The Brilliant Fighting Master
618 Fan Tianyin
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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618 Fan Tianyin

"He really ran away quickly."

When Jiang Chen left the Fortune Valley, he couldn't find even a trace of Lord of Tiger, and since he couldn't use his Holy Awareness in the island, it would be quite difficult to look for someone in it.

Jiang Chen didn't care about him any longer, and he depended upon his bronze cauldron to walk confidently in the forest.

He wanted to see what kind of treasures the island have besides Extreme Primordial Fruits.

In other people's eyes, this island was a dangerous ground, which would swallow people alive, but in his eyes, it was a land of endless fortune.

Although he almost died in it several times, he still made great gains in it.

He advanced into the Martial Venerable Realm just recently, yet he still managed to reach the middle stage of Martial Venerable Realm in such a short time, and this was a matter, which couldn't be achieved even by crazily consuming spirit elixirs.

"How good would it be if I can comprehend the Lore of Wind, and master the Wind Sword Realm," Jiang Chen thought inwardly, before he thought back of another matter, and looked at Sea Conqueror Ship direction.

"I can still achieve it before going back."

No one knew what such such words referred to.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen detected some sign of activity not far from him, and he got in his guard immediately.

When he went there carefully, he discovered a woman, who was on the brink of death.


Moreover, this woman was coincidentally enough the one, which he noticed when they just stepped into the island. It was the woman who possessed the sea god treasure-trove map.

Her body was riddled with scars, and drenched in blood, and there wasn't even a wisp of blood left in her small beautiful face.

However, a faintly discernible breathing sound could still be heard from her.

"You have good luck."

Jiang Chen threw the bronze cauldron on the ground, and it immediately turned from its small form into a giant cauldron, who was thirty-meter-long, and it seemed like a big house.

He carried the woman, and jumped into the cauldron inside, and started treating her injuries.

Most of the woman's injuries weren't internal ones, and Jiang Chen took off her clothes and exposed her snow-white body.

Jiang Chen wasn't affected by its sight. This was the least virtue a doctor like him should possess.

He put his attention, and gaze, wholly on her injuries, and he could tell that they were all inflicted upon her by fierce beasts.

"She should have gone through a bitter and fierce battle."

Moreover, from the fierce beast's aura left on her injuries, Jiang Chen could determine that the beasts she faced should have been more powerful than the monkeys he fought.

"Did she fought against a group of holy grade beasts?"

The more he observed them, the more shocked he was, and he even found it somewhat unbelievable.

The Ten Symbols Alliance's Masters power was just in the Spiritual Venerable Realm, but the injuries this woman sustained couldn't be inflicted on her by just mere Spiritual Venerable Realm's existences, but by an existence at the Celestial Venerable Realm.

While Jiang Chen was treating several mortal wounds, the woman's whole body suddenly started experiencing a transformation.

Her legs started becoming longer before his gaze, and her waist became slimmer, and the chest hidden behind her undergarment became plumper.

At first, Jiang Chen assumed that it happened because his medical techniques reached god-like level. However, even the woman's facial features changed just after.

"She actually changed her appearance."

He suddenly understood everything, and got an answer to the questions, which he had when they just set foot on the island.

This woman was the robber of the map, and she disguised herself as one of the Ten Symbols Alliance's masters, and the person, which she disguised herself as should be probably already dead now.

At this moment, her face changed completely, and it turned into the face of another completely different person.

Her past face was quite pretty and refined, and she even had extremely charming eyes.

He even said to himself that it was quite a pity when he discovered that such an appearance was fake.

But, when Jiang Chen saw her real face, he was really shocked by its beauty. She didn't have just a good figure, she still had an extremely mesmerizing face.

He couldn't even find words capable of describing her ethereal beauty, as all words wouldn't do it good.

She slightly furrowed her brows, as the eyeballs beneath her eyelids, and her body, move slightly, and it seemed like she would shortly wake up.

