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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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610 Monkeys

After Liu Feng and the other plucked the Extreme Primordial Fruits, and came back to their original place, they discovered that Jiang Chen was already waiting there for a long while.

"You didn't die?"

Liu Feng furrowed his brows tightly, as he led the other people; and went there.

"Where are your Extreme Primordial Fruits?"

Liu Feng suddenly thought of something, and assumed that Jiang Chen surely hid away, and didn't go to the place he pointed at.

"Are you talking about those ones?"

Jiang Chen took out ten Extreme Primordial Fruits, and looked at them with ridicule.

"How is this possible?"

Liu Feng couldn't understand what happening now. Although the Ghost Wind's area really had Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees, but it was extremely dangerous, and no one dared to set foot on it, yet Jiang Chen managed to come back safely, and complete the mission.

Although the number of Extreme Primordial Fruits gotten by their team was higher than Jiang Chen by much, but if they distributed them equally, then each one of them would get just several ones.

Their eyes became green with envy as they looked at the ten Extreme Primordial Fruits in Jiang Chen's hands.

It was also the case for Liu Feng, and he extended out his hand toward Jiang Chen's Extreme Primordial Fruits.

However, when the tip of his finger just came in touch with them, Jiang Chen took them back.

"What did you just want to do?" Jiang Chen asked mockingly.

Liu Feng curled his lips, and spoke after he came back to his senses, "You have ten fruits, which are just enough to complete your mission."

"Did I say that I will hand over the Extreme Primordial Fruits to you?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's the same in the end."

"With your broad-minded and open character, taking my Extreme Primordial Fruits for yourself won't be anything baffling if it comes from you, isn't it?" Jiang Chen said.

"What did you just say?" Liu Feng flew into a rage out of shame.

At this moment, the man, who once advised Jiang Chen, walked over and spoke, "You got those Extreme Primordial Fruits by following senior brother Liu's instructions, so you should obviously gift them to him, and thanks him."

"That's right, from your current state, it seems like you didn't run into any ferocious beasts, and you managed to get them easily, so why don't you take them out?"

After Liu Feng found a suitable excuse, he immediately spoke.

"There are still other Extreme Primordial Fruits there, so why don't inform you of their position, so that you go to get them by yourselves?"

Jiang Chen's following words let Liu Feng's face become pale.

He didn't know how did Jiang Chen manage to evade the Ghost Wind, and he wouldn't go there even if he was beaten to death.

"Regardless of whether it's to pay me back, or because you are obliged to entrust them to someone with a higher position than you, I will still take all of your Extreme Primordial Fruits," Liu Feng spoke strongly, and it was obvious that he planned to snatch them openly.

Jiang Chen laughed, and asked earnestly, "Did you ask yourself why I'm still standing here and waiting for you, even though I don't want to pay you back with them, nor do I want to entrust them to you?"

Such a question let Liu Feng, and the other, think of an extremely important issue. Since he got such a large amount of Extreme Primordial Fruits, why did he still come back here?

Liu Feng wasn't kind enough to guide him to another place, which still had Extreme Primordial Fruits.

Liu Feng suddenly had a bad premonition, and even though Jiang Chen was now chuckling, he could still felt a cold chill run down his spine.

"What are you up to? If we fought here, then we will surely attract fierce beasts over."

Liu Feng felt like he showed weakness by saying such words, and he spoke once again, "If it wasn't because of it, then you would have already been beaten by me."

"Fight with you? You really thought too highly of yourself?"

Jiang Chen revealed a bright smile, as a booklet appeared in his hand, and a godly being appeared here after he opened it.

Although Liu Feng was just at the late stage of Martial Venerable Realm, but since he could join the Geniuses Group, then he was surely not someone on the same level as Extreme Bliss Bandit.

Jiang Chen didn't have any interest in fighting with him on such a dangerous island.

He came here just to take revenge.

In the face of the Azure Demon, it didn't matter whether he was a member of Geniuses Group or not, as it would all be the same. When the Azure Demon thrust his palm at him, Liu Feng, who was bombarded by powerful power, was sent flying away.

However, before he flew too far away like an empty shell, Jiang Chen jumped forward, and held his shoulder, and left quickly without giving the other people even enough time to respond.

After a short while, Jiang Chen brought him over into the Ghost Wind's area.

