The Brilliant Fighting Master
611 Fire Sword Realm
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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611 Fire Sword Realm

Raging flames surged out of the Redcloud Sword, and let Jiang Chen's body, who was now in such a dim forest, became extremely dazzling and conspicuous.

After a short while, the raging flames formed a fire whirl around him.

When the monkeys were just several meters from him, Jiang Chen charged forward, and all vegetation he passed by would start burning, and even the monkeys' fur was burned.

However, those monkeys were extremely ferocious, and not only didn't they retreat, they even charged at the fire as if they went crazy.

"Even Darkfire couldn't burn them to death?" Jiang Chen was astonished. He already mastered the Lore of Fire, and the flames emitted by him weren't just ordinary flames, and they were like an Alien Flames, which were emitted by a human.

As Jiang Chen raised the Redcloud Sword, Darkfire surged out of it, and all those monkeys, who were struggling in the flames, suffered deadly attacks.

However, the monkeys numerical superiority let them get the upper hand, and even though many of them were almost burned to death, they still continued attacking Jiang Chen as if they didn't feel pain, and they tore Jiang Chen's clothes apart with their claws' tip, which let the latter felt a faint pain transmitting from his body.

If their whole claws fell on his body, then the consequences would surely be dreadful.

"Let us take care of them," the Azure Demon suggested.

"Wait for a while."

Jiang Chen didn't accept it, and he slowed down his pace, as he took out his black knife.

His sword and knife, which were as fast as lightning, let the raging flames whirl experience some changes, and a splendid radiance could be faintly seen inside it.

"Fire Sword Realm!"

The Azure Demon, who paid attention to him attentively, cried in surprise.

"This human really had a terrifying talent," even the Black Dragon praised him now.

The Fire Sword Realm was a realm attained when the Sword Doctrine, and Fire Lore fused together perfectly.

Reaching such a realm was extremely difficult, and all those, who wanted to try reaching it, must be first Sword Doctrine's inheritors, and their conception martial technique must reach Lore Level.

One could reach the Fire Sword Realm by using Fire Lore, and Wind Sword Realm if they used Wind Lore.

It was extremely difficult to get any Sword Doctrines, and comprehend the lore of any conceptions, and fusing those two together was even more difficult.

However, when Jiang Chen found himself in danger while facing those monkeys, one of his strong points as a fighting genius was revealed once again.

After a short while, Jiang Chen closed even his eyes, but his sword and knife weren't affected, and they instead became faster, and more powerful.

The Darkfire turned into his eyes, while the sword and knife turned into his hands.

The group of monkey was forced out of his vicinity, and they couldn't attack him now, and they were dying one after another.

The crazy group of monkeys was frightened by his massacre, and they started fleeing away quickly.

Jiang Chen knelt on one of his knees, as he sheathed his sword and knife, and crossed his hands.

He raised his head slightly, as the Celestial Phoenix Mark appeared on his handsome face.


Jiang Chen stood up slowly. He never once had such deep experience of fire's might.

He started examining a dead monkey, and a sharp dagger was already taken by him at some unknown time.

When he tried to use the dagger to cut the monkey's corpse, his expression couldn't help but change drastically. Even though his dagger was a spiritual weapon, it was still incapable of penetrating its fur and skin.

The monkey's gray fur was like an extremely dense mass of needles, and its skin was even more tough.

It must be known that this was a dead monkey, so such a strong defense should be innate, and not some kind of ability possessed by them.

"It's fortunate that it was fire." If he didn't have such fire, then Jiang Chen would really be incapable of dealing with them.

The Ghost Wind on the other side already dispersed before it even reached here. Even though Ghost Wind was terrifying, but it had a limited range.

If it didn't have such a limited range, then no one would dare to set foot on this island.

Jiang Chen continued proceeding forward, as he wanted to see what there was in the other side behind the Ghost Wind, and the group of monkeys' obstruction.

However, he was shortly disappointed, as he ended up just going into a steep cliff, and he could from it observe the forest, and the oceans, as well as the flying beasts in the sky.

Meanwhile, on the other side.

