The Brilliant Fighting Master
636 The Start of the Competition
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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636 The Start of the Competition

"It's fine as long as you know it," the man said proudly.

"Then, do you know my name, or from which place I came?"

The man shook his head, and wondered whether Jiang Chen came from a colossal faction?"

"It's just like this, bye bye.".

Jiang Chen turned around decisively without uttering even another word, and left. He didn't feel like tangling with them.

"You are really infuriating me." The man couldn't bear it any longer, and he pulled his sword out.

"Misty Mountain Rain!"

He used an extremely profound technique, and his sword's light flickered like raindrops. One couldn't guard against such a move, nor could he catch a glimpse of its track.

However, when the sword momentum just neared Jiang Chen, several scarlet sword lights flickered, and annihilated it.

It could be seen that Jiang Chen was now holding the Redcloud Sword, as he looked at them ferociously, and spoke, "I'm just in a rush, and I don't really mind to kill you."

When he noticed that the pair quieted, Jiang Chen left.

After a short while of his departure, the man, and the woman get over the shock of his ferocious gaze.

The man wanted to chase after him, but he didn't manage to find Jiang Chen's tracks.

"Since he's this anxious, he should be surely going to participate in the Three Realms Competition," the woman said.

The man clenched his teeth, and spoke after a moment, "Let's go back."

This man, and woman pair were tantamount to the Three Middle Realms' geniuses group's members, and they ran away to go on a scenic tour because they felt like the Three Lower Realms' geniuses were too mediocre.

However, since the man's famous sword move was easily blocked by Jiang Chen, he became quite resentful.

The reason why Jiang Chen didn't attack them, and teach them a lesson was that he already saw through that they weren't weak.

It wouldn't be an issue for him to face any of them alone, but if he fought both of them at the same time, then he would end up wasting a lot of time.

He had the eight groups of spiritual beings, but he felt it was too excessive to use them just for such a trifling reason.

After a short while passed, Jiang Chen could already see the edge of the continent in his line of sight.

When he passed by the Sunset Light Gulf, he stopped for a moment before he shook his head, and continued traveling.

By the time he reached the core region, it was already nighttime. If he really ended up arriving late, then the Three Realms Competition should have already come to end.

However, he shortly after got news that it would start officially only in the next day, and just an assembly was held on this day.

He went to the Flying Dragon Dynasty's residence, and landed beside his room.

"Who's there?"

When he just landed, a group of soldiers discovered him, and charged toward him.

"It's me."


Those soldiers were past members of the Flame Camp, and they all stood straightly, and revealed a respectful expression when they saw Jiang Chen.

"Thank you for your hard work." Jiang Chen swept them with his gaze before he went to his room.

After a short white, Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao looked for him.

"Jiang Chen."

Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao felt relieved when they noticed that he was safe and sound, and they narrated to him everything which happened during this day.

"Did Tang Shiya really say such matters?" Jiang Chen asked.

Even though he already got to know that woman's true face, but Jiang Chen, who still held hope for people's inherent kindness, couldn't help but feel disappointed.

"What was most crucial was Fan Tianyin, and the Constellation Palace's matter."

"Fan Tianyin is a great robber, and she's even the head of the robbers, and was a person chased by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute for a long time. Anyone related to great robbers are as guilty as them."

"Moreover, it seems like the Constellation Palace's Young Master Xuan Ji want to look for your troubles."

"Tomorrow Three Realms Competition already became quite complex for you, and it should be better to refrain from showing yourself before understanding the current situation," Zhao Wenhao said.

Jiang Chen clearly knew how dark was the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. They could just look for a random reason, and condemn him without even presenting any pieces of evidence.

Moreover, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute even dreaded the Flying Dragon Dynasty, and he was such a dynasty's Marquis Champion.

There was a great possibility that the Sacred Martial Arts Institute would attack him, let alone the Constellation Palace's rampant Young Master Xuan Ji.

"Tang Shiya, Tang Shiya, you don't want me to show myself, don't you?"

Tang Shiya didn't state that he was dead, and it was obvious that she knew that he was still alive, and she feared that he would expose her true colors in front of all people, and she made up such a story on purpose to give him pressure.

