The Brilliant Fighting Master
613 The Orioles Behind Them
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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613 The Orioles Behind Them

Jiang Chen, and his sword, who were burning with flames capable of setting a prairie afire, charged at Sea Conqueror Jiang aggressively.

Sea Conqueror Jiang responded at the last juncture, and folded his palms together once again. His hands golden arcs became more dazzling, and his palms energy even shook the ground around him.

However, Jiang Chen's raging flames were closing on him, and they possessed a great imposing manner.

Sword Doctrine's power unceasingly surged out of the Redcloud Sword, and black knife of Jiang Chen, who was among the flames.

When his sword and knife collided against the palms once again, Jiang Chen took the upper hand this time, and as golden arcs flickered around, Sea Conqueror Jiang's feet slid back by several meters.

Jiang Chen didn't leave him even enough time to gasp for breath, and used the Fire Sword Realm once again.

"If we were both Spiritual Venerable, then he would be able of killing me easily."

Sea Conqueror Jiang suddenly realized this matter, and felt aggrieved for an unknown reason.

He passed the next dozens seconds in a numb state, as he fought dully, and just countered each of Jiang Chen's moves.

It was obvious that he was now stuck in a dilemma, and shortly after, he sustained various injuries.

However, Sea Conqueror Jiang's pupils suddenly enlarged, as if he just woke from sleep, and delight appeared in his eyes.

"Even if your talent was greater, so what? Wouldn't you still die in my hands in the end?"

Sea Conqueror Jiang noticed that Jiang Chen's sword power was becoming weaker and weaker, even though his sword techniques almost reached perfection.

Jiang Chen's scarlet energy already reached his belly, which meant that he already used all of such external power.

Jiang Chen also realized such matter, and he fell back.

"Hahaha, did you become weak once again?" Sea Conqueror Jiang asked complacently.

"Since I already managed to beat a Spiritual Venerable until he became like a pitiful dog, then it's already enough for me."

Mockery appeared on Jiang Chen's face as he looked at Sea Conqueror Jiang's body, which was riddled with wounds.

"It's a pity that you were slightly short by a bit because your energy is gradually weakening. Even though you managed to break through my defense, you still didn't manage to injure me heavily."

Sea Conqueror Jiang took off his long cloths, which were almost torn apart, but he still wore other clothes beneath the former.

"Did I say that I will die?" Jiang Chen said.

"Well? Do you still have another power?" Sea Conqueror Jiang assumed that Jiang Chen was just unwilling to admit defeat, and he secretly revolved his Qi, and planned to kill him with a single blow.

"If you listened to the Heaven Symbol Alliance's Master, then you would have known everything."

Jiang Chen put his hand in his pocket, and took the eight groups of spiritual beings box, as he spoke, "They got in contact with the Shangguan Family, and Mad Dragon Dynasty, and knew my trump card, but it's a pity that you are too foolish."

As he spoke, he opened the eight groups of spiritual beings box slowly, and a boundless Buddhist sacred light shone out of it.

The spiritual group's beings, dragon group's beings, and asura attacked at the same time, as if they wanted to suppress an evil demon.

Sea Conqueror Jiang, who was confident a moment, ago panicked, as his instinct was telling him that those beings were even more terrifying than Fire Sword Realm.

"Moreover, I must inform you that my cultivation rose greatly through fighting against you," Jiang Chen said, "You already demonstrated your worth, and you can now just die."

When Sea Conqueror Jiang heard his words, he chose the wisest tactic, and turned around, and fled.

However, the Black Dragon waved its body, and used its long body to obstruct him.

Jiang Chen didn't observe them, and he just sat down on his place.

He used just a half of an Extreme Primordial Fruit a moment ago, and his cultivation rose until it nearly reached Spiritual Venerable Realm, and let him fight against a Spiritual Venerable.

What Sea Conqueror Jiang didn't know was that even though the energy in his body was flowing out, but through fighting, he could let more of it stay in his body forever.

He had just a month time left for him, and he didn't really hold any hope for advancing his cultivation, but he now saw a possibility of reaching the middle stage of Martial Venerable Realm.

He still had half an Extreme Primordial Fruit, as well as the ten fruits, which he must hand over, but since Liu Feng, and Sea Conqueror Jiang already died now, he really didn't know to which person should he hand them.

