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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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631 Holy Skill

On the isle, when the mountain-like bronze cauldron was turning back to its former size, Jiang Chen, and Fan Tianyin, flew to the sky.

Fan Tianyin didn't wore a veil this time, and she changed her black clothes, which were suitable for fights, into a blue long dress. The dress was quite simple, and it could even be said that it was quite dull, but after it was worn by Fan Tianyin, it turned into this world's most beautiful dress.

It would be impossible for anyone to link such an extremely beautiful woman with the head of robbers.

When Fan Tianyin thought back of the awkward scene in the cauldron, where she found herself naked, her face became flushed, and she didn't dare to look at Jiang Chen.

"They all ran away."

It was Jiang Chen who first spoke up, and broke the ice, "What did they muster such large forces for?"

Jiang Chen knew just that this was a part of the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's conspiracy, and he didn't know what was their motives behind such actions.

"It's like this..."

After Fan Tianyin informed him of the youth's plan, Jiang Chen revealed a meaningful smile. He still remembered that mysterious young master, which was the youth's older brother.

"Did you come back just to save me?" Fan Tianyin cared about this matter even more than those people's escape, and even though she already became a Great Venerable, she still could get bashful as usual.

She had tender, exquisite, and fair skin. She didn't wear a veil now, and her flushed face seemed quite moving and alluring.

"That's right."

Jiang Chen nodded, and spoke again, "Congratulations for becoming a Great Venerable."

"It's all thanks to you, so why do you need to treat me like a stranger like this?"

A resentful look appeared on Fan Tianyin's face, as she heard his reserved words.

At this moment, the bronze cauldron in Jiang Chen's hand shook intensely, before it cracked open, and turned into two fragments.

"Its energy was exhausted completely," Jiang Chen spoke grudgingly. He still planned to use it for a long time, but after it suffered the attacks of forty Celestial Venerables, and heavenly lighting, its energy was exhausted completely in a short while.

"This is your life-saving magical treasure... I'm now a Great Venerable, and I can compensate you," Fan Tianyin also spoke reservedly, however, her tone was still filled with resentment.

Jiang Chen collected back the two fragments, smiled faintly, and spoke, "Why don't you give yourself wholly to me as compensation?"

After Fan Tianyin heard such words, she didn't manage to respond until a long while passed.

"Are you serious?" Even though she was quite delighted, but she was still reserved, and spoke with a hesitant tone.

"No, I'm not serious," Jiang Chen said.

"Say it once again!"

As a whooshing sound echoed, a dagger was put against his neck, while Fan Tianyin wore a cold look, as she glared at him fixedly.

"No, no, no, I'm serious, serious," Jiang Chen spoke hurriedly.

"Those are proper words now. You don't have that magical treasure now, while I'm already a Great Venerable, so do you still dare to confront me?" Fan Tianyin smile complacently, and collected back the dagger.

"However, I have someone, which I love, and I can't give up on her, so I hope you that you can consider it properly," after Jiang Chen spoke, he didn't forget to add several words, "Moreover, you shouldn't go to kill her."

"Tang Shiya?" Fan Tianyin furrowed her brows, and asked.

"It's obviously not her."

"Obviously? Then what your relationship with her?" Fan Tianyin detected something unusual in his tone.

Jiang Chen didn't reply, and asked back, "Shouldn't you have already seen through it?"

"You know even this?" Fan Tianyin was surprised even more, as she assumed that Jiang Chen was captivated by Tang Shiya.

After she listened to Jiang Chen's story about it, Fan Tianyin said, "Both of you are too scary, as you are both trying to use each other."

"It's mutual benefit."

After Jiang Chen said such words, he furrowed his brows.


"It's just that some of her words displeased me."

Jiang Chen thought back of what Tang Shiya said, and the reason why she chose him to be her first tribulation. Any men wouldn't be displeased by such a matter.

"All of them looked down upon my Nine Heavens Realm's people, and I will surely step upon their heads, and see what can they say then."

