The Brilliant Fighting Master
632 Seeing Something
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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632 Seeing Something

On an uninhabited island, Jiang Chen sat on the peak of the highest mountain. He closed his eyes slightly, as he wore a concentrated expression, while he crossed his hands before his Holy Sea's position.

As he used his cultivation method, it seemed like there was a lamp in his body, which was ignited by his Holy Sea, and which illuminated his whole body. It was lightning's radiance, and electric arcs started flickering on his body chaotically.

Wind, and clouds surged on the sky above his head, and they formed a group of lightning clouds. Such a group of clouds would seem just like a weak child if compared to the tribulation clouds, which appeared when Fan Tianyin's broke through.

However, they still mustn't be underestimated, as when the threatening lightning descended, even Fan Tianyin, who wasn't far from him, couldn't help but become worried.

However, the lightning didn't manage to affect Jiang Chen even when it struck him, and it seemed like it even nourished him, and it didn't display any of its destructive power.

When she observed him carefully, Fan Tianyi discovered that Jiang Chen's body could resist such lighting wholly.

"The combination of Holy Pulses, and Divine Body is really awesome," Fan Tianyin spoke in delight.

The cultivation of a Holy Skill was filled with dangers like for example the lightning clouds, which Jiang Chen was facing now. However, they were still just a trifling matter to the Dragon Phoenix Divine Body, and even Fan Tianyin envied him slightly.

After several minutes passed, the lightning clouds disappeared after they exhausted all of their energy.

Jiang Chen raised his arm, and forced back the lightning around him into his body inside, and when he opened his eyes, it seemed like lightning flickered in them.

"A Holy Skill is really extraordinary."

If Jiang Chen wanted to upgrade his Lightning Core, he must look for places filled with lightning's power. Those places weren't only rare, but they were filled with dangers.

However, now that he had the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula, he could use it to gather heavenly lightning, and cultivate.

Moreover, the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula could also display his Holy Pulse's dull power. In the past, he could just use his Holy Pulse to absorb all kinds of energies, but now, he could use its attacking power.

As long as he used the cultivation method, the Holy Sea's power would be wholly controlled by the lighting core, and while using protective energy barrier like the Magical Thunder Armor, he could form an almost perfect defense.

His battle prowess rose by several folds after he got a Holy Skill.

Jiang Chen came to Fan Tianyin's front, and wanted to share such good news with her, but he noticed that her face was filled with worry.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Chen asked.

"I must leave," Fan Tianyin said sadly.


Jiang Chen wasn't really surprised by it, as if he already expected it early on. It was because Fan Tianyin didn't have any place for her in the True Force Realm, and after she became a Great Venerable, it would be impossible for her to continue living as the head of robbers.

"I will go to look for a Holy Skill suitable for me, as only then can I get a chance of taking revenge for my Drifting Cloud Sect," Fan Tianyin said.

In the past, Jiang Chen could just take a cultivation method casually if faced with such a situation, but unfortunately, Holy Skills were a completely different matter, and only people with the same Holy Pulse would hand them down.

"I will help you," Jiang Chen said earnestly.

"I believe you," Fan Tianyin could truly see great potential on him, and Jiang Chen might be able of becoming a Great Venerable at an even younger age than her.

"Can't you put it off for several days?"

The Three Realms Competition still didn't start, and if Jiang Chen went back at such a time, he really wouldn't know what to do by himself there.

"I also don't want to, but the Sacred Martial Arts Institute will surely not take matters lying down, and tolerate a loose Great Venerable."

This was the main reason behind Fan Tianyin's struggle, and she spoke again, "When a person wants to advance to the Great Venerable Realm, he would normally choose a suitable time and place for it, and the Sacred Martial Arts Institute would then set off, and come to obstruct him."

"Obstruct him?" Jiang Chen didn't know what she meant by it.

"They would ask him whether he's willing to vow loyalty to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and if he isn't willing, then they would kill him."

"Did the Sacred Martial Arts Institute really assume that it's everything ruler."

