The Brilliant Fighting Master
615 We Will Gift You Good Fortune
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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615 We Will Gift You Good Fortune

The division technique would split the sword power to get a higher chance of hitting the targets, and it could be considered just a low-grade technique, and true sword cultivators wouldn't waste their power in such a way while fighting.

However, everything had an exception to it, and there was an extremely famous move among such type of sword techniques. It was Ten Thousand Swords Turn into One.

Ten thousand swords would cover the whole sky, and descend endlessly. Each sword's power wouldn't weaken, and they would all be tantamount to the user most powerful strike.

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master sword strike still didn't reach such a level, but it was still quite thorny. Each sword was as fast as lighting, and there was an order and rhythm behind their attacks, and they didn't just attack him chaotically.

"It's really a coincidence."

Jiang Chen smiled proudly, as there wasn't any long-range attack, which was better than his raging flames.

He thrust his Redcloud Sword at the air, as boundless flames engulfed his body.

He used his Sword Doctrine's power once again, and used the Fire Sword Realm, which caused a clinking sound to echo unceasingly from the flying swords engulfed by the sea of flames.

"Sword Lore Realm?"

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master was surprised once again, and he furrowed his brows, as hatred appeared in his eyes. There wasn't any of his conception martial techniques, which reached Lore Level, and he didn't have even a Sword Doctrine.

It wasn't really surprising that Jiang Chen mocked the weakness of Spiritual Venerables like them.

"All those geniuses are really hateful."

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master killing intent surged out, as he strode forward like a gust of wind.

He raised his hand, and held a sword, which just flew out of the sea of flames, and thrust its sharp tip at the flames.

After he struck him successfully, he fell back quickly to avoid being injured by the flames.

"It felt somewhat amiss."

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master couldn't rejoice when he thought back of his sword strike, and it was shortly after proved that his intuition wasn't wrong, as Jiang Chen walked out of the sea of flames shortly after, with his whole body flickered with lightning.

"This kid still had a War Body."

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master was overwhelmed with shock, and he felt like his opponent was really thorny.

"What are you still doing there? Can't you take care of even a Martial Venerable?"

The Heaven Symbol Alliance's Master urged him, as he was now being thoroughly beaten, and suppressed by the Azure Demon, Black Dragon, and Asura.

Even though the eight groups of spiritual beings were really an amazing magical treasure, but they would lose all of their power after their master died.

"If you can do it, then why don't you take care of him by yourself," the Sword Symbol Alliance's Master spoke resentfully.

"It's my turn now."

Jiang Chen tapped the ground lightly, and left an afterimage behind him, as he tore the air apart, and went to the Sword Symbol Alliance's Master side.

"Rainbow Sword Method: Three Movements in One."

By using the same technique with each of his sword and knife, he would use in total six moves.

As his sword momentum's rose, it seemed like six ferocious beasts, which were hidden in the sea of flames, pounced at the Sword Symbol Alliance's Master quickly.

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master's expression changed gravely, and he commanded his swords to come back to his side quickly, and revolved them around his body.

The swords' speed was so fast that the wind created by them dispersed the flames, and such swords were used as a shield to block Jiang Chen sword and knife.

However, there were still not enough, as three hideous injuries were inflicted upon the body of the Sword Symbol Alliance's Master.

"You are really just trash, you can't deal with even a mere Martial Venerable."

The Heaven Symbol Alliance's Master cursed him loudly, while his chest suffered a palm strike from the Azure Demon at the same time.

Both Heaven, and Sword Symbol Alliances' Masters were in a disadvantageous position now.


Jiang Chen wasn't soft-hearted, and he wouldn't spare him, and his killing intent was now quite intense.

Jiang Chen, and Azure Demon used a killing move at the same time.

"Water Dragon Cry: Raging and Stormy Waves!"

All of sudden, powerful blade energy surged from above them.

The armored Dragon General of Water, who already prepared for a long while, raised his battle blade highly, and shouted angrily. He seemed so imposing that just his mere sight could deprive people of any fighting will.

Jiang Chen didn't expect his arrival, and he raised his sword and knife highly to face him.

The battle blade strike landed among the sword and knife, and its boundless power let Jiang Chen's feet sink in the ground.

Even though he had the Dragon Phoenix Body, he still couldn't bear it, and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

The Dragon General of Water possessed a vigorous power, and this was one of the conceptions of water's amazing aspects.

