The Brilliant Fighting Master
606 The Forbidden Land and the Deep Sea
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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606 The Forbidden Land and the Deep Sea

There were lights surging from Jiang Chen's fingertips. They hit on the mirror
Then some white rays appeared along the mirror edge. They kept spreading
until a spiritual seal was formed in the center.
Liu Feng's lips pressed into a hard line. His brows were knitted together.
"What is that?!" Tang Shiya was very surprised, especially because this
bronze mirror was right opposite to her bed!
"A real-time recording spiritual seal, which is to say, he can see the cabin, and
even hear the sounds in the cabin, from other places," Jiang Chen said with a
cold smile.
"Liu Feng, I didn't expect you to be such a dirty man!"
Tang Shiya flew into a rage. She threw her palm over and smashed the
bronze mirror into pieces, staring at Liu Feng at the same time.
"I knew nothing about it. I moved here not long ago."
Liu Feng tried to explain, but it wasn't convincing at all.
Jiang Jinghai arrived at this moment. He was very serious after learning what
this was about.
"Apprentice sister, I believe Liu Feng. It couldn't have been him. There must
be some misunderstanding," Jiang Jinghai said.
Liu Feng also said, "Apprentice sister, you can't just listen to him. He framed
me up."
Of course Tang Shiya didn't believe him. She didn't want to stay in the cabin
anymore, so she walked out with Jiang Chen.
"Apprentice sister, I'll arrange another room for you two. How does that
sound?" Jiang Jinghai hurried to say, expecting to calm Tang Shiya's anger.
Tang Shiya didn't refuse. She said to Liu Feng, "I'll report this to the school."
Liu Feng's face distorted. It wasn't because he was frightened, but because of
Tang Shiya's bad attitude towards him.
He looked towards the man behind all this. His eyes flamed with resentment.
"Watch out on the Sea Conqueror!" he said to Jiang Chen through holy
"Be my guest."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. Then he followed Tang Shiya into
another room.
This time, Tang Shiya asked him to check the room carefully first.
"If you hadn't smashed the mirror, I would have proved it had something to do
with him," Jiang Chen said with pity.
"I was too angry to control myself." Tang Shiya was still in anger. Her face
was ghastly pale.
"I'll teach him a lesson for you," Jiang Chen said.
Tang Shiya was happy to hear that. That was exactly what she wanted to
hear from Jiang Chen.
"Of course."
At the same time, over the Sea Conqueror, the teams from the Shangguans
and the Mad Dragon Dynasty were discussing what to do next.
"The Sea Conqueror will sail at dusk. We'll lose track of them by then."
"I'm wondering whether they've already made a decision."
Two people flew out of the Sea Conqueror.
"General, the Ten Symbols Alliance said they would only accept two Spiritual
Venerables and five Martial Venerables."
"Lord, they also said we had to be at their disposal."

The two reported to different people.
"Go back. We'll take it from here."
The Dragon Generals of Fire and Water said to the two lords from the
Shangguans in a tough manner.
"You can't blame anyone for Duke Yan's death. He asked for it. You Mad
Dragon Dynasty just couldn't swallow it. However, Jiang Chen killed our
young master. You told us to go back?"
The Lord of Tiger responded in the same tough manner, laughing.
"We lost a Celestial Venerable. You only lost a Spiritual Venerable and a
young master."
"This is our task. We have to accomplish it!"

The Dragon Generals of Fire and Water refused to listen to them. They were
unwilling to yield even an inch.
Seeing the air charged with tension, the two teams took out their weapons
one after another.
Of course, in the end, there was no fight.
They both made a concession. Either of them would send a Spiritual
Venerable and half of the Martial Venerables.
The Mad Dragon Dynasty sent the Dragon General of Water, while the
Shangguans sent the Lord of Tiger.
They joined different Ten Symbols Alliances, waiting for their chances to take
The Sea Conqueror sailed formally at dusk.
Overlooking it from the air, people could see the exterior of the Sea
Conqueror experiencing changes.
While the engine was booming, the Sea Conqueror was in a closed position.
Then the water around the ship rippled. The Sea Conqueror started to sink
into the sea quickly.
About ten seconds later, it disappeared. Only the sea surface was still
"What a great technique."
The two teams exclaimed in the air, seeing such a big ship disappearing from
their sight.
They tried to follow on, but when they had dived into the water, they couldn't
see the Sea Conqueror.
When they had reached the deepest part they could reach, and they could
see nothing else but darkness, they still couldn't find the Sea Conqueror.
However, they were given a scare by the fierce beasts in the sea targeting at
them. They hurried to go back into the air.
On the other side, Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya's room door was closed
automatically. And it had been locked.
The rooms on the first floor had windows, so they could see the outside world
in the deep sea, illuminated by floodlighting.
Jiang Chen pressed his hands on the wall. He finally realized why there was
so little room on the ship.

Because the ship was under a great deal of pressure in the deep sea, and it
had to travel at least as fast as a Venerable.
The small space in the room was to guarantee their safety.
Their bodies would be torn apart by the pressure if they stayed outside the
"No wonder it needed the Top Ten Sects and Schools to work together to
build it."
Jiang Chen exclaimed. He could build such a ship, but if all by himself, from
design to the collection of materials to the construction, it would take him at
least ten years.
Human resources were more important than material resources.
"Jiang Chen, look out when we arrive."
Tang Shiya suddenly put on a serious face. She said, "Where the Sea
Conqueror is going isn't a resourceful place, but a forbidden place!"
"A forbidden place?"
Jiang Chen was shocked. The name had told it was a dangerous place.
"But there are many chances indeed. It's just very dangerous. The Sea
Conqueror is sailing underwater to avoid others' detection, but it's also
because it's sailing towards a forbidden place."
"If we go there by air or by sea surface, we'll suffer huge casualties."
In the end, Tang Shiya said, "These are secrets. You can't tell others."
"Got it."
Jiang Chen also knew why she had waited until then to tell him, because the
room was soundproof, and it was even impervious to holy awareness.
In other words, they were like in a cell.
However, no prisoners would have a company as pretty as Tang Shiya.
Jiang Chen suddenly looked odd at the thought of an environment like this.
And he smelt the fragrance on Tang Shiya's body.
Tang Shiya suddenly leaned on the window, breathing rapidly and as pale as
a ghost.
"What's wrong?" Jiang Chen said in a caring tone.
"No, nothing. I just felt panicked at the thought that we're in the deep sea and
there could be all kinds of giant beasts outside, and the darkness."

Tang Shiya said, "I heard from my sibling disciples that it was a normal
Jiang Chen gave her some water.
"Jiang Chen, could you hold me in your arms?"
Sitting on the bed, Tang Shiya turned red. Her voice was barely audible.


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