"What did the Flying Dragon Dynasty say?"

Jiang Chen was still a Marquis Champion, and wasn't someone, which anyone could crush like he wanted.

"It would provide its full support to you."

Du Zhenfei suddenly entered inside by the door, and spoke loudly, "You just need to care about your participation tomorrow, and you don't need to worry about any matters besides the Three Realms Competition."

"General!" Zhao Wenhao wasn't relieved about such a decision.

"You don't need to say anything else, as I'm well aware of the situation."

Du Zhenfei indicated to him that he didn't need to worry, and spoke, "Jiang Chen, do you dare or not?"

"There isn't anything I don't dare."

Since they already spoke up to here, then how could he refuse it? He came back in fact just to participate in the Three Realms Competition.

However, he was really curious about why the Flying Dragon Dynasty was this resolute, did they have some hidden cards and power? Or was there some deceit in this matter?

However, as he thought about how the Sacred Martial Arts Institute let the Flying Dragon Dynasty's territory split up, he felt like he didn't need to worry about such a matter.


In the next day.

The site, where would the Three Realms Competition be held, was already constructed, and they were nine arenas floating in the air.

Each of the Three Middle Realms' nine factions disciples was standing separately on each of the nine arenas.

When the people witnessed such a scene, they knew that the rules would be similar to that of the arena's challenges.

They noticed too that the Heavenly Cloud School's Six peaks' disciples, which were on the arenas, were all late stage Martial Venerables.

As for the three palace's disciples, they were all Spiritual Venerables.

The difficulty was different, which meant that their requirements were also different.

The Heavenly Cloud School's power was divided into six parts, and they couldn't be compared to the other three palaces.

If the Three Lower Realms' young venerable wanted to join any of the factions, then they must defeat their opponent on the arena.

Such a method was quite excellent, as the disciples sent by them could present their factions' standard.

However, the early, and middle stage Martial Venerables almost started cursing them because of such a rule, as the weakest person on the arenas was still at the late stage of Martial Venerable Realm.

It was impossible for anyone to challenge someone, whose realm was higher than his, besides some extremely outstanding people.

Although it was right for inadequate people to end up failing in joining the Three Middle Realms, but they traveled from distant places to here, yet they wouldn't get to fight even a single match. They were really not willing to accept it.

"Show off your skill well, as even if you can't go to the Three Middle Realms, you can still stay in the True Force Realm."

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Lu Dingtian's words let the people of the Nine Heavens Realm, and Milky Realm became more enthusiastic.

That was right, even if they couldn't go to the Three Middle Realms, it would still be good for them to stay in the True Force Realm.

Those people started then striving to be first to go the stage, as they wanted to catch the great factions' attention.

Those Martial Venerables didn't dare to go the three palaces' arenas, and they all rushed with all their might to the arenas of the Heavenly Cloud School's Six peaks.

"I come to experience the Constellation Palace's Spiritual Venerable power."

A challenger of the three palaces' arenas finally appeared, however, what was unimaginable was that he was also just a Martial Venerable.

The fact that a Martial Venerable challenged a Spiritual Venerable astonished the crowd.

"Did you go the wrong arena?"

The Constellation Palace's Spiritual Venerable looked at the tall man in front of him, as he spoke in displeasure.

"Please advice," Ning Haotian said. He was quite confident, and he didn't fear the Spiritual Venerable's pressure, and he stuck his chest out.

"Are you sure?" The Spiritual Venerable Realm disciple clenched his fists, and emitted his pressure as a Spiritual Venerable.

"I'm sure."

"You overestimate your power."

The Spiritual Venerable Realm disciple spoke angrily, "Who do you think you are for you to dare to challenge a Spiritual Venerable?"

The Three Lower Realms' people were also not sure about this matter, as even though Ning Haotian had an outstanding performance in the evening party, but he was still defeated by a single sword strike from Ye Chen in the end.

Even though he never fought against Jiang Chen, but people still knew that the latter was stronger than Ning Haotian by much.

Now that they mentioned Jiang Chen, he really still didn't show himself even now.

"It would be best if he doesn't come."

Tang Shiya mulled over about the three palaces' people, and it seemed like she was hesitating about something.


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