The Brilliant Fighting Master
604 The Sea Conqueror
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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604 The Sea Conqueror

Tang Shiya was going to sacrifice her own life to save Jiang Chen.
"Don't be silly. Listen to me if you want to be my woman," Jiang Chen said in
a deep voice.
Tang Shiya was struck dumb. She nodded, quite touched.
"How sweet. In that case, I'll satisfy your wish by making you a couple on the
run. "
The Spiritual Venerable from the Shangguans said. Then all of the members
of the Shadow Department relaxed their fingers. Their arrows whooshed
across the sky.
These were not average arrows. They were spiritual bows and spiritual
arrows, carrying the power of these Martial Venerables. Although there were
only ten-odd of them, they were almost too powerful to dodge.
Jiang Chen waved his hand and the fire burnt stronger. The arrows were all
burnt down to ashes.
Then he jumped into the sea with Tang Shiya. They kept diving down.
"You think you can run away from me? "
The Spiritual Venerable from the Shangguans didn't take it seriously.
However deeply Jiang Chen could reach in the sea, so could they.
The two Spiritual Venerables and the twelve Martial Venerables jumped into
the water one after another. However, they found Jiang Chen not far away,
looking at them, before diving down.
"That's not good. "
A Spiritual Venerable realized something, but it was too late.
Jiang Chen turned his hand palms towards them. Brilliant thunders suddenly
burst out of there.
The Shangguans' men twitched. The thunders flowed towards them in water.
They were almost omnipresent. There was no way to resist them.
When the electricity had become weaker, Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya had
been very far away.
The two Spiritual Venerables gnashed their teeth. Despite of the pain, they
started chasing the two at high speed.
My current power of thunder is still too weak to deal with Spiritual Venerables.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but think. He and Tang Shiya jumped out of the
water to go back into the air, escaping as fast as they could.
However, the two Spiritual Venerables from the Shangguans kept chasing
them. With their strengths, they would catch up with the two sooner or later.
"Do what I tell you."
Jiang Chen took out his jade bottle to release the Black Yellow Gas, letting
the gas surround Tang Shiya and him.
Then, speeding many times up, they flew off after a loud boom.
The two Spiritual Venerables from the Shangguans were struck dumb
immediately. They had thought they were about to catch the two.
When they had realized what the yellow energy was, they were pleasantly
"Black Yellow Gas. This guy has the Black Yellow Gas!"
"Why did he come here to take adventures if he already has that?"
"What a great chance. A great chance."
"Chase! Catch him at all costs!"
The two were mad about the Black Yellow Gas. They sped up, too,
transforming into two flowing lights that whooshed across the sky.

"So annoying."
Jiang Chen had expected to get rid of them in this way. He was surprised by
the Spiritual Venerables' strengths.
Unfortunately, the Black Yellow Gas could only help them speed up.
Otherwise, using eight groups of spiritual beings with it, he wouldn't have
been afraid of those two.
"They're the Lord of Tiger and the Lord of Wolf, the cruelest two in the
Shadow Department of the Shangguans," Tang Shiya said.
"If things keep going on like this..."
Jiang Chen found those two were flying faster than them. They would be
caught up sooner or later.
"Jiang Chen, look there!" Tang Shiya suddenly found something. She pointed
at somewhere not far away, pleasantly surprised.
Jiang Chen saw a big ship right away. It was much bigger than any big ships
he had ever seen.

Sailing on the sea, it looked like a giant beast.
"It's the Sea Conqueror. We'll be safe if we can get on board!"
Tang Shiya didn't have the time to explain to him. She flew towards there with
him directly.
"Damn it!"
"How come we run into the Sea Conqueror now. We're in trouble."
The two Spiritual Venerables of the Shangguans stopped. They knew even if
they kept chasing, Jiang Chen would be able to get on board before they
managed to catch up with him.
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya felt like they had hit onto an invisible wall when
they were about 100 meters away from the Sea Conqueror. They had to stop.
Jiang Chen found the giant ship was deployed with a great defensing tactical
formation. And it was equipped with powerful weapons.
At this moment, those weapons were being aimed at Tang Shiya and him.
"Tang Shiya from the Tangs. Sea Conqueror, please offer us a shelter for the
moment," Tang Shiya said loudly.
The invisible power that had stopped the two immediately disappeared.
Tang Shiya gave Jiang Chen a sign, and then they landed on the ship.
"The Sea Conqueror is a public asset owned by the Top Ten Sects and
Schools. Its task is to search resources in the sea."
"There are representatives from all schools and sects on the ship. They
compose a special alliance, called the Ten Symbols Alliance, while the Tianyi
School is a member of Heaven Symbol Alliance."
No one came out of the Sea Conqueror even when Tang Shiya had finished
"Looks the Ten Symbols Alliance isn't very united," Jiang Chen said.
The Sea Conqueror was owned by the ten sects and schools together. Seeing
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya chased by the Shangguans, some of them didn't
want to meddle in.
However, since Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya had already landed on the ship,
some people must have vetoed the objections.
As to why, it wasn't difficult to guess.
The resistance disappeared as soon as Tang Shiya introduced herself.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman came up to the two quickly. Frowning,
she looked very cold.
She was average-looking, but her skin was pretty fair. Her clothes were
decent, too. And thanks to her manner as a Spiritual Venerable, her
appearance didn't seem so important anymore.
"Miss Tang, you can stay, but he has to leave," she said straightforwardly.
"Apprentice Sister Hu, please do us this favor," Tang Shiya said anxiously.
She was honey-mouthed by calling the woman apprentice sister instead of
senior. The woman looked happy because of that.
"He is Jiang Chen, Marquis Champion of the Flying Dragon Dynasty. It's the
Shangguans that are chasing him. Everyone in the Realm of True Force
knows why. Ten Symbols Alliance doesn't want to get involved," the middle-
aged woman said helplessly.
"Why should we be afraid of the Shangguans? The Sea Conqueror's door is
open to everyone."
However, another voice came.
A good-looking and well-mannered man came up quickly. He was in his early
thirties, with clear-cut features, tall and strong.
"Apprentice Brother Jiang," Tang Shiya greeted him right away.
Apprentice Brother Jiang nodded. Sizing Jiang Chen up, he said, "This must
be Jiang Chen. The whole Sea Conqueror has heard about you in less than
two days. You're really great."
The Sea Conqueror would travel on the sea for several months every time.
News wouldn't reach them unless it was important.
Then, more and more people showed up. There were ten of them in all.
"We won't antagonize the Shangguans because of you, unless you join the
Sea Conqueror, so that they can shut up."
They said this to Jiang Chen. As to Tang Shiya, of course they would take her
with no strings attached.
"Join you?" Jiang Chen didn't understand what they had meant.
"The Sea Conqueror knows many secret locations in the sea, where there are
precious resources. This is also the Sea Conqueror's task. We need a lot of
people. And we recruit frequently."
Tang Shiya told him through holy awareness, "As I know, it's very dangerous.
Many people died or got injured."

"What do you think? Have you made up your mind?"
The guys from the Ten Symbols Alliance urged him. They didn't look very
Frowning, Jiang Chen suddenly made a decision. He said, "No problem."
He had detected where the map was pointing was exactly the Sea Conqueror!


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