The Brilliant Fighting Master
630 Raging Lightning
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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630 Raging Lightning

"To which person does this magical treasure belong?"

The twenty Celestial Venerables assumed that it belonged to someone on their side, and those, whose magical treasures were damaged, were just feeling pained over such loss, and planned to look for the responsible later on to pay them back.

The giant cauldron took almost a third of the isle's expanse, and covered Fan Tianyin.

It was only after a short while passed did they realized that the green cauldron was protecting Fan Tianyin, and they started then surveying the surrounding, as they wanted to see which person intervened.

However, there wasn't anyone in the isle beside them.

"Fools, that person is inside the cauldron," the youth scolded them.

It was only now did the crowd understood everything, as it was more than easy for such a giant cauldron to accommodate two people and more.

"Young master, you can be at ease. Fan Tianyin advanced into the Great Venerable Realm forcefully without any beforehand preparation, and she even did it in an awful place, which isn't brimming with vigorous energy."

The old lady spoke, "It isn't just Fan Tianyin who will die, even the person who saved her would be implicated by her, and die."

"It's a pity, it's really a pity."

The youth shook his head when he heard her, and he regretted not asking a Great Venerable to come with him, as he missed seeing a great beauty's face because of it.

Inside the cauldron, Jiang Chen made a fireball, and illuminated the surrounding.

"I'm all right."

Jiang Chen felt sorry for Fan Tianyin, when he saw her injuries riddled body, as well as breakthrough condition.

"I'm advancing to the Great Venerable Realm without even waiting for the right time and place, and I will shortly fail. You should bring your spiritual weapon with you, and leave quickly," Fan Tianyin said.

"It's out of the question, pull yourself together. Do you need the right time and place? I can help you with it."

Jiang Chen spoke in a deep voice, as he strode forward, and took a jade bottle, and released a large amount of a black yellow gas.

"This black yellow gas was born among worldly spiritual energy, and with it here, the right time and place won't matter anymore.

Jiang Chen let the black yellow gas fill the cauldron, and spoke firmly, "You should advance properly for me now."

"The black yellow gas?"

Fan Tianyin muttered, as a glimmer of hope was ignited in her heart, and she exercised control over her body changes, and strived to sit straightly.

She took a look at Jiang Chen, and took off her veil before starting.

"If I ended up failing, and dying, then I hope that you can at the very least remember my face," after she spoke, she started her breakthrough.

If she succeeded, she would become the youngest Great Venerable in the Three Lower Realms. No, it wouldn't be the case just in such realms, as even the Three Middle Realms' people would still be far inferior to her.

Jiang Chen, who was called a genius by people, couldn't help but admire this woman, as he looked at her face, which seemed older than his by just two or three years.

He suddenly became curious about how did Fan Tianyin manage to achieve all of this, and when observed her carefully, he noticed that her absorption speed of the black yellow gas wasn't any lower than his.

"A Holy Pulse!" This was the sole explication Jiang Chen could find for it.

If she had a Holy Pulse, and the black yellow gas, her breakthrough wouldn't be affected even if she didn't choose a suitable time and place for it.

At outside, the youth, and the group led by him, still didn't leave, and they all waited there for the outcome of what was occurring inside the cauldron.

All of a sudden, someone noticed that the sky above them experienced some changes, as clouds started gathering there.

"Tribulation lightning?"

"Did she break through successfully?"

When the old lady realized this matter, she almost died from an excess of anger. She already had a foot in the grave, and it would be impossible for her to reach the Great Venerable Realm in this life.

Now, she just witnessed a young woman become a Great Venerable early than her. Any person wouldn't be capable of accepting such matter, let alone the old lady, who hated Fan Tianyin.

"If we let her become a Great Venerable, then all of us will surely die."

"Young master, you should leave first."

"If we don't solve this problem today, then none of you shall dream about going back."

The youth treasured his life greatly, but before leaving, he didn't forget to leave the twenty Celestial Venerables a death command arrogantly.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's twenty Celestial Venerables looked at each other in dismay when they witnessed such a sight.