The Cloud Symbol Alliance's people already picked the Extreme Primordial Fruits present in an area known by them, and they now started spreading out, and looking for other Extreme Primordial Fruits, as many of them still didn't manage to complete their mission.

"What did you just say? Liu Feng was captured?"

Jiang Jinghai didn't expect that he would get such news upon his return, and he couldn't help but furrow his brows when he heard about where he was taken over.

"Was he really that daring?"

Jiang Jinghai wasn't sure about this matter, but according to the rumors he heard about Jiang Chen, he was most likely that daring.

"However, did he really feel like he could still get into the boat after killing Liu Feng?" Jiang Jinghai thought inwardly.

He took out the Yunlan School's disciple badge, and called Liu Feng, but he didn't get any response from the latter.

When Jiang Jinghai was just about of calling him again, a sound transmitted from another badge in his body.

It was the badge used by the Ten Symbols Alliance for communication.

"Jiang Jinghai, there is something, which we must talk over, please come to a secluded place."

Jiang Jinghai heard the Ten Symbols Alliance's Master voice from it.

He looked at the people beside him, who wore an odd look, before he went toward a secluded place.


After he confirmed that no one else was here, he spoke to the badge.

"Jiang Chen possess an extremely precious object, which's better than even Extreme Primordial Fruits."

The Heaven Symbol Alliance's Master voice unexpectedly transmitted out of it.

Jiang Jinghai realized that this affair was surely extremely important.

"Jiang Chen is a member of my Cloud Symbol Alliance. Don't forget this," Jiang Jinghai spoke in a cold voice on purpose.

"He had the black yellow gas."

When he heard the Sword Symbol Alliance's words, his face turned pale instantly.

"Is it really true? Where did you get such news?" Jiang Jinghai asked excitedly.

"I heard it from the people, who hunted him down. It won't be false, and we already sent away those two people, so let's attack him by ourselves, and get the black yellow gas, and share it among us."

"Where is Jiang Chen now?"

After he heard the Heaven Symbol, and Sword Symbol Alliances' Masters' words, Jiang Jinghai stated an address without hesitating for even a moment.

However, after he shut off the badge, he went toward a completely different direction.

"Only a fool would share black yellow gas with you evenly." The complacent Jiang Jinghai had such a thought now.

As for Jiang Chen, he was still beside the steep cliff now. This landform managed to obstruct him because he couldn't fly here.

"However, I can still consume the Extreme Primordial Fruits here."

Jiang Chen looked below the cliff wall, and noticed a flat surface sticking out of it, and a person could stand there reluctantly.

He jumped down while holding onto the cliff wall, as a scarlet light surged out of his palm.

The raging flames burned in the wall a place big enough for him to hide in it.

Just after, Jiang Chen used the spiritual weapons' materials stored by him to set up a seal capable of hiding his aura.

It was only after completing all of this did he sat there, and an Extreme Primordial Fruit appeared in his hand.

The Extreme Primordial Fruit was capable of increasing one's cultivation like all other cultivation resources, and it was especially capable of letting one's body be reborn anew.

For example, if someone wanted to get War Body while breaking through the Martial Venerable Realm, then the Extreme Primordial Fruits would be an indispensable object for achieving it.

The Extreme Primordial Fruits could also strengthen the War Body of people, who already possessed such a body, and it would also bring them other unimaginable benefits if it was consumed properly.

People at the early stage of Martial Venerable Realm could reach the later stage of Martial Venerable Realm by consuming Extreme Primordial Fruits.

However, such power wouldn't be perpetual, and it would gradually disappear, but they would still not return to their initial state, and their strength would still experience a permanent increase.

However, other people couldn't enjoy such an effect because of the way they consumed it, as by eating it directly, it would strengthen just their War Body.

However, such a strengthening effect alone still made it became an extremely expensive fruit, and if people learned about what Jiang Chen knew about it, then its price would surely become higher by several folds.

However, Jiang Chen didn't feel like informing other people of such a matter, and he wanted now to use the Extreme Primordial Fruit to become powerful enough to face the Shangguan Family, and Mad Dragon Dynasty's assassins fearlessly, or even kill all of them.


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