was true, and he let his sharp sword hang down from his arm.

When the spear's tip almost reached him, Ye Chen attacked swiftly, and his sword seemed like a shooting star at such a moment, and he unexpectedly wanted to face the spear head-on.

Many sparks appeared when the vigorous spear's power collided against the point of the sharp sword, and the distance between both of them was pulled closer as time passed.

Ning Haotian felt somewhat helpless, as he was using a long spear, and it would be impossible for him to display its whole power at a close distance, and he would surely lose in it.

In the end, Ye Chen squinted his eyes, used a fine sword move to raise the spear into the air, and thrust his sword at Ning Haotian's throat.

Ning Haotian clenched his fists, as the alien beast's power on his body rose drastically, and it formed a strong wind, which sent Ye Chen flying away.

"Sweeping Across the World!"

Ning Haotian took avail of such an opportunity to attack back, and he started alternating the spear between each of his hands. He seemed like a roc, which was spreading its wings, or a dragon which was traveling a thousand miles.

His ten thousand pounds power was swung at Ye Chen with his spear.

The people, who assumed that Ye Chen would surely win, couldn't help but suck in a breath of air.


Ye Chen's expression changed drastically. He didn't really underestimate him, but he still didn't expect that Ning Haotian had made such great progress.

The sword in his hand emitted crescent moon-like silver sword lights unceasingly.

Ning Haotian was displeased by the obstruction, which he faced, while Ye Chen used such a time to fell back, and regain his balance.

"A Sword Pierce a Returning Swallow."

Ye Chen, who got serious, made another sword move, and he revolved his sharp sword a hundred and a thousand times, as it emitted dazzling light.

Ning Haotian was also waving his long spear unceasingly, and he was even more at ease, as his weapon was longer than his opponent.

A protective energy barrier was formed around him by the current of airs, and not only it possessed high defensive power, it also possessed great destructive power.

However, it was unfortunate that the people shortly after noticed that a golden light emerged in the sword in Ye Chen's hand.

Many people couldn't continue sitting down, and they all stood up.

It was the Lore of Metal!

After Ye Chen revealed his hidden power, there wasn't any suspense left about the outcome of the battle.

The sharp sword tore Ning Haotian's protective energy barrier, and left several cuts on his heavy spear, and he even caused his opponent's arm to become numb.

"I must admit that this is just because of the disparity between the Spiritual Venerable, and Martial Venerable Realm, and if we were both Spiritual Venerables, then the outcome would still be unknown," Ye Chen said.


Ning Haotian wasn't willing to accept it, but he was still obliged to. The ring protector became Ye Chen, the Geniuses Team's number one person.

There wasn't anyone else, who could go to his arena besides several other Spiritual Venerables, and according to reason, Ye Chen would surely become the Constellation Palace's disciple.

This rule had, in fact, a great loophole, as if the person, who went to the stage wasn't Ye Chen, but an ordinary Martial Venerable, then Ning Haotian could obviously take the victory, but he could also lose on purpose, and leave the quota for him.

If there wasn't anyone, who ascended the arena, then the Constellation Palace would surely send another powerful disciple to the arena, and he would be surely not someone on the level of the one defeated by Ning Haotian.

"It seems like those are the Three Lower Realms' outstanding people," Yu Zhe said.

"Yeah, his sword method is really pretty good," Zhuang Yan said too.

The people gathered together in their circle were mostly from the three palaces, and Yu Zhe was still from the Constellation Palace, while Zhuang Yan was from the Dragon Palace.

"Yu Zhe, if you went to face him, will you be confident about it?" Someone asked.

"I won't go, as it isn't like I use a sword. The only swordsman among the Constellation Palace's disciples is Xu Hua.

"Xu Hua? Did he also come here?"

"He would surely ascend the stage."

The facts really demonstrated that they weren't mistaken, as after the Constellation Palace noticed that no one went to challenge Ye Chen, they sent another disciple, and it was precisely Xu Hua, which was mentioned by Yu Zhe.

He had a tall and thin body, and a long hair, which covered half of his face, which had upright facial features, but it was a pity that he had a gloomy and cold character, while his gaze was indifferent and calm, and it seemed like it would never change.

"It's just two rounds which passed, yet you already reached the best. Three Lower Realms' people like you are really too crappy," he said.

Such rude words would infuriate anyone, yet he still spoke calmly, as if it was right and correct.

"Please advice." Ye Chen was still refined and courteous, and wasn't affected by him. He waved his wrist, as a meter-long blue sword, which had a golden light hidden in it, appeared.

"Come over, and don't waste my time," Xu Hua spoke impatiently.

"This person is really too arrogant.

"Senior brother Ye Chen, quickly teach him a lesson."

The Three Lower Realms' people were angered by his arrogance.

"A Sword Pierce a Returning Swallow."

Ye Chen didn't underestimate him, and he directly used a sword move, and his sharp sword seemed like it would tear even space apart.

"You are unexpectedly using a sword move, which was once seen by me. You are really so stupid that I almost burst out laughing."

Xu Hua put his hand on his sword hilt, while his other hand raised the long hair on his face.

"I will come."

The eyes of the Three Middle Realms' disciples lit up when they saw his current movement, and they became filled with expectation.

"Sword Breaking Technique!"

Xu Hua pulled his sword out strongly. His unsheathed sword couldn't be seen, and just a dazzling radiance appeared.

When the radiance appeared, several crisp clinking sounds echoed, as Ye Chen sword was sent flying away before even the crowd had a clear look at what happened.

Ye Chen, who lost his sword, was stunned, and he discovered that Xu Hua's sword was just a half finger from his throat.


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