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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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609 Ghost Wind

Liu Feng, who was ahead, turned around and spoke, "You are really too relaxed, did you took Extreme Evil Island for a playground?"

The person, who just advised Jiang Chen a moment ago, walked over, nodded, bowed, and fawned over him as he spoke, "Senior brother, we still need you to look after us."

Liu Feng didn't care about him, and his ice-cold gaze was still locked into Jiang Chen's body.

"There are Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees there and three. Go to complete the mission."

Liu Feng pointed two directions to them, and they split into two groups, and went to complete the mission separately.

There wasn't anyone, who wished to stay with Jiang Chen, and they all stood on Liu Feng's side.

However, Jiang Chen didn't care about it, as he was now really quite impatient, and he wanted to quickly see whether the Extreme Primordial Fruit Tree was the object, which he looked for, or not."

Venerables were tasked with plucking ten Extreme Primordial Fruits, while Reaching Heaven Realm people were tasked with plucking just three ones.

Each person needed to accomplish the mission on his own, and they followed Liu Feng just because he was experienced, and could guide them.

However, with Liu Feng's current attitude toward Jiang Chen, it would be impossible for him to get any guidance from the former, and because of it, he chose to just leave directly, and ignore them.

"He's just putting an act on."

Liu Feng was displeased by his fearless attitude, but as he looked at the direction he left in, he couldn't help but reveal a sinister smile.

"Senior brother Liu, isn't it somewhat too overboard?"

The other Yunlan School's disciples didn't expect that Liu Feng would be this ruthless, and they were worried about how could they provide an explication for this matter.

"There are really Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees there, did I say something wrong?" Liu Feng swept them with his gaze, and spoke coldly.

"You didn't."

There were really Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees there, but it wasn't just such trees alone, which were there.

As the other people noticed that the expressions of the Cloud Symbol Alliance's people changed drastically, some of them took joy in their misfortune, while others sympathized with them.

Jiang Chen, who didn't know anything about this place, was now traveling alone in the extremely dangerous Extreme Evil Island, with no one to guide him, and help him.

After Jiang Chen left Liu Feng's group, he became more careful, and bent his waist, as he walked slowly.

He quickly discovered that the holy awareness emitted by him didn't respond, as if it was a stone, which fell on a boundless sea.

He could only depend upon his naked eyes, and instinct now, and used them to examine everything.

Moreover, the forest was dim and dusky, and there wasn't any difference between day and night in it.

It was still oddly quiet and silent, and even the ferocious beasts, which he expected, didn't appear at all.

All of a sudden, the branches of a tree before him shook, as a wind blew at him from there. Such wind force wasn't strong, and it was just like a breeze, however, goosebumps still rose from Jiang Chen's whole body at this moment.

It was Ghost Wind!

It was a type of wind, which seemed quite weak, yet possessed extremely terrifying power.

If such wind blew at someone's body, then his body's surface won't experience any changes, but his internal organs would be cut to pieces by it.

No one knew how was Ghost Wind formed, but all places, where such wind appeared, were extremely dangerous forbidden areas.

Jiang Chen couldn't fly now, and he didn't have any room left for escape on the ground, and such strange wind could inflict grave injuries even upon Great Venerables.

But Jiang Chen still didn't try to escape now, as he knew that he would surely die if he tried it.

The wind started becoming faster, and the tree leaves swayed more intensely.

Jiang Chen unsheathed his Redcloud Sword, and cut a part of a tree beside him, and as raging flames surged out of the tip of his sword, they burned enough space for him inside the tree.

Just after, he waved his Redcloud Sword around, and opened a windows-like hole in the tree.

Jiang Chen jumped into the tree inside, and used the wood cut off by him a moment ago to close the hole.

If someone looked at this tree from outside, then it would be nearly impossible for him to see the marks left by Jiang Chen sword on it, and it wouldn't seem to him any different than the other trees.

The Ghost Wind blew over at such a moment, and ran amuck in front of him with a higher, and higher speed.

Jiang Chen, who was now inside the tree, let out a breath.

He once read on a book that Ghost Wind possessed great destructive power to all animals, but it was like a light breeze to plants, and it couldn't penetrate them, and harm them.