The Three Realms Competition still didn't start, and Tang Shiya, who got the Passion Wisp, would probably choose to carry her plan on that day.


When Jiang Chen was just pondering about this matter, he suddenly smelt a sweet fragrance.

Since Tang Shiya was always fusing the Passion Wisp with her perfume, Jiang Chen almost retreated subconsciously now.

However, he quickly noticed that it was Fan Tianyin, who was coming toward him, and the fragrance also came from her.

"I don't mind it," Fan Tianyin said softly.

It was only after a long while did Jiang Chen realize that she was talking about his senior sister.

When he just let out a breath, and relaxed, he became once again worried, as he didn't know whether his senior sister would be willing to accept it.

However, there was, fortunately, a blood oath mingled in this matter, otherwise, he would really be too ashamed to face his senior sister.

"However, you are now just a Martial Venerable, and you must quickly become stronger," Fan Tianyin said.

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, and shook his head, a Martial Venerable was really greatly lacking in comparison to a Great Venerable.

"Do you want me to help you?" Fan Tianyin asked.

"Help me?"

Jiang Chen was startled, and he shook his head just after, and said, "I reached the middle stage of Martial Venerable Realm through Extreme Primordial Fruits, and the late stage through severing emotions. If I advanced even into the Spiritual Venerable Realm in such a way, then it would be surely harmful to me in the future."

One mustn't try to run before learning how to walk. If Jiang Chen really jumped from the Martial Venerable Realm to the Spiritual Venerable Realm in just a single month, then it would be even more shocking than the fact that he managed to reach the top of Dragon Rise List in the small world.

"I didn't say that I will help you in such a way, what are you thinking about?" Fan Tianyin chuckled, as she wore an odd look.

"Aren't you talking about that matter?" Jiang Chen chuckled.

Fan Tianyin shook her head. An old book appeared in her hand, and she threw it at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically, as with how old was this book, it could be considered an archaic book.

When he saw the book name, he couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.

A book, which could let him reveal such response, was surely not an ordinary one.

The book name was Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula, and it was a cultivation method, which should have been one of the most useless objects to Jiang Chen normally.

However, this book was different. There were innumerable and countless precious books in the Over Cloud Palace, but nothing was perfect in this world, and there was unavailable books list in it.

The names of extremely famous books, which they didn't get to collect, were written on it, and the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula was ranked tenth in the list.

The reason behind it was that only geniuses, which possessed Holy Pulses, could cultivate such a method, and in other words, the Nine Clouds Divine Lightning Formula was a Holy Skill.

Moreover, it wasn't an ordinary Holy Skill, as it was a special Holy Skill, which could be cultivated by just people with a specific Holy Pulse.

Each Holy Skill was created by someone with the same type of Holy Pulses because each person quantity of Holy Pulses was different.

"I got it while looking for Holy Skills, but it's a pity that it didn't fit my Holy Pulse, but I know that you have Nine Clouds Holy Pulses, and you can use it. Don't you feel like it was dictated by Heaven?" Fan Tianyin smiled faintly. All myriad matters would lose their luster before her smile.

Jiang Chen wasn't reserved, and he took it right away.

"Moreover, if you really wanted to reach the Spiritual Venerable Realm in such a way, then it isn't really unacceptable, as the cultivation speed of people like us, who had Holy Pulses, was quite outstanding, and there won't be any detrimental effects left behind."

Fan Tianyin put her five thin fingers on Jiang Chen's shoulder, and blew at his ear.

When Jiang Chen was just about to reply, she escaped quickly, and spoke, "However, since you already refused, I will respect your choice."

Her actions let Jiang Chen, who was already tempted, have an impulse to knock his head against tofu, and kill himself.

However, when he saw the crafty look in Fan Tianyin's eyes, as well as her smile, he realized that she did it on purpose.

He was left without a choice, and he suddenly didn't know how could he really describe Fan Tianyin, but he still knew that the future days wouldn't be boring.


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