"Jiang Chen, what do you want to do? Do you want to kill me?"

"Do you think that you can still get on the boat if I died?"

"If you are really powerful, then why don't you fight against me fairly? I will show you how powerful are the Geniuses Group's members."

Even though Liu Feng whole body was weak and powerless, but he still could curse him energetically.

"Fight with me? Even someone like you is worth it?"

Jiang Chen laughed coldly, as he jumped out of a tree.

"I'm just trying to pay back for your kindness. There are many Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees here, so treasure them properly."

Jiang Chen threw him casually, before he left this place quickly.


Liu Feng was startled, as he didn't expect that Jiang Chen would let him off this easily.

Whizz! Whizz!

The sound of the wind, which resembled wailing ghosts, transmitted from a place, which wasn't really far from him.

Liu Feng was so scared by it that his whole body became drenched with cold sweat, and he realized where did Jiang Chen bring him over.

He wanted to use all of his power to try leaving this place, but he felt intense pain from his whole body, and it seemed like the Holy Sea inside his body was coagulated, and he couldn't move by even an inch now.

As the wind sound neared him, Liu Feng cursed loudly, while he crawled on the ground.

However, his low crawling speed couldn't rival the Ghost Wind's speed, and the wind sound just got closer to him, as it became more intense.

Liu Feng turned over, and it was at such a moment did the formless Ghost Wind blew at him.

"Jiang Chen, even if I turned into a ghost, I..."

He didn't manage to finish his words, as the Ghost Wind already blew at him. It seemed quite gentle and light, and it didn't possess any power.

However, Liu Feng's body stiffened at such a moment, while blood seeped out of his eyes.

As a strange noise echoed from his body's inside, his whole body started crumbling, while his gorgeous long cloths covered his body's remains.

This was the Ghost Wind's might, Liu Feng didn't manage to let out even a miserable scream when it struck him.

Jiang Chen didn't leave far away from him, as he wanted to quickly find a place, where he could start consuming the Extreme Primordial Fruit, but the Extreme Evil Island was filled with dangers everywhere.

When he just left the Ghost Wind's area, he didn't manage to let out even a breath before he discovered that a fierce beast set its eyes on him.

It was a monkey, which was standing motionlessly on a tree's branch above him, and its scarlet eyes were looking at him fixedly.

It had gray fur, which let its eyes seem like a pair of scarlet lanterns since they were quite round.

It was only after Jiang Chen's eyes got accustomed to this place's darkness did he notice that the monkey was curling up its mouth strangely as if it was smiling, and it seemed quite weird.

All of a sudden, the monkey disappeared as a whooshing sound echoed, and it left behind it just the branches, which were still swaying.

Jiang Chen's expression changed drastically in the next second, and he unsheathed his Redcloud Sword.

Raging flames surged out of the sheath before he even took out his sword, and as he waved his sword around, the flames illuminated the surrounding.


A crisp sound echoed from the Redcloud Sword, as the monkey, who disappeared, cried strangely, as it jumped into the side.

When the raging flames went back into the sword, Jiang Chen noticed that a claw mark was left on the Redcloud Sword.

"It really had sharp claws."

Jiang Chen sucked in a breath of cold air, as he looked at the monkey claws, which unexpectedly shone in a metallic cold glint.

The Redcloud Sword was just a magical weapon, but its outer shell grade was higher than all magical weapons, and even though the mark left on the sword quickly disappeared, but its brief appearance was already enough to show how powerful was this monkey.

"It's good that it's just a single one." When Jiang Chen just had such a thought, some noise transmitted from the surrounding trees, as the treetops shook, and their leaves fell like rain.

Jiang Chen assumed that it was probably that strange wind once again, but he shortly after heard crying sounds from among the tree leaves.

"What is this damned place?"

Jiang Chen broke into a run, as such a group of monkeys, which were numbered in hundred and thousand, could tear him into shreds.

However, he just left the Ghost Wind's region now, and the sound of the wind, which wailed like ghosts, was transmitting from it now.

Jiang Chen was stuck now between the group of monkey and that strange wind.

Although there were still trees in the surrounding, but those monkeys weren't stupid, and they wouldn't just leave him by if he went to hide inside a tree trunk.

Jiang Chen was now forced to turn around, and face the group of monkey. He held the Redcloud Sword in his hand, as he strode forward.


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