The Brilliant Fighting Master
625 Kalpa of Threads of Love
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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625 Kalpa of Threads of Love

It was a middle-aged man in an average azure robe, but his average clothing
couldn't hide his energy as a Celestial Venerable.
Flying over the Sea Conqueror, he frowned when he had found he was being
stopped by a tactical formation.
"Feng Bujue from the Sacred Martial Arts Institute."
He introduced himself, unhappy with the Sea Conqueror's impervious attitude.
Jiang Chen removed the grand formation of the Sea Conqueror after thinking.
Not until then did Feng Bujue flick his sleeves and land on the deck
"How come the Sea Conqueror is like this? Who are you?"
Feng Bujue intuited something was wrong with the ship right away. Putting on
guard, he said, "Where are the men of the Ten Symbols Alliance?"
"Senior Feng, this is Jiang Chen, Marquis Champion of the Flying Dragon
Dynasty," Tang Shiya introduced Jiang Chen to him.
"Miss Tang?"
Feng Bujue recognized her, but his hostility against Jiang Chen didn't go
away. He said, "Doesn't the Marquis Champion have a mouth?"
As a Celestial Venerable, he felt offended that no one on the Sea Conqueror
had bowed and scraped to him.
"What are you here for?"
As he wished, Jiang Chen finally spoke, but sounded pretty impolite.
Anger showed up on Feng Bujue's square face. Flickering his sleeves again,
he said, "How dare a small Martial Venerable be so arrogant!"
Jiang Chen said, "Others should kiss the ground before you, just because
you're a Celestial Venerable?"
He had seen through Feng Bujue. Despite of his plain clothing, he was rather
proud. He looked down on those in lower states.
Tang Shiya winked at Jiang Chen nervously. She didn't want to antagonize
the Sacred Martial Arts Institute.

The Sacred Martial Arts Institute had sovereign power in the Realm of True
Force. They were powerful enough to kill most of the people as long as they
Feng Bujue squinted at him. His look was gloomy and cold.
However, when all of the weapons on the ship had been aimed at him, his
aggressiveness was immediately gone.
The Sea Conqueror, built by the Top Ten Sects and Schools, was well-known
in the Realm of True Force. It had strong lethality.
Despite of being a Celestial Venerable, he still had to be careful.
"I won't make a fuss with you. I just want to know where the men of the Ten
Symbols Alliance are," said Feng Bujue.
He didn't know he had made a wise decision to give up the attack. Otherwise,
he would have been greeted by the bronze cauldron.
"Senior, here is the thing..." Tang Shiya tried to explain to him.
"I want him to tell me!"
Feng Bujue interrupted. Point at Jiang Chen, he said, "You work for the Flying
Dragon Dynasty. The Sea Conqueror is under your control. You'd better
explain to me what has happened."
"If you want to know."
Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. He told Feng Bujue what had happened,

omitting some details unfavorable for him.
"As I expected."
Feng Bujue wasn't surprised.
Instead, a cruel smile showed up on his face.
"Did these pirates really enter the stone gate?" Feng Bujue asked.
Tang Shiya had a hunch that he had something to do with it. She said,
"Senior, is this the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's plan?"
"I can't tell you now, but you'll hear the news."
Feng Bujue was here to ask for information. He flew away immediately after
getting what he wanted.

"The Treasure House of the Lord of Sea is the Sacred Martial Arts Institute's
scheme. They intend to eliminate the top-ten pirates through it." Jiang Chen
roughly guessed what this was about.
"The raised nail gets hammered down. The Marvelous Sound Robber is
involved this time. No wonder they spent so much time in plotting everything."
Tang Shiya was satisfied with the news she had heard. However, she felt
nervous when seeing Jiang Chen gazing at the direction where the island was
"Do you want to go to their rescue?!"
Tang Shiya said anxiously, "Jiang Chen, it's not only dangerous, but you'll
antagonize the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. There will be no place left for you
in the Realm of True Force!"
Stepping forward, Jiang Chen said seriously, "I have to go."
"Is that woman really that beautiful?!" Tang Shiya shouted, out of control. She
had never behaved like this before.
"I'll just go to take a look."
Jiang Chen flew away from the Sea Conqueror.
"Jiang Chen!"
Tang Shiya followed him. Grabbing his arm, she said, "Once you do anything,
you'll antagonize the Sacred Martial Arts Institute. I'm with you. Have you ever
thought for me?"
Gazing at her face, Jiang Chen said, "Is the son of the leader of the Tianyi
School really alive?"
Fan Tianyin wouldn't have told such a poor lie.
"Jiang Chen!"
Tang Shiya jumped into his arms. Holding him tightly, she said, "Yes, I lied to
you! Because I don't want to lose you. You'll take pity on the Marvelous
Sound Robber if you know the truth."
"That's why I have to go. I won't do anything unless it's necessary." Jiang
Chen ran his fingers through her hair.
"Really?" Tang Shiya held Jiang Chen tightly, as if she didn't want him to go.

"What I asked is, are you really going?"
Tang Shiya lifted her head. It wasn't sadness or anger on her pretty face. It
was coldness.
Jiang Chen felt there was something wrong. Then he sensed danger.
Before he could do anything, Tang Shiya walked away from him and stopped
four or five meters away.
What had gone with her together was Jiang Chen's strength.
He felt too weak to move, but he didn't fall. Something strange was happening
in him.
"Jiang Chen, you asked for this," Tang Shiya said. Her pretty face was
extremely cold.
"It's Kalpa of Threads of Love?"
Jiang Chen managed to calm down from the panic feeling. He guessed what
had happened.
"You know?" Tang Shiya, about to explain to him, was struck dumb.
"Kalpa of Threads of Love is a great way to seize a man's body. By
comparison, the Happiest Holy Method is only trash."
Jiang Chen said, "However, compared with the Happiest Holy Method, the
practice of Kalpa of Threads of Love requires more."
"Exactly. The practicer has to fall in love indeed. So do you. So, actually I
wasn't lying to you."
Maybe because Jiang Chen knew too much, Tang Shiya didn't sound very
"Just admit it. You used the threads of love of the method to make me fall in
love with you. They entered my system through the fragrance on your body,"
Jiang Chen said.
"You do know a lot. You did fall in love because of the threads of love."
Then Tang Shiya asked, "Did that woman tell you about this?"
"No. I knew it from the very beginning."
"No way!"

Tang Shiya couldn't accept his answer. She said emotionally, "If you had
known, why would you have fallen into the trap...You should know what will
happen to you after I take away the threads of love."
"I will be disabled, paralyzed."
Jiang Chen was very pale. Sweat was running down his face. He said, "You
were cold to me in the Water Dragon City. Your attitude towards me changed
a lot after you had decided you'd use me to help you practice."
"If I didn't know there was such a method in the world, of course I wouldn't
have had any doubt. I would have thought it was thanks to my great
performance in the banquet."
"But you're too immature. I guess I'm the first person you used the Kalpa of
Threads of Love on?"
Tang Shiya's expression was complicated. She made an effort to nod. She
had almost forgot who was the one being restricted.
"Your mother is your mentor. That's why she showed up then, to force us to
break the ice, so that we could develop our relationship in a natural way."
"Besides, you also leaked our whereabouts to the Mad Dragon Dynasty and
the Shangguans, to make me believe we were together through thick and


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