Jiang Chen got angry when he heard her. When he was in the Nine Heavens Realm, someone said that the Murong Family rebelled just because the Sacred Institute governed them strictly.

However, the Sacred Institute would seem too good in comparison with the Sacred Martial Arts Institute.

"It's because a Great Venerable mustn't be overlooked, as he could affect the Three Lesser Realms' power structure."

"Each of the ten great sects, three dynasties, and four great families have no more than five Great Venerables, while the Sacred Martial Arts Institute have twenty ones."

"It's because of such number disparity, as well as the Balance Method, that nothing can pose a challenge to the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's status."

"The armed rebellion in the Flying Dragon Dynasty was also set by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute in the dark. They set it because the Flying Dragon Dynasty was becoming more prosperous with each passing day, and the number of its Great Venerables would surely threaten them."

"The Dragon Rebel Army was backed by them in secret, and many Flying Dragon Dynasty's geniuses, which might have been capable of becoming Great Venerables in the next twenty years died in the battlefield."

Fan Tianyin stayed in the Sacred Martial Arts Institute in the past, and she knew many dark, and secret info about them.

Jiang Chen clenched his fists. The Sacred Zone's great factions would surely not make such matters, which were tantamount to killing the goose that lays golden eggs.

A Great Venerable would have gone through many difficulties, and used countless resources to have such a day, and get to such a realm.

Would the Sacred Martial Arts Institute really make such a matter?

"Was there really someone, who was killed by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, when he was trying to advance to the Great Venerable Realm?" Jiang Chen asked in disbelief."

"Yes, according to what I know, in the recent battle in the Alien Battlefield, a man called Taoist Priest Skywind advanced to the Great Venerable Realm."

"Taoist Priest Skywind?" Jiang Chen was startled, as this was the person which Nan Fengling longed for.

"Do you know him?" Fan Tianyin didn't expect that it would be this coincidental

"He's my father's teacher, was he really killed by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute?"

Jiang Chen suddenly thought back of the words said by his father in the Alien Battlefield,, and how he said that he planned to let the Sacred Martial Arts Institute pay for it.

"That's right, when the Sacred Martial Arts Institute asked him in the past whether he's willing to vow loyalty to it, he agreed after hesitating for a while, however, when it wanted him to take a blood oath, he declined tactfully."

"As a result." Fan Tianyin didn't need to state the following matters.

"The Sacred Martial Arts Institute didn't look for me because I didn't choose a suitable place and time, and I just advanced forcefully," Fan Tianyin spoke, and changed the topic.

"When they get wind about it, they would surely send people after me, and I don't have any assurance of facing them before mastering a Holy Skill."

"You don't need to fear them just by mastering a Holy Skill? Even Great Venerables had a set system of realms." Jiang Chen became somewhat curious about it.

Fan Tianyin sneered coldly, and spoke disdainfully, "The reason why the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's people feared new Great Venerables appearance was because they already reached their limits."

"The final achievement of some people are decided on the moment they took their first step."

"They already exhausted their whole life potential to reach the Great Venerable Realm, and they don't have the heart to take risks, and they just left matters as they are. The people, who ruled the Three Lesser Realms are just a bunch of useless old b*stards."

Jiang Chen knew now the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's true colors after he listened to her, and he also understood why Fan Tianyin must leave, as she would take greater risks for each day she accompanied him.


Jiang Chen felt reluctant to part with her, and it was only now did he realize that he already started caring about this woman.

"Jiang Chen, I want to show you something before leaving."

All of a sudden, Fan Tianyin pulled Jiang Chen to the stone room, where they resided temporarily.

Since she just had just given him the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula, Jiang Chen became full of expectation, as he followed behind her to the stone room, which was quite dim.

Fan Tianyin, who was in front of him, stopped suddenly and turned around, while she started slowly untying her belt, and her snow-white body was just after exposed before Jiang Chen.

"I don't know whether I can still live on after such farewell. I don't care about the future, and I won't look into the past, and I just want today," Fan Tianyin said.

She was as bashful as before, but she was more firm and resolute.


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