This was the reason why this place was peaceful and safe.

It was only after Jiang Chen verified that there weren't any more signs of activity outside did he come out of the tree.

He became more careful now, as the Ghost Wind wouldn't disappear after a short while, and it would continually, and randomly swept a region.

Ferocious beasts wouldn't exist here because of its existence, and Jiang Chen could let his guard down, and speed up, as he traveled beside the trees.

It was at this moment did he hear several sounds echoing from the surrounding.

After he listened to it carefully for a while, he discovered that it was the sound of a team fighting against the island's ferocious beasts.

"They surely don't know how to deal with Ghost Wind."

"Liu Feng wanted to harm me, yet in the end, he helped me greatly."

After Jiang Chen found the Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees, he became more certain of this matter. There wasn't anyone who once set foot here because they were all incapable of dealing with Ghost Wind, and this place Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees were quite verdant because of it.

The reason why Jiang Chen could confirm whether the Extreme Primordial Fruits were the objects he wanted was that he already had something to use a reference.

"Time is really a marvelous matter."

Jiang Chen could still remember that in his father, the Over Cloud Palace's Master, fifty birthday, he invited the whole Sacred Zone's people into a party.

The scene was quite bustling with noise and excitement then as guests came in large numbers, and many factions put great efforts in proving an excellent congratulatory gift to show off, and compete against each other.

In the end, it was the appearance of an Extreme Primordial Fruit, which defeated all other congratulatory gifts.

Jiang Chen still remembered that at that time his father gifted the Extreme Primordial Fruit to him, as he hoped that it could be of help to his exhausted pulse.


Grief, as well as other bitter emotions suddenly welled in the excited Jiang Chen's heart.

"I must quickly go back to the Sacred Zone." Jiang Chen clenched his fists, and his teeth.

Three years already passed. He spent a large amount of time in his rise in the Nine Heavens Realm, and in the True Force Realm.

اHowever, it was fortunate that he managed to become stronger quickly. Since his Nine Clouds Holy Pulses recovered, and he got the Phoenix Dragon Body, his cultivation speed wouldn't become slower because of the rise of his cultivation, and it would only become quicker, and it would be especially the case after he got those Extreme Primordial Fruits.

After Jiang Chen counted them, he found out that there were more than twenty fruits in the six trees.

The Extreme Primordial Fruits were extremely similar to flat preach, and he couldn't grasp them with a single hand, and they had two different colors, scarlet and golden.

Each Extreme Primordial Fruit seemed like it was alive, as it alternated between two different colors.

"Heaven! Those people unexpectedly consumed it in the past by eating it directly? It was really a waste."

Su Yu suddenly thought back of what the Ten Symbols Alliance's people said. They said that they could eat as much as they want of Extreme Primordial Fruits in the Extreme Evil Island.

However, the proper way for consuming Extreme Primordial Fruits wasn't eating them, as if they ate them directly, they wouldn't manage to digest them completely, and they wouldn't manage to consume more than three of them.

It was especially the case for Heaven Reaching Realm people, as it would be difficult for them to eat even one of them.

This should be the trick set by the Ten Symbols Alliance. They said that they could eat as much as they want of them even though they still must hand over a certain amount of them in the end.

The amount, which could be eaten by them, was just a tenth of the amount requested.

"It's a pity that you ran into me."

Jiang Chen knew how to consume Extreme Primordial Fruits, and even thirty ones wouldn't be enough for him, let alone three.

If he excluded the ten Extreme Primordial Fruits, which he must hand over to the Sea Conqueror, Jiang Chen would still be left with seventeen ones.

As he thought back of this place's Ghost Wind, Jiang Chen gave up on consuming them here, and used a cloth to pick the Extreme Primordial Fruits.

After Jiang Chen walked forward by around fifty meters, he got a nice surprise, as he discovered several Extreme Primordial Fruit Trees there.

On the other side, the team led by Liu Feng just finished a fierce battle against a group of ferocious beasts, and they were all in a sorry state, and even some casualties appeared among them.

"That guy should have already been killed by that terrifying wind."

However, Liu Feng didn't care about such casualties, and he couldn't help but reveal a faint smile each time he thought about Jiang Chen's miserable fate.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》