The Brilliant Fighting Master
626 The First Kalpa
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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626 The First Kalpa

The two was standing on the sea in a weird atmosphere.
Jiang Chen was very weak, but his word was stirring and to the point.
Tang Shiya was at her best. She could kill Jiang Chen anytime, but she was
as pale as a ghost, and her look was uneasy.
"You think men like women to be obedient, so you tried to support me as
much as you could, but contradicting your character, it looked odd to me."
"When Fan Tianyin was about to sail the ship, you told me you were worried
about your sibling disciples on the Evilest Island, but actually, you just wanted
to intensify the conflict between her and me. You wanted one of us to die."
"There were more things like that..."
Tang Shiya couldn't keep listening to him anymore. She interrupted him,
"Enough! If you knew everything, why didn't you lay bare my trick?"
Jiang Chen said, "Tell me first why you chose me to practice the Kalpa of
Threads of Love."
Throwing him a glance, Tang Shiya thought for a while seriously. Maybe she
took pity on him seeing him suffering.
"Because you're good enough. This is true."
Shaking his head, Jiang Chen said, "You're still keeping back something from
me. You're not cruel enough, because you don't want a dead man to hate
you. Such a method isn't for you yet."
Kalpa of Threads of Love was one of the best among methods used to seize a
man's body. Mastering it required a lot of things.
The practicer must fall in love, but at the same time be emotionless. No
cheating was allowed in the process.
"You're good indeed. The threads of love will work better with you being my
target. Besides, you have a fighting body."
After hearing Jiang Chen, Tang Shiya looked colder and colder.
She went on, "And I've just realized why you jumped into the trap. You want a
loving heart, don't you?"
If unable to fall out of love, the practicer of Kalpa of Threads of Love could
transform the threads of love in the target's body into a loving heart.

In short, the female practicer wouldn't be benefited. Her practice of Kalpa of
Threads of Love would fail, while the male target would be benefited a lot.
"I did think about that, but you care so much about that woman. Would it still
be a worthwhile to do for me?" Tang Shiya said with hatred and jealousy.
"I told you you didn't have to hold back anything. Tell me why you chose me.
Tell me why you decided not to leave me a loving heart," Jiang Chen said.
"You really didn't hear these things from that woman?"
Seeing him mention the loving heart in such a calm manner, Tang Shiya
couldn't help but feel skeptical. She recalled what had happened the other
night between Fan Tianyin and her in the room.
"What do you want to talk about?" It was Tang Shiya who posed the first
"You intentionally provoked Jiang Chen on the deck, so that he would have a
life-or-death fight against me, didn't you?"

Although it was a question, Tang Shiya found she didn't have to answer Fan
Tianyin, because that pair of eyes above the veil had seen through
"Exactly. So what?" Tang Shiya admitted frankly.
"I know your mother's master," Fan Tianyin said something confusing.
However, Tang Shiya was panicked. The calmness on her face disappeared.
"It's a shame for a woman to use men as the stepping stone to become a
great Venerable."
Ignoring her reaction, Fan Tianyin went on, "If you dare do this to Jiang Chen,
I won't spare you!"
Tang Shiya was irritated, too. Anger showed up on her fine-featured face.
Unhappy with Fan Tianyin's arrogant gesture, she said, "Just tell him. Let's
see whether Jiang Chen will believe you or believe me."
Fan Tianyin gave her a slap as her response.
Tang Shiya unconsciously touched her cheek, in which the swelling had
subsided, when she had recollected the end of the whole conversation.

"That's right. I chose you because you're from the Realm of Nine Heavens,
and you don't have any background. As a result, I wouldn't have to have any
"Because only top forces are able to bring up a genius like you, and I don't
have the nerve to target their men."
"It's also because you don't have any background that I don't want to leave a
loving heart in you. A person like you will only win temporary glory, but it won't
last forever!"
Tang Shiya broke out. She stopped concealing the truth and confided in him.
"Great. This is the attitude a practicer of the Kalpa of Threads of Love should
have." Jiang Chen didn't get angry. He laughed instead, appreciating Tang
Shiya's reaction.
"I've never said I am a good person, but you men always expect a pretty
woman also to possess a great heart."
"Pretty women don't have to rely on strong men. They can be strong
themselves. No one in the Nine Realms will look down on me when I master
the ninth kalpa of the Kalpa of Threads of Love!" Tang Shiya kept speaking
without paying attention to what he had said.
There were nine kalpas in all in the Kalpa of Threads of Love. It meant the
practicer had to fall in love nine times with nine different men.
Its power would be greater in later stages, and more difficult, too.
"My mother left a loving heart in my father's body at the third kalpa, but what
did she get? My father had countless women outside. And my mother will stay
as a Celestial Venerable for her entire life."
Jiang Chen said, "Celestial Venerable is an unachievable level for many
"The master of my mother also left a man a loving heart at the sixth kalpa.
She was a great Venerable. But unfortunately, that man didn't have any luck.
He was killed by his enemy."
Tang Shiya kept speaking. When she had let off steam, she stared at Jiang
Chen. Her eyes were extremely red.
"I've just started. This is only the first kalpa. You want me to leave a loving
heart now?"
It was difficult to tell whether the irony in her tone was towards Jiang Chen or

Then she took a deep breath to calm herself down.
She walked towards Jiang Chen as she spoke. It was a long walk.
"Jiang Chen, you're almost the best candidate for the first kalpa."
"Talented, having the blood of inheritance, but unfortunately, the only flaw is
you're from the Realm of Nine Heavens. Your talent is too good for your
When she had finished speaking, she had been next to Jiang Chen.
Jiang Chen was touched by her. He said, "Shiya, you still can compensate
me. Leave me a loving heart. You won't regret."
Tang Shiya blinked, as if she couldn't believe what she had heard. She burst
out laughing, leaving her manners behind.
"Jiang Chen, even though I know you're an unpredictable person, you know
how ridiculous you sounded?"
"I wasn't begging you. I was giving you a chance."
Jiang Chen said seriously, "Many people will desire such a chance in the
future, and now it's within easy reach for you."
Tang Shiya hesitated. She looked like she was struggling.
"I don't want it!"
All of a sudden, she lifted her chin, and she threw her palm towards Jiang
Jiang Chen stuck his chest out. A few threads of love that looked like dragon
beard were drawn out of him. They were transparent, light and thin.
"As I expected! You're really a very talented person! These threads of love
can endow me with a fighting body!"
As soon as her arm made contact with the threads of love, Tang Shiya's
hesitation disappeared completely. It was replaced with frenzy.
"Congratulations. Your wish will finally be satisfied."
Jiang Chen still remembered how envious she had been every time at the
mention of fighting body.
"Don't worry. Be my first kalpa, and you will realize yourself, too!" Tang Shiya

"You're right about one thing. I'm always unpredictable."
Suddenly, Jiang Chen smiled. The smile put Tang Shiya uneasy.
He knew it was dangerous, but he had made up his mind. Was it really
because he wanted a loving heart?
Naturally, the answer was negative!


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