The Brilliant Fighting Master
634 That“s Righ
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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634 That“s Righ

In the Holy Martial Arts City's central plaza.

Regardless of what happened in the Sunset Light sea area, it would still not affect people's zealous over the Three Realms Competition.

All of the young venerables, who went to the trial ground, would come out on this day, and the Three Realms Competition would be held then.

Many of the Three Middle Realms' factions were traveling to here at such a time, and the one, who had the greatest influence was the Constellation Palace, which was welcomed warmly by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute.

Another message was also conveyed by their arrivals, and it was that one wouldn't need to fear the Sacred Martial Arts Institute any longer if he got to join one of those factions.

Just this point alone was a hard to come by opportunity to True Force Realm's people.

There were now six wooden arched doors on the plaza, where the evening party was once held, and every two doors faced each other.

The audience in the plaza would surely not be any lower than the past evening party, as they all wanted to see what achievements did the young venerables manage to accomplish in such a month time.

"The Three Lower Realms' top-notch geniuses will come out after a short while."

There was a group of young men and women standing before the window of a tea house. Regardless of their clothes or their bearings, they all demonstrated that they didn't belong to the Three Lower Realms.

"I heard that the Spiritual Venerable Realm is already their upper limit.

A well-informed youth spoke to the people beside him, "Moreover, those, who reached the Spiritual Venerable Realm, were all mediocre people who used most of their time in cultivation, and didn't learn martial techniques."

"Are they this disappointing?"

The people beside him found themselves incapable of believing it when they heard him.

One shouldn't blame them for such a reaction, as those people came from the Three Middle Realms, and they were all at the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

There were also Martial Venerables, who came here, but they weren't qualified to join their circle, and they couldn't be seen here.

"Then is there still anything interesting? I ended up coming here in vain."

A delicate, and pretty woman spoke in displeasure. She furrowed her thin brows, and seemed quite displeased.

Her words stated many people's current thoughts. They were all disciples belonging to different Three Middle Realms' factions, and they all came here to compete with Three Lower Realms' young venerables.

If such fights weren't challenging at all, then it should have been better for them to just stay in their homes, and cultivate there.

"Yu Zhe, is there someone worth fighting among the Three Lower Realm's people?" The woman asked the well-informed youth.

Yu Zhe hesitated for a while, before he spoke, "I know that Jiang Chen, and Ye Chen are pretty good, but it's a pity that they are still just Martial Venerables."

"Then why are you even mentioning them, how can a Martial Venerable be placed on par with a Spiritual Venerable?" The woman spoke in displeasure.

"Zhuang Yan, you shouldn't blame me for it, as the Three Lower Realms' people weakness isn't due to me," Yu Zhe spoke bitterly.

"I didn't say that I blamed," Zhuang Yan said.

All of a sudden, the people in the plaza went into an uproar because a famous woman descended from the sky, and landed on the plaza.

"How beautiful"

"A Spiritual Venerable!"

Those were the thoughts, which flashed through the mind of Three Middle Realms' geniuses.

"Yu Zhe, why didn't I hear you mention it?" Zhuang Yan asked.

Yu Zhe didn't know what to say now, as this woman wasn't mentioned in the intel he got.

He pricked up his ears, listened attentively, and learned about her name from the people on the plaza.

"Tang Shiya?"

Yu Zhe was quite surprised, and he spoke in doubt, "This woman was still just at the middle stage of Martial Venerable Realm a month ago, and she didn't even enter into the trial ground, so how did she manage to become a Spiritual Venerable?"

"It could be seen from the aura leaking from her body that she possessed a War Body."

"It's only someone like her, which deserve fighting me," Zhuang Yan looked at Tang Shiya's angelic face, as she suddenly started looking forward to the next day.

Tang Shiya's behavior was calm, and serene, and she just came here to report back.

However, the surrounding people startled gazes, as well as their exclamation, satisfied her greatly.

"Shiya, you became a Spiritual Venerable?"

In the Tang Family's side, the patriarch was an old man whose age almost reached eighty. However, even though he was old, he was still vigorous and healthy, and his hair didn't have even a single white wisp.

"Grandpa, I managed to advance to the Spiritual Venerable Realm by luck."

