The Brilliant Fighting Master
633 Practicing with a Sword in a Storm
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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633 Practicing with a Sword in a Storm

In the next day's morning, Jiang Chen stretched himself on the bed. He didn't know how long passed since the last time he got to sleep like this since the moment he started cultivating, and his body felt comfortable all over.

A smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face as he thought back of how wanton was last night. After he lived two lives, he finally got to experience the pleasure described in books, and he could only say that the ancients really didn't deceive him.


When Jiang Chen stretched his hand to the place, where Fan Tianyin slept last tonight, he touched nothing. He immediately sobered, and sat up properly, but he still didn't see Fan Tianyin in the stone room.

Jiang Chen rushed out of the stone room without even wearing his clothes, as he wished greatly to see Fan Tianyin outside the cave.

However, he shortly after discovered that there wasn't anyone else on the island apart from him.

Just after, he noticed lines of small characters, which were carefully and neatly carved on the wall by a sword.

"Jiang Chen, I dreamed many times about the person, who will take off my veil, and I didn't expect that it would be you. Truthfully speaking, at first, I was really slightly disappointed."

Jiang Chen couldn't help but chuckle when he read up to here because Fan Tianyin carved a smiling face beneath such words.

"However, when you braved such great risks to save me, I got some new emotions, which were unrelated to my oath."

"When you stated that you already saw through Tang Shiya's plan, I get to see another one of your faces. How should I describe it? You were so intelligent that one would want to worship you."

"I already entrusted myself of you, not because of the oath, but because you are Jiang Chen."

"Please forgive me, as I don't know how should I bid farewell to you. I hope that we can see each other once again."

"Left for Jiang Clan's man."

Jiang Chen put his hand against the wall, as he sucked in a breath of air, while indescribable emotion welled in his heart.

"We will surely meet once again, surely." Jiang Chen erased the characters on the wall, as he clenched his fists, while a firm look appeared in his eyes.

It was obvious that Fan Tianyin was too staunch, staunch to the point that it pained him.

"Sacred Martial Arts Institute, even if you were the Three Lower Realms' sky, I will still tear such a sky apart."

Jiang Chen planned to leave the sea area, and return to the Holy Martial Arts City.

"How's this possible?"

When Jiang Chen flew to the sky, he suddenly felt something amiss about his flying speed. It was quick, extremely quick.

He quickly discovered the reason, it was because his cultivation rose further on, and it reached the Spiritual Venerable Realm.

"Even a month still didn't pass?"

As he thought about such a matter, a smile appeared at the corners of Jiang Chen's mouth, a bitter smile.

This wasn't really a surprising matter, and like what Fan Tianyin said, he didn't find any detrimental repercussion because he possessed a Holy Pulse.

Everything processed normally, and all of the Spiritual Venerable Realm's advantages showed on him.

Jiang Chen got into the state of union with nature, and it was, even more, intenser this time, and he felt like he could see all of this world's rules.

It was like he reached the enlightened state described by Buddhist Sects.

It was because of Spiritual Venerable Realm's spirituality did he become more sensitive to everything related to martial techniques.

Jiang Chen returned to the island, and didn't hurry to go back any longer.

He wanted to depend upon the Spiritual Venerable Realm's spirituality to break through his shackles in one go. Like for example his Sword Doctrine's power, which he didn't promote in a long time, and he also planned to comprehend the Lore of Wind.

He planned to achieve his objective through cultivating the Ksana Sword Method's third move.

This uninhabited island became then his training ground, and shortly after he started his training, he discovered the Spiritual Venerable Realm's benefits.

It was like his comprehension power became greater by one fold. He was already quite gifted, and now, his innate gift became even more terrifying.

After four or five days passed, Jiang Chen already reached a critical point, and he was short just of a turning point, and he was already waiting for it.

After Jiang Chen observed the atmosphere, he forecasted that a storm would occur today.

From early morning onward, the sea already became stormy, and filled with waves and billows.

When it was noon, the sky became filled with a dense layer of black clouds, and it became as dark as nighttime.