Jiang Chen was now looking at her blankly, and didn't respond back.

The woman's face was filled with confusion, as her head was in mess at this moment.

It was only when did she witness her clothes' state, as well as Jiang Chen, did she sober completely.

She snapped her fingers, and Celestial Venerable Realm's power shot at Jiang Chen.


A muffled noise echoed from the bronze cauldron, as the woman finger's power was extinguished by it.

"She's really a Celestial Venerable."

Jiang Chen came back to his senses, and looked at the woman, whose face was filled with pain.

When she made an attack forcefully despite her grave injuries, she wasted almost all of the efforts Jiang Chen spent in treating her.

"Don't move!" Jiang Chen shouted in a low voice, and came to her front, and started using his needles on her.

The woman also understood her current situation fully now, and she realized that Jiang Chen was trying to save her.

"My veil..."

The woman extended her hand toward her face, and when she came in contact with her skin, she was dumbstruck, and stunned.

"Fine, don't move around, and don't revolve your Qi... What's happened to you?"

When Jiang Chen just took back his silver needles, and was advising her, he witnessed the woman's current indescribable strange expression.

"You saw my face?" The woman asked, it seemed like she already knew the answer, yet she still asked to confirm it.

"Yeah, I saw it before, and after the appearance changing skill was in effect," Jiang Chen replied truthfully.

"What's your name?" The woman asked.

"Jiang Chen."

The woman pursed her round lips, and tilted her head sideways, as she spoke, "From today onward, you are my man."


Jiang Chen suspected that he just misheard her a moment ago.

"You aren't willing?"

The woman turned over her face, and wore a fierce expression, as if she would shortly eat him alive.

"No, no, no."

Jiang Chen shook his head immediately, and explained, "It isn't the case, but this isn't a question about whether I'm willing or not."

"It's really a question about whether you are willing or not," the woman spoke while stressing each word.

She wore a stubborn look, and it seemed like after she set her mind on this matter, she wouldn't change her opinion no matter what he said to her.

"Why? You don't know even my name. Is it because I saw your face? I saw even your body..." Jiang Chen was so anxious that his head got muddled, and he spoke incoherently.

It was only now did the woman notice that her whole body was exposed to Jiang Chen's eyes.

She stood up, and wore black battle clothes, and wore a veil over her face too, and revealed just her eyes.

"I once took an oath that the person, who will see my face, would be my husband for this life."

After her injuries recovered, her Celestial Venerable Realm power started healing her body.

"Moreover, my name is Fan Tianyin," the woman stated her name formally.

"Well, hi."

Jiang Chen responded calmly, as he didn't feel anything wrong with her name besides the fact that it seemed quite pleasant to hear.

"Don't you know me?" Fan Tianyin asked.

"Miss, you didn't wear your veil when I looked at you then, so you won't really go against your oath," Jiang Chen said.

"Do you feel like I'm not good enough for you?"

He couldn't see Fan Tianyin's facial expression hidden beneath the veil. However, her pretty eyes were looking at him fixedly now.

Jiang Chen thought back of her face, which would leave a deep expression on anyone, and shook his head subconsciously.

"Hehe, miss, I'm just a weak Martial Venerable, and I'm not a good match for you." Jiang Chen felt like he suddenly found a good excuse.

"This isn't related with our cultivation."

A dagger suddenly appeared in her hands, and it frightened Jiang Chen, however, who would expect that she would instead throw the dagger at him, and speak decisively, "I will die if I went against the oath, so you can just kill me directly."

"It's a binding oath?" A solemn look appeared on Jiang Chen's face, when he realized that she was serious.

"That's right," Fan Tianyin replied.

"I wouldn't let an innocent person die because of me." Jiang Chen threw the dagger back at her.

Fan Tianyin didn't put back the dagger, and she played with it in her hands, as she spoke, "It's fine then, you should be still unmarried, aren't you? Do you have a fiancee? If you have one, then let me kill her."

"Are you crazy?"


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