The Brilliant Fighting Master
623 A Stone Gate
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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623 A Stone Gate

"Do you believe her?"
Tang Shiya asked, after Jiang Chen had told her the secret of the Evilest
Looking into her eyes, Jiang Chen said slowly, "Didn't you see the Ten
Symbols Alliance held human life to be cheap when we embarked on the
"My sibling disciples won't do such things!" Tang Shiya insisted.
"In fact..." Jiang Chen told her what Liu Feng and Sea Conqueror Jiang had
done on the island.
Tang Shiya had been ignorant of it. She was too shocked to speak after being
informed of it.
If it were only about Liu Feng, she wouldn't have been shocked to such an
extent. However, Sea Conqueror Jiang, who was always so kind and so
caring to her, had been a part of it, too.
"Fighting against her will destroy the Sea Conqueror, and no one will be
saved in that way. Saving those people is the most important thing for the
moment," Jiang Chen went on.
Tang Shiya looked skeptical. She said sourly, "You don't want to fight against
her, do you?"
This was something new for Jiang Chen. She had always been a generous
and thoughtful woman. He didn't expect her to be jealous.
"Jiang Chen, you won't leave me to stay with her, will you?" Tang Shiya said,
"Of course I won't," Jiang Chen said.
Tang Shiya jumped into his arms, which seemed a natural thing to do in such
a situation. She said, "Jiang Chen, I'm scared. Is that Marvelous Sound
Robber really that young?"
Jiang Chen once mentioned Fan Tianyin's age to her.
Even Jiang Chen found it incredible, that she had become a Celestial
Venerable before 30.

If she hadn't come to the Sea Area in Twilight against her will, there would be
so suspense in the Great Competition of Three Realms.
"She can't have achieved this through normal practice. She must have a
fighting body, like you, or something else that can help her."
Tang Shiya felt envious. She behaved like this every time she mentioned
fighting body.
And since Fan Tianyin was her rival, she felt even more pressured.
Tang Shiya suddenly approached Jiang Chen and whispered into his ear in
an almost inaudible voice, "Jiang Chen, take my virginity."
Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He somehow recalled what Fan Tianyin had
She could just have said that intentionally to drive a wedge between Tang
Shiya and him.
Not getting any response, Tang Shiya looked up. She seemed sad. She said,
"You don't like me? Or you're afraid she won't like you anymore when she
"That's nonsense. It's just...the timing isn't right..." Jiang Chen said, feeling
"I want to do it. I want that woman to hear us. You're mine!" Tang Shiya was
ready to risk everything. Flushing, she dared speak out whatever occurred to
She continued, "Didn't you say we could practice the Happiest Holy Method? I
don't want to stay so weak. My state is two levels lower than hers."

Jiang Chen wanted to say something, but all of a sudden, he smelt that
special fragrance of Tang Shiya. He hesitated, and felt hot.
The door was open. Fan Tianyin was looking at the two.
Although they couldn't see her face, the energy emitted from her already told
them how angry she was.
Afraid of her a lot, Tang Shiya walked away from Jiang Chen immediately.
Looking towards Jiang Chen, Fan Tianyin said coldly, "The map is already
done. You're worthless now."
Frowning, Jiang Chen put the bronze cauldron onto his palm.

If she had done everything just to get the map, she was really a dreadful
"Just kidding. Let's go. We already know where the Treasure House of the
Lord of Sea is."
However, that terrifying energy emitted from Fan Tianyin suddenly
disappeared. This woman was as unpredictable as sea. It was really difficult
to understand her.
Then the two followed Fan Tianyin to meet the other pirates.
"His map piece is the most important one. Now we see the whole map."
"It turns out the Treasure House of the Lord of Sea is on an island nearby."
Maybe it was because of this that Fan Tianyin had gone to the Evilest Island.
One false step will make a great difference.
All of those pirates knew the island marked on the map.
It was even smaller than the Sea Conqueror. They could see the whole
picture of it by overlooking it from the air.
So they were surprised to know the Treasure House of the Lord of Sea was
on this island.
Then they headed for the island actively.
"Once we find the Treasure House of the Lord of Sea, we'll be able to
establish a powerful force on the sea."
"The 108 pirates won't be targeted by practicers at will anymore."
The treasure house was so close. Everyone felt excited about it, imagining
what would happen after getting the treasures.
The Sea Conqueror was sailing at high speed on the sea.
The island came into their sight before the noon.
It was only a small dot on the sea, surrounded by reefs, with little vegetation.
Such a place was worrisome.
If there were treasures, they should have been found.
Unless it was an extremely large treasure house, hid in a secret place.

When they had been only 500 meters away from the island, they were too
excited to wait any longer. They flew to the island.
They checked every inch of the island through holy awareness after getting
onto the island.
However, a few minutes passed, and they found nothing.
"Weird. It's what's marked on the map." Fan Tianyin took out the map to
To her surprise, a light glimmered through the paper rips between map
At the same time, they felt the ground was shaking.
A huge change happened to the island.
Tu Tiandao and others were extremely excited. They were looking forward to
what they would see.
However, Jiang Chen looked skeptical.
"What's wrong?" Tang Shiya said in a caring manner.
"I don't know. Something is wrong."
Then, instantly, the rocks on the island experienced a wonderful change as
the ground shook.
A stone gate, more than 20 meters high, broke through the soil.
But there was nothing behind the gate. Only the gate posts were carved with
all kinds of runes.
The group approached it, puzzled.
Someone tried to walk into the gate, but a force kept him outside.
"A ward? No way. We don't want to crack such a thing now."
Those pirates looked towards Fan Tianyin.
Fan Tianyin wasn't good at cracking wards, but the Starpicker was.
Unfortunately, Fan Tianyin had killed him. She was lost, too, facing the stone

"Shall we try to open it with brute force?"
"No. What if any problem arises?"
The more time they spent on arguing, the more they were annoyed by Fan
"Leave it to me."
Jiang Chen walked towards the stone gate. He had seen through its trick
while others were arguing.
Of course Tu Tiandao and others didn't believe him.
Jiang Chen was too young. He couldn't be good at so many things
considering the time and energy these things would take.
Despite of their query, Jiang Chen kept sizing up the gate. He even touched
the gate pillars with his hand.
The black pillars weren't made of stone. They were as smooth as jade, and
felt warm.
"There is something wrong."
Jiang Chen turned pale. He said, "Get out of here right away!"
Tu Tiandao didn't want to listen to him.
"The ward deployed on the stone gate is from three or four years ago. It is too
new compared with the ancient map."
Those pirates glanced at each other.
"Why don't you just admit you don't know how to crack it?" Tu Tiandao said
"Are you sure about it? Maybe you made a mistake?"
"Are you thinking of taking all of the treasuries after we leave?"
Other people also questioned him. They said, "Just crack it. Even if there is
danger, we would like to take it."


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