"Even a solemn Spiritual Venerable can mount a sneak attack."

Jiang Chen ignored the pain he felt, and jumped to another side, as he mocked him.

"You are my mission's target, and it isn't related at all with my dignity and honor."

The Dragon General of Water was also a proud person, and his words couldn't even convince himself.

He got frightened slightly when he witnessed Jiang Chen, and the sword Symbol Alliance's Master fight.

Jiang Chen's strength once again rose greatly than the last time he saw him, even though the last time they saw each other was just yesterday.

He didn't refer to the Extreme Primordial Fruit's power with such words, but to his Fire Sword Realm.

The Dragon General of Water was forced to attack him, but he still didn't expect that such a powerful strike still didn't manage to beat him down.

"Don't all of you want just the black yellow gas? Take it."

Jiang Chen held a jade bottle in his hand, and exerted his power, and threw it far away, before he turned around and fled.

"Go after him, while I go to pick it."

"I will go to pick it, while you chase him."

The gaze of Heaven, and Sword Symbol Alliances' Masters followed the bottle, and they both chased after it, and ignored Jiang Chen.

It was only the Dragon General of Water, who wasn't affected by its appearance, and he still pursued Jiang Chen decisively.

Jiang Chen's body still had the Extreme Primordial Fruit's power, along with black yellow gas, and he managed to quickly pull open the distance between him and the general.

However, the Dragon General of Water didn't give up, and continued chasing him for a while, and he discovered shortly that Jiang Chen's speed was gradually decreasing.

"External power was always unreliable," the Dragon General of Water said.

At this moment, the flustered and exasperated Heaven, and Sword Symbol Alliances' Masters came back. The jade bottle was empty, and didn't contain anything.

"Let's separate, and intercept him."

They coordinated well, and separated, encircled Jiang Chen from three directions, and prevented him from changing his path.

Along with the disappearance of the Extreme Primordial Fruit's power, Jiang Chen's speed slowed down gradually, and the distance between also shrank down.

The black yellow gas wasn't as effective on the ground as it was in the sky, and after a minute passed, they became quite close to each other.

If Jiang Chen wasn't now moving at high-speed, then they should have been already capable of attacking him.

"It's quite strange? Why didn't we run into any fierce beasts in the way?"

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master spoke in bewilderment suddenly.

"Awful! This is the Fortune Valley!"

When the Heaven Symbol Alliance's Master was reminded by him, he examined their surroundings, and stopped hurriedly.

"It's still fine, it's still fine, as we still didn't enter its range."

The Sword Symbol Alliance's Master stopped, and spoke in joy.

"General, we mustn't go any deeper".

The two of them urged the Dragon General of Water to stop here.

The Dragon General of Water, who didn't know anything about the Extreme Evil Island, wasn't willing to give up, and he noticed Jiang Chen was pulling apart the distance between them again. He spoke, "What's going on? Why mustn't we continue chasing him?"

"The Fortune Valley is before us, and it would shortly reveal its power, and we would surely die if we went into it."

"Let's wait for a while before going in, and it would be fine to just collect his corpse."

The two alliance masters spoke once again, and they were even more anxious than before, and they couldn't relax at all.

"Why don't you inform me what's this Fortune Valley?" The Dragon General of Water asked once again.

"Every two hours, deep blue energy would well out of the Fortune Valley, and permeate all of its corners."

"When it was first discovered, everyone was overjoyed, as they all assumed that it contained a great fortune, and it had such name because of such a reason."

"But, they didn't expect that even though the deep blue energy would give people boundless power, but it wouldn't stop supplying them with more power."

The Dragon General of Water noticed where the issue lied, and he spoke, "It means thin that Jiang Chen would be filled by it until he explodes?"

"That's right."

"Look over there quickly! It appeared."

They could see that sunset cloud-like blue energy surged out of the deepest part of the distant valley, and it was surging toward here like a tide.

They could also see that Jiang Chen was still charging toward it.

"He's really an idiot, let's block the way out here, and prevent him from leaving," the Sword Symbol Alliance's Master spoke ruthlessly.

They blocked the way out then, and Jiang Chen, who was before them, already sensed that something was amiss, and he stopped in his tracks.

"We will gift you good fortune, and you don't need to thank us for it."


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