The Brilliant Fighting Master
627 Dragon Phoenix Divine Body
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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627 Dragon Phoenix Divine Body

When the threads of love had been completely out, Jiang Chen fell into the
He looked exactly how Tang Shiya had expected. After the threads of love
had been out, he was weak and powerless.
She didn't notice that Jiang Chen's heart had a strong beat, and the sea
surface rippled with it.
Jiang Chen sank in the sea.
Tang Shiya didn't hear it. She didn't even pay any attention to it.
When all of the threads of love had entered her body, she was enveloped by a
milk white energy.
The energy was getting stronger and stronger. The light it emitted could be
compared with the burning sun.
She didn't know how long had passed when all of the energy had flooded into
her body.
Bathing in the white light, Tang Shiya looked like the Goddess of the Nine
When she opened her eyes again, she was already a different person.
"Spiritual Venerable! I've broken through to Spiritual Venerable!"
"And I've got a fighting body. I've got a Holy Love Fighting Body!"
Tang Shiya was delighted. Two of her biggest wishes came true at the same
Something occurred to her suddenly. She looked around towards the sea.
Such a long time had passed. It was impossible to find Jiang Chen again.
Too weak to survive, he must have drowned.
At this thought, Tang Shiya, who thought she had identified herself
completely, somehow felt down.
Such sadness took her joy away.

There were a few moments when she did feel attracted to Jiang Chen during
the time spent with him.
Especially when he saved her from the pirates.
She gnashed her teeth, about to go into the water to look for him.
"What are you gonna do? Do you want to stay at the first kalpa forever?"
As soon as she moved, a stern voice came from the air. That sedan chair
appeared again.
The pretty woman walked out of it. Tang Shiya and she looked very much
alike. The coldness on her face was what Tang Shiya was familiar with.
"What did you say when you made up your mind to practice the Kalpa of
Threads of Love?" The woman sounded cold and emotionless.
"I said I would quest for the peak and never regret," Tang Shiya said.
"What did you want to do just now?" The woman asked.
Tang Shiya lowered her head. She murmured, "This might be my only chance
in my whole life, and I just missed it."
"I was also resolute when I left the loving heart in your father's body, but what
happened next?"
The woman wiped her face, and her appearance changed.
She had got lots of crow's feet. With her wrinkled skin, she looked ten-odd
years older in a second.
"This is the consequence of losing the loving heart before completing the ninth
"You're still at the first kalpa. You'll end up worse than me."
Tang Shiya changed her mind. It was the first time that she had seen this side
of her mother's.
"Besides, even if you regret, Jiang Chen won't end up differently. Being buried

in this sea is better than struggling to live."
The woman said, "He is good, but I've been to the Three Middle Realms, and
I know he is just a mediocre there."

Tang Shiya calmed down. Nodding gently, she said, "Mother, Jiang Chen has
lots of Black Yellow Gas and a very powerful cauldron."
The woman was surprised. Then she showed a rare smile, appreciating her
"Good girl."
The woman praised Tang Shiya, about to go treasure-seeking in the sea.
However, before they could put it into action, they found the sea was
experiencing a change.
It seemed a storm was coming. The calmness of the sea was interrupted,
replaced with surging waves.
However, it was cloudless overhead, which made it was a freaky scene.
Dong! Dong! Dong!
To their surprise, muffling noises came from under the sea.
"This is...this is the sound of heartbeat!"
Tang Shiya turned pale when she had recalled what Jiang Chen had said.
She said, "He is not dead yet. He is still alive."
That wasn't all. He would come back stronger.
The woman snorted, staring at the sea.
"Mother, we should get out of here as soon as possible," Tang Shiya said
"What are you afraid of? Even if he is still alive, he'll be a Spiritual Venerable
at most." The woman didn't take her warning seriously.
But Tang Shiya told her about the power of the bronze cauldron soon.
"It's so dreadful?"
The woman didn't believe it right away. She thought Tang Shiya was just
protecting Jiang Chen.
"It's true!"
Tang Shiya guaranteed. She couldn't imagine what kind of revenge Jiang
Chen would take.
The sea was out of the Tangs' reach. She wouldn't be a match for him.

"Let go of him then. I don't think a guy from the Realm of Nine Heavens will
have the nerve to take revenge on us. If he doesn't feel grateful, we'll kill him."
The woman didn't want to take the risk, either, after knowing what Tang Shiya
had said was true. She left with her daughter.
In this way, they didn't witness the most wonderful scene.
A blaze suddenly appeared under the restless sea.
It looked distorted under the water surface, but it was still recognizable.
The fire burned more and more violently. It had a certain shape, like a dragon
and also like a phoenix. It seemed a giant beast lurking under the sea.
The sea rumbled.
Soon, the water was boiling and smoking.
The sea water had been boiled by the fire!
It was hard to imagine what a high temperature the fire had.
In the end, the blaze started to rise. So did the sea water.
A wonderful scene happened. This part of the sea water rose into a platform.
When it had reached almost 1000 meters, Jiang Chen dashed out of it,
snarling, raising his head.
The power emitted from him could be compared with what the fall of the sea
water could produce.
Not until he had let off some steam did he find he was naked. He hurried to
put on some clothes.
"The late stage of Martial Venerable, only one step away from Spiritual
Venerable. Unfortunately, I wasn't in love enough."
Maybe it was because he had already known the truth from the very
beginning that he failed to love deeply no matter how hard he tried.
Kalpa of Threads of Love was one of the best man-seizing methods.
But the Holy Method of Desire Jiang Chen was practicing was almost the
It even shouldn't be regarded as a man-seizing method, because it wouldn't
harm anyone.

Eliminating desire after fully experiencing it could make one go farther and
achieve higher.
That was how he managed to go through the pulling out of the threads of love.
But it was a pity that Jiang Chen kind of cheated.
Although he did fall in love with Tang Shiya, his love was conditional.
As a result, he only broke through to the late stage.
But what Jiang Chen cared most wasn't his state, but his fighting body.
His Dragon Phoenix Body had turned into Dragon Phoenix Divine Body.
That was why there had been such a big disturbance.
After fixing his wet hair, Jiang Chen headed for the island.
Actually, Tang Shiya didn't have to worry about the revenge.
"Jiang Chen?!"
He ran into two acquaintances while flying over another sea area.
The Lord of Wolf from the Shangguans and the Dragon Generals of Fire from
the Mad Dragon Dynasty.
"How come you're here alone? Where is my younger brother?" the Dragon
General of Fire said emotionally.
They didn't know about the Evilest Island yet. They came here as soon as
they found the Sea Conqueror. It was a surprise that they had run into Jiang
"Make way. And I'll let you go alive."
He had the bronze cauldron and the eight groups of spiritual beings with him.
More importantly, he wasn't afraid of Spiritual Venerables anymore!
"Don't forget your treasure can only deal with one person."
The Lord of Wolf said coldly, "Even if your state enhances, you are still not a
match for Spiritual Venerables."
"Yeah? You wanna give it a try?"


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