The Brilliant Fighting Master
619 The Starpicker
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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619 The Starpicker

Despite of his good intention, he got himself into a big trouble.
Although Fan Tianyin was a beauty, she was a pirate!
No wonder she said that.
"You don't have to worry about me. I already killed my fiancee," Jiang Chen said
Fan Tianyin didn't believe him. She wouldn't know Jiang Chen had told her the truth.
The two got out of the bronze cauldron. Then Jiang Chen put it on his palm.
"What oath did you take?" Jiang Chen asked.
"Blood oath," Fan Tianyin said seriously.
Jiang Chen looked helpless. It was impossible to annul a blood oath after it had been
in effect.
"I don't want to die. Neither am I the destination of anyone's life voyage. As long as
you keep your distance from me, the oath won't take effect," Jiang Chen said.
"That's not what I want from the oath."
Seeing Jiang Chen still trying to pull away from her, Fan Tianyin looked down. Her
fake toughness was all gone.
"Maybe...maybe I won't kill you fiancee?" Fan Tianyin sounded him out.
Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. He said helplessly, "I don't love you."
Fan Tianyin took a long breath. Then picking up her dagger again, she said, "I'll kill
you first. Then I'll let myself killed by the oath."
She really launched an attack. The radiance of her dagger was overwhelming. She
was really stronger than Spiritual Venerables.
Jiang Chen used the bronze cauldron as his shield.
When the dagger had hit against the cauldron, its radiance disappeared immediately,
like a stone sank in a sea.
"All right. Stop making a scene. The problem can't be solved now," Jiang Chen said
in a cold tone, not afraid of the Celestial Venerable before him.
Fan Tianyin's wound hadn't recovered. It opened up again since she had made
efforts to launch that attack. Her black clothes were stained with her blood.

However, she seemed not to care a little bit. She just kept standing there, staring at
Jiang Chen was going to ignore her, but then he saw tears in Fan Tianyin's eyes.
"Alas. Let me check your wound."
Letting out a sigh, Jiang Chen walked over.
Fan Tianyin stepped back involuntarily. Then she put the dagger down slowly.
The open wound was on the side of her back. Fan Tianyin had to show Jiang Chen
her back.
If she hadn't decided Jiang Chen was the man of her life, she wouldn't have done it.
"If you move so violently ever again, you wound will never recover, and it'll be a
potential risk," Jiang Chen said.
Fan Tianyin agreed gently. After the treatment, she put on her clothes with her back
facing him.
"I want you to know that I'm from the Realm of Nine Heavens."
He didn't said it because he had low esteem. He just thought he'd better explain
everything clearly, since too many people wanted to kill him after knowing he was
from the Realm of Nine Heavens.
"My oath had nothing to do with it. Even if it were a beggar that had seen my face, I

would have to follow my oath all the same," Fan Tianyin said.
Although he knew it was true, he felt uncomfortable with what she had said.
"How did you get wounded?" Jiang Chen asked.
"By a fierce beast. I went deep on the Evilest Island, looking for a place... By the
way, just for your information, I'm a pirate," Fan Tianyin said.
Different from Jiang Chen's motive for explaining, she was actually worried Jiang
Chen would change his mind.
"I know."
However, Jiang Chen's answer was pretty surprising.
"You know?"
Jiang Chen took out that map piece.
"So are you?" Fan Tianyin tumbled to the fact, pleased.

Jiang Chen told her about the Happiest Pirate. Then he asked casually, "The
Treasure House of the Lord of Sea isn't here?"
"No, it's not."
Fan Tianyin shook her head. She didn't mind Jiang Chen had tried to fish for
information from her. She just said, "I'm not the same as other pirates."
Jiang Chen wondered whether some tragedy had happened to her so that she had
became a pirate against her will.
However, what he believed was no matter how unfortunate you were, you couldn't
hurt the innocent.
So he wasn't interested in her story.
Fan Tianyin didn't know how to start, either. Since he didn't ask, she didn't continue.
"Since the Treasure House of the Lord of Sea isn't here, let's go back to the ship,"
Jiang Chen said.
Once what he had done was known, the people on the ship must be too shocked to
accept him onto the ship.
However, Jiang Chen was confident he could talk sense into them.
"You can't go now," Fan Tianyin said.
Jiang Chen suddenly perceived something. He kept staring at her.
"The Sea Conqueror sails frequently in this area. Walls have ears. Those pirates
have infiltrated into the ship, intending to seize the Sea Conqueror to look for the
Treasure House of the Lord of Sea."
"They also disguised as you did?"
"Anyone currently on the ship is one of them?" This was what Jiang Chen cared
most. If those people were also on the island, he wouldn't have to worry too much.
"Almost all of them are on the ship. That's what they are aiming for."
"Damn it!"
Jiang Chen turned pale. He jumped into the bronze cauldron, regardless of the
terrain, to travel towards the Sea Conqueror.

Fan Tianyin wanted to follow him, but she could only walk, since Celestial
Venerables couldn't fly here, either.
She started to run, but she kept sweating. Her whole body was aching.
She had to stop to look for a place to treat her injury.
Jiang Chen was too anxious to think about saving the bronze cauldron's energy.
He thought of those pitiful women on the Happiest Island. As pretty as Tang Shiya,
those fearless pirates definitely wouldn't let her go.
He didn't even dare think what would happen. He just kept speeding up.
The bronze cauldron started to burn, because of the fraction with the air at high
The horrible rulers of the sky were both surprised and irritated. However, when these
fierce beasts had approached the bronze cauldron, they scattered like birds startled
by the mere twang of a bow-string.
Each alliance of the Ten Symbols Alliance had left some people on the Sea
Conqueror to guard the ship.
Since everyone staying on the ship worked for the Ten Symbols Alliance, they all felt
very relaxed, no idea of the danger hiding in the dark at all.
Tang Shiya was standing on the deck, looking at the island.
She didn't know that was the Evilest Island yet. The security work of the Ten
Symbols Alliance was good indeed.
"Miss Tang, just stop looking at the island. I'm afraid Jiang Chen won't survive this
A fearless voice suddenly came.
Tang Shiya looked back and found it was a guy from the Heaven Symbol Alliance.
Due to what he had said, she didn't even want to size him up.
"What do you mean?" Tang Shiya asked.
"Besides the danger on the Evilest Island, the president of the Heaven Symbol
Alliance and a guy from the Mad Dragon Dynasty also want to kill him," he said.
"The Evilest Island?! You mean that is the Evilest Island?" Tang Shiya turned pale.
Apparently she knew how dangerous the Evilest Island was.
"Oh? Miss Tang, you didn't know?" This man seemed more surprised than her. He

"Zhao Mang, what nonsense are you talking about?!"
The guard of the Heaven Symbol Alliance walked over in anger after seeing they
were talking.
Zhao Mang was one of the most average guys. How dared he talk nonsense here?
Zhao Mang ignored him. He didn't even turn. Looking at Tang Shiya and smiling, he
said, "Let me introduce myself again. My name is..."
As he spoke, a sharp weapon in the form of round moon flew over and streaked
across the neck of the guard of the Heaven Symbol Alliance.
Tang Shiya saw the guard stop immediately and his head fall.
Ranked sixth among the 108 pirates in the Sea Area in Twilight.


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