The Brilliant Fighting Master
603 Dragon Generals of Fire and Water
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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603 Dragon Generals of Fire and Water

It suddenly occurred to Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya that they hadn't asked
them about the information of the other pirates who had a piece of the map.
They assumed those women hadn't mentioned that because they knew
nothing about it, either.
The Happiest Pirate probably just mentioned the Palace of the Lord of Sea to
them by accident, but it was impossible for him to tell them the details.
For this reason, the information regarding the Palace of the Lord of Sea was
Although Tang Shiya had never heard about it...
Jiang Chen found the answer from the map immediately.
As soon as his holy soul entered the map, he felt something in this sea area
was calling him.
Jiang Chen suddenly held Tang Shiya in his arms and jumped with her when
they were about to leave.
Almost at the same time, dusts were raised from the beach, as if a shooting
star had fallen there.
From the air, Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya saw the beach was beyond
recognition. A spear stuck into the ground where they had been standing.
It was this spear that had whooshed across the air towards them. If Jiang
Chen hadn't dodged in time, they would have been heavily injured or even
The spear suddenly flew into the air from the beach. And a hand grabbed it.
A Spiritual Venerable in armor showed up, emotionless and with piercing
That wasn't all. Perceiving something else, Jiang Chen turned around.
There was another Spiritual Venerable in the same armor, holding a knife.
"They're the Dragon Generals of Fire and Water from the Mad Dragon
Dynasty." Tang Shiya recognized them. She looked pale.
"Mad Dragon Dynasty?"
Needless to say, Jiang Chen knew what they had come for, too.
What confused him was how they knew he was here.

Qiu Yan and Zhao Wenhao were the only two that knew his whereabouts, and
they would in no way leak the news.
"Who else knows that we're here?" Jiang Chen asked.
"My mother." Tang Shiya was puzzled, too.
The precondition for this trip was to keep it a secret.
"Miss Tang, make way."
The Dragon Generals of Fire and Water did care about Tang Shiya's safety.
"You'll be at your own risk if you stop us."
However, they didn't want Tang Shiya to protect Jiang Chen.
"Step aside," Jiang Chen said in a low voice.
Shaking her head, Tang Shiya said, "You're not their rival. We should run.
They won't dare go too far if I stay with you."
"Azure Demon, are you confident?" Jiang Chen asked.
"They are strong even among Spiritual Venerables. I'll be able to handle it in a
solo fight, but I'm not so confident to deal with two persons at the same time,"
Azure Demon said.
"In that case, run!"
Holding Tang Shiya's hand, Jiang Chen jumped to the left.
The Dragon Generals of Fire and Water didn't rush. They weren't surprised
that Jiang Chen had made such a choice.
Because facing them, this was the only choice he had.

The Dragon General of Water brandished his knife. And the sea became wild
immediately. The waves soared into the air and transformed into a dragon.
Although it was only water, it was powerful.
Jiang Chen couldn't care less. He hurried to dodge from it, but the dragon
seemed to have targeted him. It kept running after him.
When they were about to be devoured by the dragon, Tang Shiya made a
bold decision. She jumped onto Jiang Chen's back and held him tightly.
The dragon howled in fury, then it turned back to water and went back into the
sea reluctantly.
"Miss Tang, this was the first time. Please don't do that again."

The Dragon General of Water said coldly.
"Jiang Chen, if you're a man, be decisive. Don't give us a reason to laugh at
you," the Dragon General of Fire scorned.
Jiang Chen looked back. He said, "Do you always try to kill people by
speaking? What a great skill."
"You're courting death!"
The Dragon General of Fire brandished his spear. Flying like a shooting star,
he caught up with them in less than five seconds.
The spear tip was spitting flames. The spear was on fire.
When they had been close enough, a fire dragon soared into the air and
swept over towards Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya.
Pushing Tang Shiya away, Jiang Chen intended to confront the fire dragon
"Jiang Chen, I know even Nine Underworlds Flame didn't burn you to death,
but will you be able to resist the power of a Spiritual Venerable's spear?"
The Dragon General of Fire was disdainful of him. Although Jiang Chen
survived from the palm attack of a Celestial Venerable, it was a different story.
Knowing nothing about Jiang Chen, Duke Yan wanted him to suffer from the
So he threw that palm over without any effort. And it couldn't have been a
mistake he made.
However, an extremely dazzling golden light shone from the interior of the fire
dragon that had devoured Jiang Chen. It was so sharp that it torn the fire
dragon apart.
"How come?!"
He saw Buddha's light shining on Jiang Chen's body, which made the latter
look like Buddha.
That wooden sword immediately flew out, with a weird purple gleam.
"Nine Underworlds Flame?!"
The Dragon General of Fire panicked. As familiar with fire as he was, he was
as pale as a ghost.
The wooden sword moved like a lightening. It was impossible for him to dodge
from it.

He brandished his knife and hit the wooden sword away, but he caught the
Nine Underworlds Flame.
"Brother, let me handle it."
The Dragon General of Water arrived in time. He threw his palm over. Cold
water was poured on the Dragon General of Fire.
The Dragon General of Fire tried his best to resist the flame.
Fortunately, the Nine Underworlds Flame wasn't very strong. The Dragon
General of Fire was in a tight corner, but it didn't pose any danger to his life.
However, when the Dragon Generals of Fire and Water were ready to launch
another attack to Jiang Chen, they found Tang Shiya and him had
"A man in the preliminary stage of Martial Venerable ran away from us."
They looked at each other, both very pale.
It was really humiliating.
Jiang Chen and Tang Shiya had been thousands of miles away by then. They
felt relieved after confirming no one was chasing them.
"Don't do that again," Jiang Chen said sternly.
"Okay," Tang Shiya answered, feeling wronged.
Jiang Chen didn't have the heart to see her like this. He said, "If the Dragon
General of Water hadn't stopped in time, you would have been dead, while I
hadn't used my trump card yet. We would have had no remedy for that."
"I didn't know you had such a wonderful treasure. I only wanted you to be
safe," Tang Shiya said.
Shaking his head, Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. He detected something when he
was about to pull Tang Shiya into his arms.
Almost at the same time, a team of Venerables surrounded them.
"The Dragon Generals of Fire and Water didn't listen to me. They suffered
such a great loss and let you run away."
Another Spiritual Venerable appeared before them, complacent.
They managed to appear so quickly because they had been lurking
Jiang Chen felt lucky that he hadn't tried to exchange blows with the dragon
generals. Besides, these people were not very united. Otherwise, he would
have died facing four Spiritual Venerables.

"The Shadow Department of the Shangguans!"
Tang Shiya turned pale. She was even more shocked than just now, when
she had recognized the Dragon Generals of Fire and Water. Her eyes were
full of fear.
"The Shadow Department of the Shangguans only perform secret missions
that can't be exposed."
"Exactly. That means we won't give a damn about your life, like the Dragon
Generals of Fire and Water did."
Another Spiritual Venerable landed slowly. He said, "Miss Tang, we'll only
give you one chance. You can choose to leave now. Please think about it
Then the other members of the Shadow Department all aimed at the two with
their bows.
"The Tangs and my mother will get informed as soon as I die. Then they'll
arrive here in an instant," Tang Shiya said in a low voice.
"What were you insinuating?" Jiang Chen was shocked. He couldn't believe
what he had heard.
But judging from the look on that pretty face, he knew she was thinking about
the same thing on his mind.


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