The Brilliant Fighting Master
620 Head of the Pirates
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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620 Head of the Pirates

The Starpicker closed his palm as if he had seized something in the air. Then
his weapon appeared in his hand.
It looked like the full moon, and was very sharp. The Starpicker was wearing
iron gloves.
Tang Shiya kept stepping back because of fear. Then she saw the
Starpicker's body transforming.
Tang Shiya wasn't an average woman, but things happened too fast. When
she had come to herself, she dashed over holding her sword in her right hand.
However, the Starpicker grabbed her right wrist.
"Miss Tang is really a young genius, but you're still not a match for a Spiritual
Venerable in the late stage!"
At the same time, a massacre started on the ship.
Many people died without knowing why. Even at death's doorstep, they didn't
understand why their sibling disciples had attacked them.
Tang Shiya saw the pirates ranked in the top ten in the Sea Area in Twilight
show up one by one.
Those on the Sea Conqueror weren't a match for them at all. The main force
was on the island.
As a result, the massacre stopped soon. The survivals were captured and
gathered on the deck.
"Give us the control of the Sea Conqueror!"
Tu Tiandao, ranked the fourth among the pirates, looked exactly as what his
name suggested. Fierce-looking, he looked like a butcher.
Looking at the captives standing in a row, he spoke as clear as a bell. His look
was as ferocious as a beast's.
The captives glanced at each other silently.
"It's not gonna work. The presidents have the final control. They'll take back
the control of the Sea Conqueror easily," one of them said.
Tu Tiandao came up to him, sizing him up.

Then he cut the captive in half with his knife. The blood kept flowing down the
"You think we don't have our men among the presidents?"
Tu Tiandao laughed coldly. It dawned on the captives, almost scared to death.
If there weren't one or two planted men among the presidents, it would have
been impossible for the pirates to infiltrate in them in such a secret way.
Soon, the pirates got what they wanted.
The Sea Conqueror itself was what was actually powerful on the ship. The ten
presidents were only the ones who operated it.
"Miss Tang, it's time to get down to business now!"
The Starpicker clenched Tang Shiya's wrist with efforts. Tang Shiya felt such
a strong pain that she couldn't hold the sword anymore. It fell onto the ground.
Then the Starpicker dragged her towards the cabin.
"You're lucky that you're the first."
Tu Tiandao said unhappily. He looked jealous.
The Starpicker didn't say anything. He just kept laughing.
Tang Shiya found she could do nothing to stop him however hard she
struggled. What Tu Tiandao had said made her want to die.
On the deck, not only the Starpicker and Tu Tiandao, the other three pirates
were also looking at her in an offensive manner.

So were their minions.
"What's that?!"
Suddenly, someone on the deck saw a flame charging towards them from the
Evilest Island.
The flame was so vigorous that they couldn't see the bronze cauldron. They
even thought it was a meteorite.
It came to the Sea Conqueror head-on. Those on the ship were extremely
The pirates went to hide somewhere, leaving the captives behind.

Standing where they were, the captives forgot about fleeing away.
"Don't panic!"
Tu Tiandao shouted. He was sort of calm. Seeing what was odd about the
flame, he said, "It is slowing down. It's the enemy instead of a meteorite!"
They hadn't taken control of the Sea Conqueror yet, so they had to meet the
enemy on their own.
The bronze cauldron stopped over the deck, and the flame disappeared.
"A cauldron?"
Those people were confused, but when the the bronze cauldron fell, they felt
As soon as the bronze cauldron fell on the deck, the whole ship shook
Jiang Chen jumped out of it, and the cauldron turned back to its normal size.
"Jiang Chen!"
Tang Shiya was surprised to see Jiang Chen at such a desperate moment.
She felt emotional.
However, holding back her emotions, she looked pretty calm, because the
Starpicker still had her, and she wouldn't allow him to use her as a bargaining
counter to threat Jiang Chen.
"A Martial Venerable. I thought there had come a great Venerable."
Seeing Jiang Chen, the pirates felt relieved. They burst out laughing again.
Except Tu Tiandao. He sized up the bronze cauldron with caution.
"Go get him, all of you!"
He ordered. Then he and some other pirates launched an attack towards
Jiang Chen at the same time.
All of these men were Spiritual Venerables in the middle or late stage,
stronger than the presidents of the Ten Symbols Alliance. Everyone thought
Jiang Chen was doomed since he, a Martial Venerable, was under the attack
of all of them together.
"You're courting death!"

Jiang Chen was even angrier than them. He opened his arms and threw the
bronze cauldron towards the four men.
Dong! Dong! Dong!
Without any suspense, three of them fell, screaming in pain.
They're still alive? Is the bronze cauldron out of energy soon? Or I was
traveling too fast just now?
Jiang Chen was surprised. Another possible reason was these pirates were in
a higher state.
Fortunately, they weren't able to fight back anymore. Jiang Chen was going to
take away their lives.
"Hold on! If you don't want her to die!"
The Starpicker shouted, putting the moon-shaped knife against Tang Shiya's
Although Tang Shiya was hiding her emotions well, the Starpicker must have
heard the two had come to the Sea Conqueror together and stayed in the
same room.
Jiang Chen stopped. Looking towards the Starpicker, he said, "If you dare hurt
her a little bit, I'll kill you and throw your dead bodies in the wild."
As he spoke, his strong killing intent was abundantly clear.
"Cut the crap! Stop using this cauldron!"
Seeing his threat work, the Starpicker felt relieved. Looking at Tu Tiandao and
the other three, he said, "Are you all right?"
"I'm heavily injured!"
Tu Tiandao took a pill. Lots of noises came from his body. Then he stood up,
"Because of you, I had to take a Lifesaving Elixir, and my life span is three
years shorter! Bastard, I won't give you an easy death!" Tu Tiandao said in
Jiang Chen put his hand on the Redcloud Sword. The Starpicker also said,
"Don't you dare do anything!"
As he spoke, the moon-shaped knife rotated at high speed in his hand. The
friction between the knife and the iron gloves caused sparks, which were very
close to Tang Shiya's neck.

"Jiang Chen! I won't feel any better if you die. Revenge me!" Tang Shiya
approached the moon-shaped knife voluntarily!
Fortunately, the Starpicker moved fast. Grabbing her hair, he said, "Bitch! I'm
the one who decides your life or death!"
On the other side, Tu Tiandao was approaching Jiang Chen.
The third movement. I have to exert the third movement.
To break the stalemate, Jiang Chen had to exert the third movement of the
Sword Method of Ksana.
However, he hadn't mastered it yet.
He had to take the risk at such a crucial moment.
At this moment, a slim figure jumped onto the Sea Conqueror from the sea.
Fan Tianyin!
Seeing her show up, the Starpicker, Tu Tiandao and the other pirates stopped
right away. They half knelt down with respect.
What the hell?
Jiang Chen was surprised at this scene.
The Marvelous Sound Robber, ranked first among the 108 pirates in the Sea
Area in Twilight!
She always wore a veil. No one had ever seen her face.
Some people said it was an extremely pretty face behind the veil, while others
said it was extremely ugly.
However, no one ever questioned her strength!


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