The waves striking the reefs were becoming more and more outrageous, and they surged unceasingly.

"It came."

Jiang Chen noticed that a hurricane was coming over from a distant place.

It was even more spectacular, and great than he expected, which meant that it would be more dangerous.

"Why do you need to be this overhasty? It will be dangerous," the Azure Demon appeared suddenly, and spoke.

What was dangerous wasn't the hurricane, as Jiang Chen's divine body could resist even heavily lightning.

The hurricane was nothing out of the ordinary, but the issue stemmed from the fact that he would practice with his sword in it, and if he lost control of it just slightly, he would end up injuring himself.

With how sharp was the Redcloud Sword, it was tantamount to a spear, while his divine body was a shield.

If a spear collided against a shield, Jiang Chen wouldn't fare well regardless of which one won.

It was especially the case since Jiang Chen wanted to master the Ksana Sword Method's third move, increase his Sword Doctrine's power, and master the Lore of Wind.

Since he would do them all at the same time, the process would be filled with accidents.

However, the Azure Demon knew well that Jiang Chen wouldn't listen to his words even on the moment when he was uttering such words.

"It will be all right."

Surely enough, Jiang Chen didn't stop, and continued going toward the hurricane.

When he got close to it, he felt a strong suction force sweeping him. Jiang Chen didn't resist it, and used it to enter the hurricane.

He could see seawater, as well as all kinds of fish being swept by the hurricane, and being whirled by it unceasingly.

After he entered into the hurricane completely, such suction force turned into a tearing force.

It was at this moment did Jiang Chen unsheathe his Redcloud Sword, and as it swayed with the wind, his sword momentum erupted out.

"Ksana Sword Method, third move."

Jiang Chen flew away, and he was so quick that he disappeared, and just a ray of light could be seen flickering unceasingly in the hurricane.

However, after just a short while, the ray of light disappeared, and Jiang Chen was thrown out of the hurricane, and he fell in water miserably.

"I nearly got it," Jiang Chen spoke regretfully.

The Azure Demon wasn't worried for nothing, as even though the hurricane didn't injure him, but the sword, which went of control, left him with cuts and bruise.

However, it didn't injure any vital parts fortunately, and he recovered quickly under his divine body's effects.

"Let's try again."

Jiang Chen struck water, jumped up, and soared toward the hurricane.

The process was the same as before, however, when Jiang Chen waved his sword this time, lightning flickered in the hurricane's sky.

When Jiang Chen's sword momentum just rose up, he was sent flying once again, and his hair was even charred this time.

Jiang Chen didn't give up, and he continued rushing toward the hurricane. This time, he prepared to use the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula, and disregard the lightning.

This try could still be considered smooth, and without a hitch, but the power of the third sword move used by Jiang Chen wasn't excellent, and it was filled with many flaws.

The Spiritual Venerable Realm's perception, as well as his gift in sword arts, let Jiang Chen found where the issue laid quickly, and he tried once again.

When he used the sword move, the might of the whole hurricane drastically rose, and it became faster by several folds. The seawater was completely sucked into the sky, and a spectacular water tornado was formed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The hurricane became extremely crazy, and it didn't move at all, and just whirled in the same place. and the lightning in the air sizzled constantly.

If someone witnessed it such a scene, it would be impossible for him to forget it in his whole life.

As an explosion sound echoed, the hurricane, which reached its limit, fell apart like a machine, who bore a burden greater than its capacity, and a large amount of seawater scattered around.

The hurricane didn't disappear completely, and it was still here, but it just became extremely slow, while the black clouds in the sky already scattered.

If one carefully observed it, he would discover that the hurricane was controlled by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen, who was in the middle of the hurricane, opened his right hand, before he clenched his fingers.

The whole hurricane was immediately concentrated in his clenched fist, and when he opened it once again, strong gales swept the surrounding like a tide.

He mastered the Lore of Wind, cultivated the Ksana Sword Method's third move to perfection, and his Sword Doctrine's power rose further on.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》