Tang Shiya raised her head, and looked at her family's elders expressions, as a faint smile blossomed at the corners of her mouth.

"It's pretty good, and excellent, you are worthily our Tang Family's disciple."

The Tang Family's patriarch emitted a peal of loud and clear laughter, which was filled with pride.

The other family's high-level members, who weren't far from them, put on a fake smile and congratulated them, while they were quite displeased by it.

"Young miss Tang, may I ask whether you were with Jiang Chen?"

Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao came from the Flying Dragon Dynasty's people side, and asked her.

"Don't ever mention this person to me again." Tang Shiya's smile disappeared, and she waved her sleeves angrily, and distanced herself from them.

Qiu Yan, and Zhao Wenhao glanced at each other, as they didn't know what was going on.

"Shiya, what happened? Did Jiang Chen bully you?"

Her mother, which was in the Tang Family's side, feigned ignorance, and asked coldly.

The fact that Tang Shiya gave up on the trial ground, and went to travel with Jiang Chen secretly already spread in the core region.

There were people, who wondered what kind of amazing means Jiang Chen possessed for him to be able of captivating Tang Shiya, and let her be infatuated with him to such a degree.

When they saw the current scene, they all pricked their ears, and waited for the answer.

Tang Shiya spoke sadly, "I was traveling with Jiang Chen in the Sunset Light Gulf, but who will expect that we will run into the Marvelous Sound Robber."

"Marvelous Sound Robber?"

When the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's people heard such words, they displayed the greatest reaction.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's person was replaced by a middle-aged man with white temple hair. He was muscular and robust, and wore a resolute look.

"Senior Lu Dingtian," Tang Shiya looked at him, and called him.

"Can you inform me what happened?" Lu Dingtian received not long ago a piece of news from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, it was about Fan Tianyin advancement to the Great Venerable Realm, and becoming a great threat to them.

"Jiang Chen saw Fan Tianyin's true face accidentally, and triggered her oath, and was seduced by her."

Tang Shiya mixed truth with lies, and narrated what happened in the sea.

She started her story from Sea Conqueror Ship's affair, hid the Extreme Evil Island's matter, and just said that Jiang Chen was seduced by Fan Tianyin, and let the ship get stolen by robbers.

Moreover, when Fan Tianyin met with danger in the end, Jiang Chen still wanted to go to save her.

Thy split up then, and Tang Shiya was forced to go back.

"Is that Jiang Chen blind?"

"He unexpectedly gave up on Tang Shiya, and wanted a sea robber instead?"

"How beautiful was that Marvelous Sound Robber?"

When people heard such serious gossip story, they all went into an uproar, and they all cried against injustice for Tang Shiya, and cursed Jiang Chen's fickleness.

"Even a Nine Heavens Realm's kid dare to throw away my granddaughter."

The Tang Family's patriarch was infuriated. He said, "However it's fine even this way, as you already reached the Spiritual Venerable Realm, and that kid is no longer a good match for you."

"If I get to see him once again, then I will surely humiliate him."

"That's right, his daring actions against young miss Tang are really intolerable."

Tang Shiya affected the people here, and they all got angry, and wished to quickly go to condemn Jiang Chen.

"Excuse me young miss, you said that Jiang Chen ran into danger because of Fan Tianyin, do you know what happened then?"

A voice echoed at this moment. It was from a youth, which was quite strange to the True Force Realm's people. He had a majestic appearance, but his furrowed brows seemed filled with irritation.

"Young miss Tang, this is the Three Middle Realms' Constellation Palace young master Xuan Ji," Lu Dingtian introduced him.

"I'm also not clear about it, and it seemed like it happened on an isle which had a stone gate," Tang Shiya furrowed his brows, and spoke in confusion. Her words were really invulnerable.

"An isle?"

Young Master Xuan Ji was the youth, who wanted to take Fan Tianyin as his concubine, and the old lady and midget were now standing beside him.

"Young Master Xuan Ji," Tang Shiya spoke politely, as she examined Young Master Xuan Ji quickly.

"Can I ask you another question? Does Jiang Chen have a bronze cauldron magical treasure?" Young Master Xuan Ji revealed his teeth, and smiled, while his gaze became quite ice-cold.

"That's right, he has one," Tang Shiya replied without even giving a second thought to it.


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