He returned to the cave in the cliff wall, and consumed another Extreme Primordial Fruit. He came out a while ago because his body was filled to the brim, and after he consumed all of it through fighting, he could start over once again.

In the other side, Sea Conqueror Jiang, who was at his last gasp, was laying on the ground, and it just happened that the badge thrown by him wasn't far from his hand's reach now.

Before he died, Sea Conqueror Jiang used his body remaining power to extend his hand toward it.

"You are courting death!"

The Azure Demon was surprised, and he immediately attacked him ruthlessly, and wanted to put an end to his life.

However, Sea Conqueror Jiang's hand, which was drenched in blood, still managed to fall on the badge.

The badge didn't emit any response, and the Azure Demon, and Black Dragon looked at each other in dismay, as they didn't know whether they managed to obstruct him successfully or not.

Therefore, they returned to Jiang Chen's side, and informed him of this matter.

"Even if someone comes here, they would be just the Sword, and Heaven Symbol Alliances' masters, and I could use them to digest the Extreme Primordial Fruit." Jiang Chen didn't take them seriously.

The Azure Demon furrowed his brows, "We will need to wait for a while to be able of fighting again, but can you bear it up to then?"

Even if he didn't fight after consuming the Extreme Primordial Fruits, its energy would still flow out quickly, and it would flow out quicker while fighting.

The fight between Jiang Chen, and Sea Conqueror Jiang, which just occurred, didn't last even three minutes.

"I can."

Jiang Chen became fond of such a feeling. It was really marvelous to let Spiritual Venerables became a tool used for him to advance his cultivation.

"You are playing with fire," the Azure Demon smiled bitterly, and spoke when he noticed the fervor in his eyes.

"It was always the case."

Jiang Chen raised his hand, and flames engulfed his arm for a moment, before he stopped, and they disappeared.

The Azure Demon shook his head, and chuckled bitterly, but he still didn't say anything more.


The Azure Demon handed over the Extreme Primordial Fruits, which he found in Sea Conqueror Jiang's body, to Jiang Chen.

"Very good! I almost forgot it."

Jiang Chen was delighted, and he started consuming them immediately.

The Azure Demon was a person, who was sealed a thousand years ago, and he was really amazed by the existence of such great numbers of Extreme Primordial Fruits.

He was also amazed by the miraculous effects achieved by Jiang Chen while using them."

"He's really a peerless genius." The Azure Demon couldn't help but have such a thought now.

Jiang Chen didn't know what they thinking now, and he put his whole attention on the Extreme Primordial Fruits.

The Extreme Primordial Fruits mustn't be consumed orally, and one's must make a cut on his palm, and let his fresh blood flow before holding the fruit.

The Extreme Primordial Fruit would then gradually disappear, and fuse with the blood, and its effect would spread to one's whole body through the blood.

If one consumed it orally, then its true effects would be wasted in one's stomach.

This was common knowledge in the Sacred Zone, but this place's people didn't know it.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but sigh with emotions, and rejoice as he thought of it.


On the other side, the two Alliance Masters, who were deceived, were flustered and exasperated, and it was only when the badges in their pockets shone did they rejoice.

"Sea Conqueror Jiang is surely done for, and he wants us to take revenge for him."

"We should have informed him early on that Jiang Chen possessed an amazing magical artifact, as he wouldn't then take such actions."

The Sword, and Heaven Symbol Alliances' masters were just about to go there, but the Heaven Symbol Alliance's master hesitated for a while, and spoke, "Do you feel like even the two of us won't be enough to deal with him, and we would end up instead killed by Jiang Chen?"

"Then should we go to call over those two people?" The Sword Symbol Alliance's master spoke in bewilderment.

"It would be better to call over our people, as those two people's cultivation is higher than us, and they are also ruthless and merciless."


The three Ten Symbols Alliance's masters, who were looking for Extreme Primordial Fruits in all corners of the Extreme Evil Island, get such news.

"The black yellow gas?"

They didn't hesitate for even a moment, and they let go of everything, and rushed toward Jiang Chen's place.

"Those people are too schemeful."

When the Sword, and Heaven Symbol Alliances' masters just set off, the Dragon General of Water, and Lord of Tiger, appeared behind them.

"I already noticed that their expressions were quite fishy when I informed them of the black yellow gas, and it's fortunate that I still followed them secretly.

"Let's let them go there first. The mantises would stalk the cicada, unaware of the orioles behind them."


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