"This is what a person, who grew with a gold spoon in his mouth, like. The Celestial Venerables, which all people must respect, are obeying his orders like a group of obedient dogs."

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's people also came from great factions, but theirs would surely pale in comparison of the youth.

"What are you blanking there for? Destroy the cauldron."

After the old lady called them, the forty Celestial Venerables went down until the same altitude as the green cauldron, and started attacking it crazily.

However, the green cauldron wasn't affected at all, and a different noise echoed from each when each person's attack reached it.

"Since it could bear this many attacks of Celestial Venerables, is it a Dao Artifact?" The Sacred Martial Arts Institute's Feng Bujue grumbled.

All solid objects had an upper bearing limit, and damages would be inflicted upon them when they suffered an attack, but it seemed like this green cauldron went against this rule, and no matter how much they attacked it with their magical artifacts, they still couldn't leave even a blemish on it.

"Evade it quickly," someone shouted loudly suddenly, as the heavenly lightning above them already started descending.

Silver waterfall-like lightning immediately bombarded the green cauldron, and even though it was still undamaged, but the lightning passed through it, and turned the inside of the cauldron into a world of lightning.

Fan Tianyin raised her brows, and thought of Jiang Chen, as the heavenly lightning, which descended because of her breakthrough to the Great Venerable Realm, wasn't something which a Martial Venerable could bear.

"I'm alright. I can bear it, and it's even a good lucky chance for me," Jiang Chen informed her that she didn't to worry about him, and he even extended his hand toward the heavenly lightning.

He didn't upgrade the lightning core inside his body from the moment he left the Nine Heavens Realm's Sacred Institute.

The heavenly lightning's level surpassed the lightning core inside his body greatly, but it was still not as terrifying as the divine lightning.

However, even though he spoke of it lightly, such a process would still be fraught with dangers.

The lighting 's power could be divided into rushing lighting, raging lightning, frightening lightning, heavenly lightning, and divine lightning level.

The lightning core inside Jiang Chen's body was just at rushing lighting level, and bearing heavenly lightning wasn't as easy as he expected, and if he didn't have the Dragon Phoenix Divine Body, then he might have even died here.

"I asked you to concentrated in your breakthrough!" Jiang Chen shouted loudly. Fan Tianyin was worried about Jiang Chen, and paid attention to him, which let her aura become slightly chaotic.

After he roared at her, Fan Tianyin immediately stopped paying attention to him, and concentrated on her breakthrough.

Although she cared about Jiang Chen, but she wasn't an indecisive woman, or else, she wouldn't manage to become the head of robbers.

Both of them bore the lightning baptism inside the cauldron separately.

The people at the outside world didn't manage to break through the green cauldron's defense even after they exhausted all their means.

"We can't obstruct her, we can't obstruct her."

"A Great Venerable would shortly emerge."

"Why can she succeed even though she broke through to it hurriedly?"

After the tribulation clouds went through the most intense juncture, they started dissipating gradually. When they dissipated completely, a Great Venerable would appear here.

The old lady couldn't accept it, but was still forced to leave now, as if they waited for Fan Tianyin to come out, then all of them would die.

The green cauldron was constantly bearing the lighting's attacks, and the people inside it were even engulfed by the latter.

While Jiang Chen bore the heavenly lightning's might, and absorbed it, he managed to reach raging lightning level.

"The lightning power weakened?" When Jiang Chen realized this matter, he was overjoyed greatly, and when he looked at Fan Tianyin, he discovered that after the lightning disappeared, her whole body flew by itself.

"A Great Venerable."

Fan Tianyin's black hair fluttered in the wind, and a solemn and holy look was plastered on her face. The lightning around her turned into a holy radiance which engulfed her whole body, and let her seem sacred and inviolable.

However, Jiang Chen quickly noticed that her clothes already disappeared, and after the holy radiance disappeared too, he stared at her blankly.


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