The Brilliant Fighting Master
605 The Bronze Mirror
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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605 The Bronze Mirror

Besides the members of the Ten Symbols Alliance, there were many martial
arts practicers on the Sea Conqueror, too.
Jiang Chen joined the Cloud Symbol Alliance, because Tang Shiya was a
disciple of the Yunlan School.
"You Cloud Symbol Alliance will be held responsible for all the consequences
arising later."
The Heaven Symbol Alliance liked Jiang Chen the least, since the Tianyi
School lost face because of Jiang Chen in the Water Dragon City. Of course
they hated him.
Then, people from the other alliances left one by one. In the end only the
middle-aged man from the Cloud Symbol Alliance stayed there.
He took Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya into a big cabin.
Jiang Chen got to know his name was Jiang Jinghai. Both of their surnames
were Jiang.
The Top Ten Sects and Schools made a great effort to build the Sea
Conqueror, because they wanted to make the sea a resourceful treasure
chest for them.
In the vast sea, there were still many places to be explored.
The Top Ten Sects and Schools found several resourceful places over many
years. The route connecting these places was the ship route of the Sea
People would get more stunned by how big the ship was when they were
inside it.
It was like a small city, bustling with people.
"No one is allowed to leave the Sea Conqueror once we set off formally.
We're only allowed to disembark from the ship after reaching the destination,"
Jiang Jinghai said.
This was a measure to prevent outside people from knowing the location of
the resourceful places.
All of a sudden, Jiang Chen was piqued with curiosity. He wondered what in
these resourceful places had attracted the Top Ten Sects and Schools, so
that they had invested so many resources to go for it.

At this moment, a group of people in Yunlan School's uniform came at brisk
pace. One of the women greeted Tang Shiya warmly.
"Apprentice sister!"
Tang Shiya seemed to be very close to her. She ran over excitedly.
Jiang Jinghai said, "Jiang Chen, although Ten Symbols Alliance asked you
whether you wanted to join, in fact, many people are very eager to become a
member of the Sea Conqueror."
"You know why you were given the chance to make a choice?"
His serious tone struck Jiang Chen dumb. He looked towards Tang Shiya,
and then nodded.
"For some special reason, there are only limited beds and rooms on the ship.
Many people experienced a stiff competition just to get a bed."
"Tang Shiya is a disciple of the Yunlan School. Of course she'll get a room. As
to you..."
The resourceful places the Sea Conqueror was heading for were full of
opportunities. Many people would gain lots of wealth after traveling with the
Sea Conqueror.
That was why the Ten Symbols Alliance had recruited so many people. They
didn't have to pay for anything. Instead, they would get many benefits.

Tang Shiya came back. She said, "Apprentice Brother Jiang, are we gonna
start sailing tonight?"
Jiang Jinghai had a smile back on his face when he was speaking to Tang
"Jiang Chen, despite of the big size of the Sea Conqueror, when we start
sailing, people can only sleep in the cabins."
Tang Shiya explained to Jiang Chen. Then she went on, "Apprentice Brother
Liu gave his cabin to me. You can stay there."
"What about you?" Jiang Chen asked.
"I'll stay with my apprentice sister," Tang Shiya said.
"Shiya, the number of people staying in each cabin is limited. Besides, this is
like Liu Feng gave his room to Jiang Chen," Jiang Jinghai said, feeling
"But there is no more place, isn't there?"

"I would be able to figure out a way if we hadn't sailed, but now..."
Glancing at Jiang Chen, Jiang Jinghai said, "I'll put Jiang Jinghai on the third
floor. It might not be so comfortable."
The Sea Conqueror had three floors. On the first floor were individual rooms.
The second floor was a bit more crowded.
On the third floor, many people slept together on the floor. And since it was at
the bottom of the ship, there was no light.
Most importantly, those who stayed on the third floor were all Reaching
Heaven States.
As a young Venerable, Jiang Chen might feel himself in a false position.
Jiang Chen realized what Jiang Jinghai was insinuating. The latter wanted
him to take the offer.
Before he could answer, Tang Shiya said, "Jiang Chen will stay with me then."
Jiang Jinghai knitted his brows. He said, "Apprentice sister, there is only one
bed in the room."
"Doesn't matter." Tang Shiya didn't care at all.
"But if other people know..." Jiang Jinghai had to made it clear.
"I don't care what others think." Tang Shiya had made up her mind. She
looked resolute, as if there was no space to negotiate.
"Fine." Jiang Jinghai gave up persuading her.
Not until Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya entered the room did they realize there
was really not enough space on the Sea Conqueror.
The rooms on the first floor were only 30 square meters, and had a bed and
some simple furniture.
However, Jiang Chen detected the cabin was deployed with a ward. Then he
recalled what Tang Shiya and Jiang Jinghai had said. He guessed these
cabins could provide protection to the passengers when the Sea Conqueror
was sailing in dangerous places.
Some rapid footsteps came from the corridor out of the door when Jiang Chen
was going to ask Tang Shiya about those resourceful places.
The door, which wasn't locked, was open. A youngster appeared before them.
He looked around as if he wanted to confirm something. He turned pale as
soon as he saw Jiang Chen.
"Apprentice sister, how could you!"

He didn't go on speaking, just gnashing his teeth.
He was in love with Tang Shiya. He tidied up the room and let her to stay here
without any hesitation, so that he could win her heart.
However, Tang Shiya was going to stay here with Jiang Chen. He felt
"Apprentice Brother Liu Feng, anything wrong?" Tang Shiya was puzzled. She
had no idea what had happened.
"Apprentice sister, I really don't see what's so great about this man from the
Realm of Nine Heavens!"
Liu Feng cast the first stone. Pointing at Jiang Chen, he said, "Marquis
Champion of the Flying Dragon Dynasty doesn't have any authority at all. The
Flying Dragon Dynasty is only using the title to appease public feelings. He is
as humble as an ant."
"You went to take adventures together, but he almost got apprentice sister
you into trouble."
"With neither connections nor high social standing, it's thanks to you that he
has been allowed to stay on the Sea Conqueror and got a room."
Tang Shiya interrupted him in anger. She said sternly, "Apprentice Brother Liu
Feng, please show some respect."
"Does he have anything worth my respect?"
Liu Feng looked down on Jiang Chen. Pointing at Jiang Chen's nose, he said
in anger, "You know what. If I weren't on the Sea Conqueror, I would have
beaten you to death in the banquet!"
Liu Feng was also a member of the Geniuses Group.
He registered for the Great Competition of Three Realms, but since he was
assigned a task, he wasn't able to take part in the competition in the Holy
Martial Arts Yard or the banquet. He would participate in the Great
Competition directly one month later.
"What about you? Do you think you deserve anyone's respect?" Jiang Chen
"At least where you are staying belonged to me. You, a poor guy from the
Realm of Nine Heavens, aren't a match for me," Liu Feng said arrogantly.
"It's true. For example, in terms of shamelessness."

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He walked up to the bronze mirror in the cabin. His
fingers glided on the smooth surface of the mirror.
Liu Feng was put nervous by his movement.
At the same time, more and more people gathered on the corridor.
"Jiang Chen, anything wrong with the mirror?" Tang Shiya asked with
curiosity. She didn't see anything wrong.


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